A short practical and easy method of learning the old Norsk tongue or Icelandic language after the Danish of E. Rask ; with an Icelandic reader, an account of the Norsk poetry and the sagas, and a modern Icelandic vocabulary for travellers

A short practical and easy method of learning the old Norsk tongue or Icelandic language after the Danish of E. Rask ; with an Icelandic reader, an account of the Norsk poetry and the sagas, and a modern Icelandic vocabulary for travellers


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ANNEX+ 7 tCalifornia3gionalLcilityLi nsEx , FRANZ THEOI'SOGDEN 1 Series ofC. K.ANDSSICAL ORIENTAL GRAMMARS1 withpractical Method, Exercises, Reading-Lessons and Dialogues.All uniform in siie 8vo. and bound in Cloth.neatly f g, dGERMAN GRAMMAR Meissner. 10th Ed. ... 036byto sewed .... 1Key ditto,FRENCH 8thAhn. Ed 03 (5byo 1,, to sewedKey ditto,ITALIAN GRAMMAR 4th 04Marchetti. Edbyto sewed ..,,..010Key ditto, Salvo. Ed o oSPANISH 2nd 4byto sewed 010Key ditto,PORTUGUESE GRAMMAR Cabano. 2nd Ed. ..04bySWEDISH 4 <>Lenstrom. 2nd Ed. .byDANISH GRAMMAR Lund. 2nd Ed 040byto ditto 010KeyDUTCH Ahn. 2nd Ed 04byGRAMMARRUSSIAN Alexandrow 040byMODERN GREEK GRAMMAR Vlachos.... 4byICELANDIC Rask 4byHEBREW GRAMMAR Herxheimer 040byto ditto 020KeyLATIN Seidenstucker. 2nd Ed. ... 3byto ditto 016KeyTheaboveSeries arewritten various on theofGrammars, author's,bylaid down inAhn's French Grammar Franz Thimm.plan published byThe idea in these is that of a lan-prevalent grammars teachingand of it to ofguage easily pleasantly, adapting every capacity,aft difficulties and at the same time ofremoving unecessary impar-theting necessary grammatical knowledge.SERIESNEW OF FOREIGN DIALOGUES,On an new and calculated to insure apracticalentirely plan, rapidof 12mo. Cloth. iacquisition Foreign Languages.GERMAN and ENGLISH Meissner.Dialogues, byFRENCH Dudevaut., byITALIAN Marchetti. obySPANISH Salvo.byPORTUGUESE Monteiro.bySWEDISH Lenstro'm.by.DANISH Lund.byHarlen ...


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ANNEX + 7 t California 3gional Lcility Li nsEx , FRANZ THEOI'S OGDEN 1 Series ofC. K. ANDSSICAL ORIENTAL GRAMMARS 1 withpractical Method, Exercises, Reading- Lessons and Dialogues. All uniform in siie 8vo. and bound in Cloth.neatly f g, d GERMAN GRAMMAR Meissner. 10th Ed. ... 036by to sewed .... 1Key ditto, FRENCH 8thAhn. Ed 03 (5by o 1,, to sewedKey ditto, ITALIAN GRAMMAR 4th 04Marchetti. Edby to sewed ..,,..010Key ditto, Salvo. Ed o oSPANISH 2nd 4by to sewed 010Key ditto, PORTUGUESE GRAMMAR Cabano. 2nd Ed. ..04by SWEDISH 4 <>Lenstrom. 2nd Ed. .by DANISH GRAMMAR Lund. 2nd Ed 040by to ditto 010KeyDUTCH Ahn. 2nd Ed 04by GRAMMARRUSSIAN Alexandrow 040by MODERN GREEK GRAMMAR Vlachos.... 4by ICELANDIC Rask 4by HEBREW GRAMMAR Herxheimer 040by to ditto 020KeyLATIN Seidenstucker. 2nd Ed. ... 