A new system of chemical philosophy
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A new system of chemical philosophy


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\?NEW SYSTEMOFCHEMICAL PHILOSOPHY.PART I.BYJOHN DALTON.-MM»Nii9l!li(MMf*«*i:iWancijegterPrinted S.by Russell, is5t Oeanigate,FORLONDON.R. BICKERSTAFF, STRAND,1808.inReproduced FacsimileBYWilliam Dawson & Sons Ltd.102 WiGMORE Street,London, W.lAND Printed byHenderson & SpaldingSylvan Old KentGrove, Road,5S.E.ILondon,This Edition is limited to copies1,000V. 1i^27 T 5 19TO THEPROFESSORS OF THE UNIVERSITIES,AND OTHER RESIDENTS,OFEDINBURGH AND GLASGOW,who gaveAND ENCOURAGEMENTTHEIR ATTENTIONTO THSon Heat and ChemiealLectures Elements,inDelivered in those Cities 1807 ;AXDTO THE MEMBERS OF THELITERARYAND PHILOSOPHICAL SOCIETYOF MANCHESTER,wbo havePROMOTED HISVNIFORMLY RESEARCHES;THISWORKISRESPECTFULLYINSCRIBED,BY THSJUTHOR.PREFACE.was the author's intention when this work wasIT putto to it entire in one volume but he is;press publishto it in two for reasonsnow induced publish parts,it be to announce.which may properVarious of his were read before theessays Literaryof onand Philosophical Manchester, chieflySocietyelastic and were in the 5tbheat and fluids, publishedtheir in The new view*Volume of 1802,Memoirs,these were considered bothwhich essays developed,curious and The were republishedimportant. essaysand soon afterin several Philosophical Journals,tianslated into French and and circulatedGerman,medium of the Journals.abroad the foreignthroughhisThe authorwas not remiss in researches,prosecutingassisted thein ...


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\? NEW SYSTEM OF CHEMICAL PHILOSOPHY. PART I. BY JOHN DALTON. -MM»Nii9l!li(MMf*«*i :iWancijegter Printed S.by Russell, is5t Oeanigate, FOR LONDON.R. BICKERSTAFF, STRAND, 1808. inReproduced Facsimile BY William Dawson & Sons Ltd. 102 WiGMORE Street, London, W.l AND Printed by Henderson & Spalding Sylvan Old KentGrove, Road, 5S.E.ILondon, This Edition is limited to copies1,000 V. 1 i^ 27 T 5 19 TO THE PROFESSORS OF THE UNIVERSITIES, AND OTHER RESIDENTS, OF EDINBURGH AND GLASGOW, who gave AND ENCOURAGEMENTTHEIR ATTENTION TO THS on Heat and ChemiealLectures Elements, inDelivered in those Cities 1807 ; AXD TO THE MEMBERS OF THE LITERARYAND PHILOSOPHICAL SOCIETY OF MANCHESTER, wbo have PROMOTED HISVNIFORMLY RESEARCHES; THISWORKISRESPECTFULLYINSCRIBED, BY THS JUTHOR. PREFACE. was the author's intention when this work wasIT put to to it entire in one volume but he is ;press publish to it in two for reasonsnow induced publish parts, it be to announce.which may proper Various of his were read before theessays Literary of onand Philosophical Manchester, chieflySociety elastic and were in the 5tbheat and fluids, published their in The new view*Volume of 1802,Memoirs, these were considered bothwhich essays developed, curious and The were republishedimportant. essays and soon afterin several Philosophical Journals, tianslated into French and and circulatedGerman, medium of the Journals.abroad the foreignthrough hisThe authorwas not remiss in researches,prosecuting assisted thein which he was by applica-considerably of derived from the above Intion principles essays. thosehe was led to Law«,1803, primarygradually which seem to obtain in to and to chemi-heat^regard which it is the of thecal andcombinations, object work to exhibit and elucidate. A brief outlinepresent the winter inof them was first ensuingpublicly given a of Lectures on Natural at thecourse Philosophy, and was left forInstitution in London, publica-Royal hetion in the of the Institution but is notJournals ; that was done. The author hasinformed whether ever since been several of hisoccasionally urged by lose no time infriends tophilosophical communicating to the thatthe results of his public,enquiries alledging, the and his owninterests of science, reputation, might VI, PREFACE. suffer In the of 1 he was inducedby delay. spring 807, to offer the of the hereinexposition containedprinciples a course of which werein twice read inLectures, and once in On these occasiot^Edinburgh, Glasgow. was honoured with the attentionhe of gentlemen, to be of the firstuniversallyacknowledged respectability for their scientific attainments: most of whom were to their desire to see the ofpleased express publication thedoctrine in the as soon as convenient.present form, the author's return to Manchester he toUpon began for the Several tobeprepare press. experiments required other new ones were to be made almostrepeated ; ; the whole both in matter and mannerwas to besystem and more time for thenew, requiredconsequently and These considerations^composition arrangement. with the avocations of havetogether daily profession, work a from thethe nearly ; and, judgingdelayed year before it beit another can com- past, may require year In the mean as the doctrine of andtime, heat, pleted. of Chemical are inthe aprinciples Synthesis,general the futureof theredetails,degree independentgood detriment arise to the or incon-can no author,great into his what isvenience readers, submitting already to the of theinspection public.prepared, 1808.MAY,