A history of Persia
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A history of Persia


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MACMILLAN AND LIMITEDCO.,LONDON BOMBAY CALCUTTAMELBOURNETHE MACMILLAN COMPANYNEW YORK BOSTON CHICAGODALLAS SAN FRANCISCOTHE MACMILLAN CO. OF LTD.CANADA,TORONTOOF PERSIAA HISTORYthe of(Through courtesy Doctor Ahmad Khan.)is a mirror of theHistory pastAnd a lesson for the present.A Persian Proverb.M AUUAs Till-: GREAT.i.il IVrsiim|).iintiii->ir M.ikolm's Ilisturv <>/JuliiiAOF PERSIAHISTORYBYLIEUT. -CoL. P. SYKESM.C.I.E.C.M.G.,INDIAN ARMYGOLD MEDALLIST OF THE ROYAL GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETYAUTHOR OF 'TEN VHOUSAND MILES IN PERSIA''' 'AND THE GLORY OF THE SHIA WORLDEMENIANAciA GOLD PATERA.Trom Br. Museum.)XyWITH ~MAPS AND ILLUSTRATIONSJIN TWO L H . .VOLUMES VO'MACMILLAN AND LIMITEDCO.,ST. MARTIN'S LONDONSTREET,DSss>PYRIGHT/-v'lPART OF A PERSIAN HUNTING SCENE.thea Silver Vase in Museum.)(From HermitageCONTENTSCHAPTER XLIVr-ttor,OF MOHAMED AT MECCA .THE EARLY CAREER oA of Arabia The of Mecca TheDescription ImportanceAncient of the Arabs The Kaaba The Ancestors ofReligionthe Mohamed The Political Situation in Arabia beforeProphetand after the Birth of the The andChildhood, Youth,ProphetManhood ofMohamed The Divine CommissionEarly conveyedGabriel The of the A.D.Office, 613-by Assumption PropheticalThe to A.D.614 EmigrationTemporary Abyssinia, 615.CHAPTER XLVTHE FLIGHT TO MEDINA AND THE ESTABLISHMENT OF ISLAM . /I3"The or to A.D. 622 The ErectionMedina,Hijra, Flight,"of the First at Medina The Breach with the TheMosque ...


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MACMILLAN AND LIMITEDCO., LONDON BOMBAY CALCUTTA MELBOURNE THE MACMILLAN COMPANY NEW YORK BOSTON CHICAGO DALLAS SAN FRANCISCO THE MACMILLAN CO. OF LTD.CANADA, TORONTO OF PERSIAA HISTORY the of(Through courtesy Doctor Ahmad Khan.) is a mirror of theHistory past And a lesson for the present. A Persian Proverb. M AUUAs Till-: GREAT. i.il IVrsiim |).iintiii ->ir M.ikolm's Ilisturv <>/Juliii