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OFHDITl'D BYGLAZEBR.OOKSIR RICHARDF.R.S.K.C.U., D.Sc.,VOLUMESIN FIVEVOL. IMECHANICS-ENGINEE1UNG-HEATLIMITEDAND CO.,MACMILLANLONDONMARTIN'S STREET,ST.1922COPYRIGHTGREAT 1JRITAINPRINTED INPEEFACEefforts arc due.ivo workers to whoso thoy whulof Oalorimotry,are tho latent niothoclB exactly^ToM out what Htomnha, Iho of llu,of Friction, how far theory,wn aboutiho law, J^ino01 nmcilhoila of aceiimlo g-uigiiifion whichwhat are tho principle*mncod, of a lconio into tho luy-oul htho factor, which, dotenmnation of numy,tro based,or llLon.otliodH.of Pyromctryof act^It he design Dynamo,t.. tmmoa futile jmirnoyin Libraries and, nob infroqnoiitly,nn" a BO-irelilontjho foundtho wiHliocl-fov information mayic" whoro'it ii liopo.11W McU o,taof IiiHtnimontB,tho Doeigii OpticalThe Scionco of Aor.n.utic.,thu J.IWHTeloBC or MwroacopOH,Construction of ClorM opothoMetallurgy,uro all baaed on Physics.Mimip and Acousticsw,t , ,,,uutta.with .hone ,,,1, indeed,who U co,,ce,,edT ,lL,r would boall that lin boon dono-thatat notl,or Bnl)ioets nu, know, perhapsto .nfonna-find tho latnt and mostwhere ho mayu heavy a task-butm::^:;t:;:^^qy -~rsir?^^"^-- ^^'-\tt.o M-tor h,.of Iho eontdbnUmsfromL nanJel of so.no principal1 h, BOO ,to wnto ,m tubof those ,uot con.po.ontato h, tho help", L wiringtluuHo aIHO , o t ,1not havo beenthe could producedr 1 h< Dictionaryallowod uo ,,f ., ,v^l.oHO Cou,,oi.S haver of Sclcntlfl. fk-doto, H,,nbll ...


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OF HDITl'D BY GLAZEBR.OOKSIR RICHARD F.R.S. K.C.U., D.Sc., VOLUMESIN FIVE VOL. I MECHANICS-ENGINEE1UNG-HEAT LIMITEDAND CO.,MACMILLAN LONDONMARTIN'S STREET,ST. 1922 COPYRIGHT GREAT 1JRITAIN PRINTED IN PEEFACE efforts arc due. ivo workers to whoso thoy whul of Oalorimotry, are tho latent niothoclB exactly^ToM out what Htomn ha, Iho of llu, of Friction, how far theory,wn aboutiho law, J^ino 01 n mcilhoila of aceiimlo g-uigiiifi on whichwhat are tho principle*mncod, of a l conio into tho luy-oul h tho factor, which , dotenmnation of numy ,tro based, or llLon.otliodH.of Pyromctry of a ct^It he design Dynamo, t.. tmmo a futile jmirnoy in Libraries and, nob infroqnoiitly,nn" a BO-ireli lontj ho found tho wiHliocl-fov information may ic" whoro'it ii liopo.1 1W McU o,ta of IiiHtnimontB, tho Doeigii OpticalThe Scionco of Aor.n.utic., thu J.IWH TeloBC or MwroacopOH, Construction of ClorM opo tho Metallurgy, uro all baaed on Physics.Mimip and Acoustics w,t , ,,,uutta. with .hone ,,,1, indeed,who U co,,ce,,edT ,lL,r would bo all that lin boon dono-that at not l,or Bnl)ioets nu, know, perhaps to .nfonna- find tho latnt and mostwhere ho may u heavy a task-but m ::^:;t:;:^^ qy -~rsir?^^"^-- ^^'-\tt.o M-tor h,. of Iho eontdbnUmsfromL nanJel of so.no principal 1 h, BOO , to wnto ,m tub of those ,uot con.po.ont ato h, tho help ", L wiring tluu Ho aIHO , o t ,1 not havo been the could produced r 1 h< Dictionary allowod uo ,,f ., ,v ^l.oHO Cou,,oi.S have r of Sclcntlfl. fk-doto , H,,nb ll 'l' "'" ,nalo. Among theiv 7Vi/ to be froely '"'. U1H -from ,l.nco. tho Institution of Mlm,,..nl tho Socioty, ionert in particular Koyal PKEFACE YX and the Institution of Electrical