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.y- HisAWRIGHT &GEORGE Co.,E.G.Victoria155 St., London,QueenMantel 3 15Register, complete,Without Overmantel .. ..350Oak Grate with Tiles. Oak with Grate.Chimneypiece, Copper Chimneypiece CopperMantel with Brick Back andRegisterSunk Fire 326Fine Cast Curb .126a? Co.STRODEESTABLISHED FOR NEARLY A CENTURY.SPECIALISTS FOR&LIGHTING, HEATING VENTILATIONWRITE FORA few of the recent works1902 importantCATALOGUEScarried out or in progress byOFSTRODE & CO.ELECTRICLIGHTINGELECTRIC LIGHTING. HEATING.PLANTBritannia Naval Dartmouth. New Naval Chatham.College, Hospital,ELECTRIC Christ's Horsham.Schools, MasonicHospital Schools, Bushey.LIGHT Schools for the Leatherhead. Green Dartford.Blind, Joyce Hospital,E.G. Brentford Union.FITTINGS House, London,SalisburyLeicester London WallHotel, Estate.Queen's Square.ACETYLENE Camden Town Theatre. for theSchools Leatherhead.Blind,GAS South Foreland St. Welsbach NewHouse, Margaret's Bay. Company's Eactory.GENERATORS Walmer Kent. Street.House,Lodge, Regent RegentMelton St. Ermin's Westminster.ijtapleford Park, Mowbray. Hotel,ACETYLENETowcester. Hants.Whittlebury Park, Embly Park, Romsey,GASFITTINGSACETYLENE GAS. VENTILATION.HEATINGAPPARATUS Church of Soldiers' Institute. Cafe Royal.EnglandETC. Plain. Messrs. New Premises.RADIATORS, Bulford Camp, Salisbury Whiteley'sWelsbach NewHouse, Company's Factory.Nanpantan Loughboro.VENTILATINGLowndes London. StelliteStreet, Works, Aston, Birmingham ...


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.y- H isA WRIGHT &GEORGE Co., E.G.Victoria155 St., London,Queen Mantel 3 15Register, complete, Without Overmantel .. ..350 Oak Grate with Tiles. Oak with Grate.Chimneypiece, Copper Chimneypiece Copper Mantel with Brick Back andRegister Sunk Fire 326 Fine Cast Curb .126 a? Co.STRODE ESTABLISHED FOR NEARLY A CENTURY. SPECIALISTS FOR &LIGHTING, HEATING VENTILATION WRITE FOR A few of the recent works1902 important CATALOGUES carried out or in progress by OF STRODE & CO. ELECTRIC LIGHTING ELECTRIC LIGHTING. HEATING. PLANT Britannia Naval Dartmouth. New Naval Chatham.College, Hospital, ELECTRIC Christ's Horsham.Schools, MasonicHospital Schools, Bushey. LIGHT Schools for the Leatherhead. Green Dartford.Blind, Joyce Hospital, E.G. Brentford Union.FITTINGS House, London,Salisbury Leicester London WallHotel, Estate.Queen's Square. ACETYLENE Camden Town Theatre. for theSchools Leatherhead.Blind, GAS South Foreland St. Welsbach NewHouse, Margaret's Bay. Company's Eactory. GENERATORS Walmer Kent. Street.House,Lodge, Regent Regent Melton St. Ermin's Westminster.ijtapleford Park, Mowbray. Hotel, ACETYLENE Towcester. Hants.Whittlebury Park, Embly Park, Romsey, GAS FITTINGS ACETYLENE GAS. VENTILATION. HEATING APPARATUS Church of Soldiers' Institute. Cafe Royal.England ETC. Plain. Messrs. New Premises.RADIATORS, Bulford Camp, Salisbury Whiteley's Welsbach NewHouse, Company's Factory.Nanpantan Loughboro. VENTILATING Lowndes London. StelliteStreet, Works, Aston, Birmingham.31 FANS TELEPHONES. HEAD OFFICE AND WORKS: N.W.48 OSNABURGH STREET, LONDON, SHOW ROOMS: AND 188 LONDON.ST. PAUL'S