3by to ditto 016Key TheaboveSeries arewritten various on theofGrammars, author's,by laid down inAhn's French Grammar Franz Thimm.plan published by The idea in these is that of a lan-prevalent grammars teaching and of it to ofguage easily pleasantly, adapting every capacity, aft difficulties and at the same time ofremoving unecessary impar- theting necessary grammatical knowledge. SERIESNEW OF FOREIGN DIALOGUES, On an new and calculated to insure apracticalentirely plan, rapid of 12mo. Cloth. iacquisition Foreign Languages. GERMAN and ENGLISH Meissner.Dialogues, by FRENCH Dudevaut. , by ITALIAN Marchetti. oby SPANISH Salvo.by PORTUGUESE Monteiro.by SWEDISH Lenstro'm.by .DANISH Lund.by Harlen.DUTCH by ENGLISH and FRENCHVocabu-TURKISH, RUSSIAN, for in the East 026Travellerslary A correct and fluent conversation will soonbe obtained the useby contain matter. Theofthese for butDialogues they nothing important words in the andthe idiomatic ex-generally use, easy colloquial phrases ofthe whicnformtheessenceofcorrect conversation,pressions language, been so as make useful.nave to thesecarefullyarranged, Dialogues really Published Mr. FRANZ Publisher,by THIMM, Foreign 34 Brook Grroavenor Ixmdou.Street, Square, . TO offor the Study Foreign Languages published by FRANZ THIMM, Bookseller andForeign Publisher, Grosvenor London24 Brook W.Street, Square, 'German Language. The Child's German Hahn. 5th Ed. 12mo. Cloth QBook, by Cli., OneHundredGerman Mathias. 4thEd.Schmid, Tales,by Hah n's InterlinearGerman Book (llamiltonian 6Reading Syst.) G e i s 1 e the first book of German 12mo. Cloth . . 6r, Poetry. Les with Notes Hill. 12mo. boards BFabeln,sing's english by II. For the Class Room. Julius German : "the best 3rdEd. t GWriting Copies published" Thimm's Book "Julius's 4to . . . 1 GCopy System" Halm's German Tales and with Cloth 0. 3 GStories, Notes,english Carove'sMarehcn ohne Mathias. 16mo. Cloth 2 oEnde,Notes by Schinid's German School with Notes 5Hill,Plays by Kotzebue's Deutsche notes Meissner . 2Kleinstiidter, by ditto. . 2 ,, Pagenstreiche, m's Literature 12mo. Cloth.Th im ofGerman 2ndEd. 5History Meissner's German Exercise 8vo. Cloth . . . . 2 GBook, to ditto Svo. . . . 2Key Geissler's TheMost beautiful German Ballads andPoems 5 Franck's Deutscher Briefsteller (German Letter 3 6Writer) Schiller's Wilhelm Notes Meissner . . 2Tell, byenglish Ncffe als with Notes Meissner 1 c.,, Onkel, english by Note? 0. von . . i>Goethe's 2Egmont, english by Wcgnern French Language. Book Hahn. 12mo. Cloth .Child's French . . 3by Class Book. 4th Ed. Cloth .Ah n's . . . 1 6 Louis.Poesies dc 1'Enfance 12mo. boards 2 6par Francois with Notes. Svo. oAh n's French Cloth 1 6Header, english sth Kd. Grammar, /*\o. Cloth . . . . 3 6 Molie Le with Notesre, Bourgeois Gentilhomme, english Dudevant ... .... . I Gby FRANZ TIIIMM'S French Sell-fa new on thetight. mostSystem hvo. sewed, "onesimple principles, Shilling." (I'erinnii "oneSelf-taught Shilling." . Italian "one "oneSpanish FRAJfZ THIMM, i-l Brook Orosvenor Ixmdon.Street, Square, *4-*** 4" &*#'**&;! NEW BOOKS PUBLISHED fflUKX T1L\DL% 24 Brook Grosvenor London.Street, Square. Commercial Correspondences. GERMAN AND ENGLISH Commercial CgKcspondencei FRENCH AND ditto Dudevantby inthepress.ITALIAN ditto Marchetti Iby SPANISH AND ENGLISH ditto Salvoby ) Italian Language. ITALIAN SELF-TAUGHT. A new on the most * s.system for self-tuition ........ 01simple principles MARCHETITS Italian Grammar. 3rd Ed. 8vo. Cloth 04 to the Grammar.-. 