The same has bcoti Engineers. help raulily itllbrdcd it number of Pub]labors.by It la clear with so ;i of individual worker that, largo range subjects, any will, bo concerned with 0110 with tliis in tlic probably, mainly branch, ami, viinv, volumes have been us far as in To obtjiin informa- aminged, jinsaiblc, snbjocts. tion as to the latest advances of it will not bo to Applied Electricity noeossuvy the aections of the witli Aorouantins or purcliaso Dictionary dealing Mutcsorology, Tiio in ouch volume is at the saimi it lias iirrangcuicnt alphabetical, but, time, been best to deal with each main for the Thevmo- thought subject example, of the Steam in a continuous article references are (.lyuamies Engine ; given, each in its own to the of tho various fictitious of alphabetical position, headings ui\ article and to the more which it includes, important subjects U* T (' Xiv 1 . l;r, CONTRIBUTORS01?LIST ENGI!MKEKINC!ANDMECHANICS MJ.Meoh.3S.n A ir p HIAI..IUSI.Iu9t.C.K, A.K.G., BATSOS, KTSUTSAI.P 0., ol. Dctornnnntion ]3|,wtic Constant*, of Kincinntics AHIWB GRUIOKSIIANK, Iteciin-oculiiiB. . SlA^aiu TSngiM, A.M.l.N-A. M.I.McchJ'1, i? r; ^ M tnfit,O.K,, DAH*Y,WaHAllKBWKOT,l.W.fo.,M.LlBl,U Uii^ of- Prime MoversEnine ail DOWSON, . O.B-E, H.I.A.KAumnav T., EVASB, Tim Poti-ol Ifingine, Hydmulica. A.M.Imt.C.15.,J. H., - Dynamometers. Power*. Mechanical ot. Pressure, Measurement - SC.D, 1?.B,S. Hoiuwro,^ Scries. 'JToiU'icr's Motion. 'i Harmonic .Simple Stroam-Uno Motion. J. M.A. . T,AHDON, W., of. Structures, Strength vu CONTRIBUTORSLIST OTf VIU lu D.SO., F.11.S.E. \'' LEVY, HYMAN, M.A., Dynamical Similarity. . - u- K -GENERAL ELECTRIC Co. ,UBHKAHCH STAKF, Air-pumps. II. M.A. . SOUTHWELL, V., of. Elasticity, Theory Hl.lnBt,O.K, KH.S STAHTOH, T. IS, 0.13.13., US,,, li'iicUon. and QKBALD, D.Sc., M.Insl,C..IC, KH.H.,STONED TRLVOHD, "AI.Sc, PUTRIK, of thu. Steam Turbine, Physics W. J. M.A., V.I.O. . BwTi'iinFiKM), A., Fuel Calorimetry. 17.H.S., awl - Sir DuaAMi, M.tn*t.O.E., M.I.Mech.E., ) CJ.TSIUI, M.Inst.A.E. J tl. M.lust.C.K, BURLS, A., of Internal Ciimlmslion. Engines, ThurmoilyimmicB Combustion. Some Internal Typical . . A. i, Se-'D aild SOHMAH, HOIIERT B., DAY, ARTHUR L., I'h.D-, '' Ph.D.,| ll - U.S.A. J Gcopliysk-al Institute, Washington, of Absolute, Scalu of. UeaJiaation Temperature, ^. A . Sir JAMES K.C.B., 1,1,1)., I'MiS UWINCI, AI.PIIBI), of Gases. Liquefaction Refrigeration. Steam Theory of, Engine, Tliennotlynantics. V.R&. . ''; - ll - ERNEST HOWARD, Sc.D., LL.])., TS, Jleohaiiical of, Heat, li(juivale]it ri D.Sc. .....' .8, EZBH, Bomb Calorimeters. Electrical Methods. Calorimetry, Method of Mixtures. Calorimelry, on oE State,. Caloilmetry, Methods liaswl Ohangu Calorinnitry, Quantum Theory, Latent Heat. Pyrometry, Optical. Total Radiation. Tyrometry, Hoaistaiico Thermometers. Thcraiocouplca. Off CONTRIBUTORSLIST 11 I'Ml.H. - 1-lALlOY, WlLT.fAM ATM, JLA., JJOHN 1>.M(!., KIiiBt.l . . i, L., I'Ml.S. .LAM it, lloitACK, S-M-.O., ol' : ,MaUimiuit.ii:al Jouduiaion Tln:ory. KU \VTM.IAJI, ILMf-., K.K.S, \|uiHi(m. DAVID K., SLA.... I'VK, 1 ol . GHHUH, ]To,'U; Sptioifm K H.H(5. Honoii'iHi.iJ, II., .H.A., Conduction ol'. 1 1 ciil, OunvuuliiiH of. lldtvt,,