CHURCHYARD PICCADILLY,67 ESTIMATES FREE. 1900.AWARD FOR VENTILATION-PARIS EXHIBITION,HIGHEST AND ONE SILVER MEDAL.TWO GOLD MEDALS LATEST PATENTBOYLE'S t AIR-PUMP" VENTILATORi HAS DOUBLE THE AND IS EXTRACTING POWER PRICEONE-HALF THE OF EARLIER FORMS Jery strictly AT "ACADEMYPUBLISHED ARCHITECTURE," THEOBALDS W.C.ROAD, LONDON,58 AMSTERDAM ACS. G. N.Z.LONDON HAMILTON, KENT, J ROBBERS, Voorburgwal 64.SIMPKIN, MARSHALL, AND LIMITED.Co., ROME MODES & Corso.MENDEL, 146 LEIPZIG L. FERNAU. SPAIN LIBRERIA 12 Ronda de la Universidad.PARERA, Barcelona.BERLIN ERNST WASMUTH, 35 Markgrafenstrasse. STOCKHOLM NORDIN & JOSEPHSON, 37 Drottning-ZURICH CAESAR SCHMIDT. gatan. Rue Saint-PARIS LIBRAIRIES-IMPRIMERIES REUNIFY, 5 CHRISTIANIA CAMMERMEYERS CarlBOGHANDEL, Benoit. &Johansgade, 41 43. des Ecoles.PARIS CHARLES rue ST. PETERSBURG F. v Pr.SCHMID, 51 SZCZEPANSKI, Nevsky 34. Emile CONSTANTINOPLE OTTO Grand' rue deOCTAVE rue KEIL, 457BRUSSELS SCHMIT, 87 Banning. Pera. Skilnaden 2.HELSINGFORS LINDSTEDTS ANTIKVARISKA BOKHANDEL, LTD.SYDNEY & ADELAIDE GEORGE ROBERTSON & Co. PROPRIETARY,MELBOURNE, NEW YORK BRUNO East i2th Street.HESSLING, 64 WILLIAM 10 East i6th Street.,, ,, HELBURN, ENTERED AT STATIONERS HALL.ST. MARTIN S LONDON.HARRISON AND PRINTERS, LANE,SONS, C / J'fcl 287-291 OLD JtREET at ACADEMY ARCHITECTURE. Will be in and December.published half-yearly June Parait deux fois an aux mois de et Decembre.par Juin Erscheint im und December.halbjahrlich je Juni 1 - - . LIST OF CONTENTS.I902 1902'. COLOURED PLATES. 20 Hanovw w. F.R.I.BELCHER, John, A.R.A., Square, CASH, B.A., 28 Newman w.John, Street," Electra Interior of Board Room. 1493 FRONTISPIECEHouse, S^aland," Littlestone-on-Sea 48Facing p. G. H. 6 Anne'sPRYNNE, Fellowes, F.R.I.B.A., Queen COLE, & Kenneth A.R.I. 17 HartJ. Kingwell WOOD, B.A., s.w.Gate, Street, w.c.Bloomsbury," Christ Lower Interior. 1428. 16Church, Sydenham. Facing p. Castle Hill w 120Oaklands," Park, Ealing, Facing p. Cole 66 VictoriaADAMS, A., F.R.I.B.A., Street, s.w. PAGE. & Kenneth A.R.I.E. 17 HartCOLE, J. Kingwell WOOD, A., The Berks. 1522 33Hall, w.c.Woodclyffe Wargrave, Street, Bloormbuty, 4ALEXANDER, George, Gray Street, Castle Hill wGlasgow. "Oaklands," Park, Ealing, The of the 115Song Sea. 637 Plans., 45ALISON, Hawick. Thomas F.R.I. 36 w.c.James P., Bridge Street, COLLCUTT, E., B.A., Bloomsbury Sq., Stirches Hawick. 91House, 554 Part of Saloon on the P. and O. Steam-Dining Company's"R. 8 w.ATKINSON, Frank, Sackville Street, ship Mongolia." Briar 1560 46Dene, Cheshire. Alfred 78 Cross Manchester.CORBETT, E., A.R.I.B.A., Street, ,, ,, The Room and the for a Town Club House. 1569,, Drawing Dining Design Room 47 Lionel 13 Holland w.CRANE, F., Street, Kensington, S. TheBABB, Nicholson, 7 Brecknock N.w. Sketch for a Boathouse. 1526Studios, Road, Boadicea the herBritons to Brandon Hamilton.inciting avenge outraged CULLEN, Alex., F.R.I.B.A., Chambers, 112Daughters. Bas-relief. 1682 Lanarkshire Middle Ward District 552Offices, BAILEY, Harold, Newark-on-Trent. AimA.R.I.B.A., DALOU, Jules (the late). 12St. 1479 : Statuette in Bronze. 782Pulpit, James's, Spilsby. 12Reredos, Church. 