8vo. sewed ..01Key "One of the most Grammars full ofpractical published, exercises, lessons and Dialogues."reading Italian and Idiomatic Cl. 2MARCHETTI'S English Dialogues. Italian and JBLANC'S 24mo. ClothEnglish pocketDictionary. Spanish. Language. SELF-TAUGHT. A new on theSPANISH mostsystem for self-tuition withsimple principles complete english........... 1....pronundat Grammar. 2nd Ed. 8vo. Cloth ..04SALVO'S Spanish the sewedto 8vo. ..... 01Key and Idiomatic Cloth 2Spanish English Dialogues. and SBLANC'SSpanish English pocket Dictionary. 8vo OldDE El Commerciante ......MIER, Espanol. Portuguese Language. CARBANO'S Grammar. 2nd Ed. Cloth 8yo. MONTEIRO'S and Idiom. . English Dialogues VIEYEA'S and Pocket . .English DictionaryPortuguese Arte de commercial ....Correspondence portuguez Prosas SelectaaFONSECA, (Portugueze Reader) Danish Language. Danish Grammar. 2nd Ed. 8vo. Cloth . .LUND'S and Idiomatic ClothEnglish Dialogues. and 12ino. Cloth .Danish pocketEnglish Dictionary. and REPP'S Danish andFERRALL English Dictionary. Vols. 12mo. bound ...........2 Dansk Vol. I Prose 6 s. Vol.HHOLST'S Laesebog. Poetry ditto with Notes. 12mo. .BRESEMANN'S german Alexandra and the House ofThe Princess Royal Denmark. A 12mo.........Genealogy. Swedish. Language. Swedish Grammar. 2nd Ed. Svo. ClothLENSTROM'S and 12mo. .English Dialogues. Svensk i ^vo.prosaLaesebog og poesie. Litteratur Historia. Svo. . .Sveriges o12mo. . ......TEGNER'S Frithiofs-Saga. uand 12mo. Cloth . .Swedish Engh'sh Dictionary. .. ..'- FRANZ THIMM'S SERIES OF EUROPEAN GRAMMARS AFTER AN EASY AND PRACTICAL METHOD. PART XI. THE ICELANDIC LANGUAGE. 3L 2ST 3D O 3ST :Q FRANZ THIMM, FOREIGN BOOKSELLER AND PUBLISHER. 3 BROOK GROSVENOR W.SQUARESTREET, 1868. A SHORT PRACTICAL AND EASY METHOD OF LEARNING THE OLD NORSK TONGUE OR ICELANDIC LANGUAGE THE DANISHAFTER OF E. RASE WITH AN ICELANDIC READER OF THE NORSK POETRY AND THE SAGASAN ACCOUNT ICELANDIC VOCABULARY FOR TRAVELLERSAND A MODERN BY H. LUND. EDITION.SECOND CORRECTED IjOOXriD O3XT: FRANZ THIMM, BOOKSELLER AND PUBLISHERFOREIGN W.24 LATE 3. BROOK STREET, GROSVF.KOR SQUARE 1869. PREFACE. The Old Norsk or Icelandic and the Anglo-Saxon may of the andbe termed the theirEnglish Language,parents butis not usefulKnowledge only highly absolutely necessary to educated who looks his withevery Englishman upon language the of a historian and is more interest-eye philosopher. Nothing than to look back to these two sources from whence theing is and a oftongue derived, thorough knowledgeenglish Eng- lish is with itsbeingonly possible by acquainted 'origin. withThese Ger-Anglo-Norman,languages together early medieval and modern to beman, ancient, English, ought studied.regularly Rask's we have indicated aBy adapting abridgement simple method of which we will be foundlearning Icelandic, hope useful. generally The Editor. INDEX. PART I. Page I. The Pronunciation 1 II. Modification of Vowels t> Inflection of Words & I. The Noun. 1st. Declension 8 .Una. 9 .IHrd. . . 14, Declension of Nouns with the Article 18 II. 20Adjectives The of 26Comparison Adjectives HI. Pronouns 28 Numerals 3 IV. The Verb 34 Verbs 49Auxiliary V. Particles 51 The formation of Words 52 54Syntax 55Prepositions 56Prosody PART II. The Old Norsk and the 58-73Poetry Sagas PART HI. 74101Icelandic Reader PART IV. .Modern Icelandic for Travellers . 102-121