A History Of Indian Music Vol I

A History Of Indian Music Vol I


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>68253OUP 880 5-8-74 .10,000OSMANIA UNIVERSITY LIBRARYCall No.' AccessionU No.poaAuthor OU H'PTitle H;This book ok should bHeturned on or befoAbefoifc the marked^^k^t' below,*nfro.]A HISTORY OF INDIAN MUSICBY AUTHORTHE SAME:On Music1. Historical of Indian MusicDevelopmentPrize inthe Rabindra 1960).(Awarded2. Itihasa OSangiter (Sanglta Samskriti),BharatiyaVols. I & II.the Memorial Prize InStisir(Awarded 1958).3. O and Vols. I & II.Raga Rupa (Melody Form),4. Dhrupada-mala (with Notations).5. Rabindranath.Sangite6. NarahariSangita-sarasamgraha by Ghanashyama(edited).Indian ....in the7. Historical of Music ( press).StudyOn :PhilosophyPerfection.1. of andProgressPhilosophy(A Comparative Study)2. of the World and the Absolute.Philosophy3. Abhedananda-darshana.4. Tirtharenu.Books :Other1. Mana O Manusha.2. Sri Durga (An Iconographical Study).3. Christ the Saviour.uPQOoVMoS>>-J3'C(JIoAINDIAN MUSIC'HISTORY OFbSWAMI PRAJNANANANDAONEVOLUMEAncient Period( )RAMAKRISHNA VEDANTA MATHCALCUTTA : INDIA.Published Swaxni AdytaandabyCalcutta-6.Ramakrishna Vedanta Math,Published in 1963First May,All Reserved byRightsRamakrishna Vedanta Calcutta.Math,Ratan Sinha at Bharati Works,Printed Printingby BenoyCalcutta-6.Vivekananda Road,141,Co. Private Ltd.Plates Messrs.printed by Bengal AutotypeCalcutta.Cornwallis Street,DEDICATED TOSWAMI VIVEKANANDAAND HIS SPIRITUALBROTHERSWAMI ...


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>68253 OUP 880 5-8-74 .10,000 OSMANIA UNIVERSITY LIBRARY Call No.' AccessionU No.poa Author OU H'P Title H; This book ok should bHeturned on or befoifcbefoA the marked^^k^t' below, * nfro . ] A HISTORY OF INDIAN MUSIC BY AUTHORTHE SAME :On Music 1. Historical of Indian MusicDevelopment Prize inthe Rabindra 1960).(Awarded 2. Itihasa OSangiter (Sanglta Samskriti),Bharatiya Vols. I & II. the Memorial Prize InStisir(Awarded 1958). 3. O and Vols. I & II.Raga Rupa (Melody Form), 4. Dhrupada-mala (with Notations). 5. Rabindranath.Sangite 6. NarahariSangita-sarasamgraha by Ghanashyama (edited). Indian ....in the7. Historical of Music ( press).Study On :Philosophy Perfection.1. of andProgressPhilosophy (A Comparative Study) 2. of the World and the Absolute.Philosophy 3. Abhedananda-darshana. 4. Tirtharenu. Books :Other 1. Mana O Manusha. 2. Sri Durga (An Iconographical Study). 3. Christ the Saviour. u PQ O o VM o < Si |o l"" c o13 U 'ij 15 1 I "S 4->S > >-J 3 'C (J I o A INDIAN MUSIC'HISTORY OF b SWAMI PRAJNANANANDA ONEVOLUME Ancient Period( ) RAMAKRISHNA VEDANTA MATH CALCUTTA : INDIA. Published Swaxni Adytaandaby Calcutta-6.Ramakrishna Vedanta Math, Published in 1963First May, All Reserved byRights Ramakrishna Vedanta Calcutta.Math, Ratan Sinha at Bharati Works,Printed Printingby Benoy Calcutta-6.Vivekananda Road,141, Co. Private Ltd.Plates Messrs.printed by Bengal Autotype Calcutta.Cornwallis Street,