1518 E. 22 w.c.Beckingham DAWBER, Guy, A.R.I.B.A., Buckingham Street, William, 38 Park Leeds. Entrance Front. 1366BAKEWELL, F.R.I.B.A., Square, Wesihope Manor, Shropshire, Public First Premiated & 7 Edward VauxhallLibrary, Holbeck, Leeds, Design. DAYMOND, John SON, Street, Bridge 401371 s.w.Road, I. 110 Mains The Gold SmeltersBALKOUR, Andrew, A., Street, Blythswood Square, Francis 63 FrederickGlasgow. DBAS, William, Street, Edinburgh. for St. Columba Church. 570 78 662Competitive Design Hillside, Corstorphine. 25 Rutland DE Barcelona.BLANC, Hippolyte J., R.S.A., Square, Edinburgh. FALGUERA, Jose M., Thomas Coats Memorial New and le deChurch, Paisley, Pulpit Projet pour Palais Justice 570 57 Miss 30 The s.w.Canopy. DOWNING, Edith, Street, Chelsea, Charles & Co.'s Extension of Rose Music sent to God. 1674Jtnner Premises, Street, up 757 65 6 Gunter andEdinburgh. , DRURY, Alfred, A.R.A., Grove, Chelsea, s.w., New Baths and Dunfermline. 755 75 W. 3 Verulam w.c.Carnegie Gymnasium, John SIMPSON, Buildings, Gray's Inn, Coblenz of Bradford Memorial to Victoria. 1597BOCK, Willy, a/Rhine. City Queen Houses near Coblenz 134 Villa d'Alesia Paris.Country a/Rhine 133, FAIVRE, F., 39, 7 Inn w.c. Medallion les AmoursBODLEY, George F., R.A., Gray's Square, parEnquirland Monument to the late Duke of Westminster. 1430 F.R.I. 3 VerulamFLORENCE, Henry L., B.A., Buildings, Gray's New 1424 17 w.c.Church, Holy Trinity, Kensington. Inn, BRIERLEY. Walter 13 York. The Institute of Tudor E.C. 1477H., Lendal, Street,Journalists, New Premises at Sheffield New Sessions OldBanking 23 House, Bailey, B.C., Competitive Design Sunderland. 1373 The 325 Premises, 36 FORSYTH, Nesfield, Studios, Finchley Road,J. Robert 12 Norfolk w.c. N.w.BRIGGS, A., F.R.I.B.A., Street, Strand, Hampstead, Pentonville. 1511 late of Dr. Walsham How. 1718All Saints Mission Church, 13 The Wakefield,Bishop The PiazzaandThe Porch. G. 32 St. N.W.Manor, Gloucestershire, R.A., Rd., John'sWood,Cowley FRAMPTON, J., Queen's in Wax.1468 39 Bust 777 House at Herts. 1441 Bust in Wax. 78341Welwyn, F. B. HOBBS& Arnold Ernest 18Maddox w.BRIGGS& & Street, Regent Street,WOLSTENHOLME, THORNELY, GEORGE, YEATES, New Room. 145051 North Welbeck DiningJohn Street, Liverpool. Abbey, New Head Oxford. 1374Messrs. & Co.'sElder, Dempster Offices, Foxcombe, s.w.1385 18 GLEICHEN, Countess F., Studio, St. Palace,Liverpool. James's in Paris. 1601BROWN & Princes Street Part of a Fountain erectedBURGESS, Chambers, Ipswich. New Tower to St. Suffolk 14 Herr Kubelik. 1613Mary's Church, Walton, 31 YorkBROWN & 17 Union Aberdeen. Alfred & A. MUIRHEAD, Place, Edinburgh.WATT, Terrace, GREIG, First PremiatedU. F. Aberdeen. 544 60 Public Dunfermline,Beechgrove Church, Carnegie Baths, BOSTON & 180 Street,BURNET, CARRUTHERS, Hope Glasgow. Design Business West Nile 553 84 I. 212 St. Vincent Street, Glasgow.Premises, Street, Glasgow. HAMILTON, John, A., Ltd. 555St. Vincent Premises of Messrs. &BURNET, John James, A.R.S.A., Street, Glasgow. Allsopp Sons, 4 Interior Views. 533 93-97 A. Chambers,University Gardens, HARDWICK, J.. Eagle Kingston-on-Thames. 1416I. 44 West House at Monmouthshire.CAMPBELL, John A., A., George Street, Glasgow. Wolvesnewton, w.c.Billiard Room for Charles R. View of F.R. I. B. 13 Hart Street, Bloomsbury,Dubs, Esq., Ingle HARE.HenryT., A., Neuk. 549 92 House at Oxford. 1457 s.w.William 8a Whitehall s.w. W. & M. S. 66 Victoria Street,CAROE, D., M.A., Place, HARRISON, H., WARD, Monument to the late L. R.A. 1386 1 A House at 1580J. Pearson, Pinner, Patrick's New A at 1581St. Cathedral, York, Competitive Design Warlingham. s.w.for 1594 5 Charles 8 Manville Balham,Lady Chapel. HARTWELL, L., Road, 64 Charlotte w. The Lass of Dee. 1666Alfred, Street, Fitzroy Square,CARPENTER, for "Crown HEILMANN & Weinstrasse Munich.Frie/e, Imperial" 117 LITTMANN, 8,Design EastBank Cardiff. The Prince View from theCoates, F.R.I.B.A., Buildings, Regent Theatre, Munich,CARTER, J. House. 1509 54 SectionA Summer I ,, ,, ,, Perspective M. Starmer A.R.I.F.R.I.B.A., & HACK, B.A., ,, LongitudinalCASH, John, w. Plans28 Newman Street, ,, ._... for Messrs. Macmillan & Stalls and ProsceniumBusiness Premises, Bombay, Co., ,, ,, 7 South CharlotteLtd. 1437 19 Street, Edinburgh.HENRY, J. Macintyre, Caterham Perthshire. 665H. St. Alban, Valley, Surrey. Dunkeld House,CHRISTIE, C., 67The 642 Ill HICKS& CHARLEWOOD, Westgate Rd., Newcastle-on-TyneMoss-Trooper. s.w. Bensham Interior23 Chelsea, St. Chad's Church,CLEMENS, Benjamin, Joubert Mansions, ! Exterior. 14401605 106 ,,Sappho. Vincent 2 DevonshireH. I. 225 St. HORNBLOWER, George, F.R.I.B.A., Terrace,CLIFFORD, E., A., Street, Glasgow. w.Block, Portland Place,Glasgow Royal Infirmary Jubilee Competitive on the Severn. 1502532 82 Electric &c.,Design. Station, List Contents.of A. 191F.R.I.B.A. Todmorden. PAGE. PEGRAM, Bertram, N.W. PAGE.HORSFALL, Jesse, Stanhope Street, 90 Down to the 1719New Manchester Sea, 104Bank, Shudehill, Group. WilliamH. C. & A. 9 B.C. PHIBBS, Harry, Street, Brierley Hill, Staffordshire.INGRAM, J. WILSON, Ironmonger Lane, Giles' Wrexham.for a Mission Exterior. Tower, St. Church, 1337Competitive Design Chuich, 14 A. A.R.I.1575 PRENTICE, N., NorfolkB.A., Hastings House, 15 w.c.Interior Street, Strand,ii i. i> House at de 's Bedford. 1369 4213 Church Staffs. Pary Avenue,JAHN, Francis, Street, Hanley, 114 H. F.R.I.B.A.. 6The Chorister. 1707 PRYNNE, G. Fellowes, Anne'sQueen Gate, s.w.147 Church s.w.JONES, Adrian, Street, Chelsea, 102 Church of St. the Interior ViewMeditation. 610 John Divine, Sidcup, East. 1421 16W. A.R.I.E. 32 Bedford w.c. lookingJONES, Campbell, A., Row, 31 W.A 1534 RAMSAY, Gilbert, c/o SunVillage Hall, Beddington, Surrey. Leiper, Esq., R.S.A., Buildings, 4 w.c. Glasgow.KEEN, Arthur, Raymond Buildings, Gray's Inn, 53 Rood 562 77A House at 1442 Screen, Glasgow Cathedral.Hampstead. 120 T. A.R.I. lOa Edin-Holborn RHIND, Duncan,Kingsgate Chapel, B.A., George Street, Professor Rudolfovo Nabrezi burgh.KOTERA, Jan, 6, Prague. for VictoriaSmall Sideboard and 128 Competitive Design Memorial.Cupboard Liverpool Queen 572House at Staircase Lantern and 129 73Prague, Passage W.Entrance 131 RHIND, Birnie, A.R.S.A., St. Cambridge,, Doorway Helen's, Street, for the inModel Re-construction of St. Church Edinburgh.George's for a Public Statue. 402Plzen 130 Study 103 ROWAN. W. I. 234 WestHarold 1 Arundel we. G., A., GeorgeLANDER, C., A.R.I.B.A., Street, Strand, Street, Glasgow. St. Tollcross. Interior.Passmore Edwards Town. 1475 27 Margaret's, 544 79Boys' Club, Canning 5 w.c. ,, ,, Exterior. 547 80LUCAS, Geoffry, Bloomsbury Square, View from Ernest & 12of RUNTZ, Co., Walbrook, B.C.Proposed Re-building Manningtree Church, New Theatre andRoad. 1571 11 Gaiety w.c. 1372.. 20Restaurant, Strand, Plans2 Camden Camden N.w. ,, 21LUCCHESI, Andrea, Studios, Street, A 644 S. A.R.I. 11Sentinel. 103 RUSSELL, B., Inn w.c.B.A., Gray's Square, Restaurant andLYONS, Andrew 22 Lawson Club, Stratford. 1568 29Wesley, Lady Street, Edinburgh. Decoration & A.548 72 SCOTT, J. N., Lome 44Ceiling Design. CAMPBELL, Queen Street, W. I. 221M'GiBBON, West Edinburgh.F., A., George Street, Glasgow. ' > 92 New PublicBellahouston Parish Church. 542 Hawick. 563 61Additions, Library, A.87 Clifton St. N.W. SHANNAN, 7 Scott Street,MACKENNAL, Bertram, Hill, John's Wood, M'Farlane, Garnethill, Glasgow. and 114 Decorative PanelMother Child. 619 for Govan Town Hall. 627 113 William 121 Pascual HerraizH., West SILO, Madrid.M'NAB, George Street, Glasgow. y, Lagasca 42, and Drill Mausoleum2nd V.B. H.L.I. 7 135Headquarters Hall, Yorkhill.for 526 81 SIRR, A.R.I. 50 TwisdenHarry, B.A., Road, Highgate Road, 405 N.W.MAIN, ShieldsJohn P., Road, Pollokshields, Glasgow. The 636 St.116 Augustine NewWine for School.Song. 's,Kilburn, Boys'Upper 1528MALLOWS, C. & Times Bedford. 26E., GROCOCK, Buildings, Rood MissScreen, Cranfield Beds. 1439 13 STEELE, Florence 63 Rowan Brook w.Church, H., Road, Green, House and for aGarden at Bedford. 1546 55 Design Bronze Sundial. 1599 116Bidenham, A. Soler Plaza del Olmo a Barcelona. STEEL, Hill N.B.MARCH, y, 4, Mauresa, J. Forrest, Street, Wishaw, le 136 ThePalais du Gouverneur Militaire Blackheath. 668 70Projet pour Yett, MARWICK, Thomas P., 43York W. 8OsborneA.R.I.B.A., Place, Edinburgh. STEVENSON, Grant, R.S.A., Terrace, Edinburgh. Model of New Premises for the National Bank of Governor-General Simcoe. 398 103 631 59 STOKES, 2 Great Smith s.w.Scotland, Ltd., Trongate, Glasgow. Leonard, Street, Westminster, Thomas Dan Hill& 28 Conduit w. Wendover. 1510 43MAWSON, H., GIBSON, Street, End, House and Garden at 55 Ascot New Ascot. 1401 50Berkhampstead Priory, Wing, Thomas 28 Conduit w., and P. Larner, F.R.I.B.A.H., Street, Morley SUGDEN, (the late). NewHORDER, 118 Bond w. Lake Boathouse 56Street, Rudyard Moonhill, Sussex. 1561 48 196Cuckfield, SWANSTON, J. D., High Street, Kirkcaldy. MILLER& 58 Renfield New Porte 539 87BLACK, Street, Glasgow. Buildings Burntisland, for Broomhill 78 Walter A.R.I. 1Design Church, Glasgow TAPPER, J., B.A., Raymond Buildings, Gray's MILLER, 15 w.c.James, F.R.I.B.A., Blythswood Square, Glasgow. Inn, 83 2International 1901. 543 Grantham Parish Church. 1447Glasgow Exhibition, Reredos, MITCHELL, 39 Great Frank 66 Glebe s.w.Arnold, F.R.I.B.A., Marlborough TAUBMAN, M., Place, Chelsea, w.Street, Tales. 1600 102Fairy St. Felix School for Southwold. 1582 25 D. & C. 2Girls, 24, THOMSON, I. West Street,MENZIES, A., Regent E. 24MULLINS, Roscoe, Greville Carlton N.W.Road, Hill, Glasgow. Robin Goodfellow. 606 115 Business Premises, Arcade, BuchananArgyle Street, 4NEWTON, Ernest, w.c. Glasgow. 537 90Raymond Buildings, Gray's Inn, at WestHouse Winchfield. 1460 52 ProfessorGreen, TORRES, Venice.Giuseppe, Plans 53 Re-modelled the Andrea GrittiGroup representing Doge NIVEN & 104 before the Leon Marco 132WIGGLESWORTH, Gwydir Chambers, High de S.kneeling w.c.Holborn, C.TOWNSEND, 29 Great Street,Harrison, F.R.I.B.A., George of theHeadquarters British and Sailors' s.w.Foreign Society, Westminster, Commercial Road, London. 538 near 12298 Dickhurst, Haslemere Kent.House, 530Bromley, 99 TROUBETZSKOI, Prince St. Peters-Paul, Nevsky Prospective, OLIVER & 14 ParkDODGSHUN, Leeds.Square, burg. West Union ParkRiding Bank, 1548 28 Tolstoi. 513 110Row, & CairoOWEN, William, Segar, Street T.Chambers, Warrington. URE, 43, &Hyslop, Carnegie Street, Dunfermline, George Proposed Village Church, Port 1587 MackieSunlight. WATSON, 50 Queen Edinburgh. The West End 7 Carnegie Public Baths, Dunfermline, Competitive Design. >, i, ,, ,, The Staircase.. 8 564. 76,, A. 136PATERSON, N., M.A., Wellington Street, Glasgow. WALKER, Robert, Public Winder-F.R.I.B.A., Buildings, Dunkeld Cathedral. 655 rrere.58 Golf Hill School, Dennistoun for the School Board of A Doctor's 45Windermere. 1453House, 531Glasgow. 86 WATSON & SALMOND, 225 St. Vincent Street, Glasgow. Dumbartonshire.Lagarie, Row, 528 100 Interior of Pollokshields.Sketch, Congregational Church, Thomas 5 YorkPATERSON, T., 561 79Place, Edinburgh. MortonhallCardon, Road, 571 66 Thomas 166Edinburgh. WATSON, L., Bath Street,F.R.I.B.A., Glasgow. The ParkKing's Burgh School, Dalkeith. 746 68 Broad 564 88Oak, Accrington. >, ,, Plans 69 Plans 89 PEDDIE & Washington BROWNE, R.S.A., 8 William 196 St. VincentAlbyn Place, WHITIE, W., Street, Glasgow. Edinburgh. Premiated for Woodside Halls. 536 81Design Insurance Company's Building, Dublin, for Facade. WlLLOUGHBY 100Study WOODHOUSE, & LANGHAM, King Street, (OO 62 Manchester. for Leeds, Facade. New Central Fire Manchester 119Study Station, 759 63 P. A.R.I. 42 Perth.YOUNG, George K., B.A., Tay Street, Station for FacadeStirling Buildings, Study 754 ! 64 The Central District Perth. 543 7School, &RICHMONDJOSEPH & (Bencval 30 Hatton E.G.Street, Garden, London,Kirby &NEW SUN WATERMOORIRONWORKS, BOW, LONDON, E., FOUNDRY, CIRENCESTER, GLOS'. HYDRAULIC ELECTRIC LIFTS. LIFTS. & Low PressureHigh STEAMFOR PASSENGERS -4s LIFTS. and GOODS. Simple, MANUAL inEconomical Working, and LIFTS. Safe.Absolutely CRANES. HYDRAULIC IRON GATES DOORS.AND SEMAPHORE Contractors toARMS His Majesty's For Protecting Openings Office of Works. to Lifts. and EstimatesAs to the Cataloguessupplied SELF-SUSTAINING onGeneral Post Office. Application.or LIFT.DINNER SERVICE TRADES'MANUFACTURERS' AND DIRECTORY. isnot otherwise the address(Where stated, London.) LONDON ist der adresse wo die Buchstaben des Postdistrikts sind.blossbeizufiigen angegeben LONDRES est a a 1'adresse dans tous les cas oil seulement les lettres du district sont donnees.ajouter postal * Advertiser in this Volume. ACETYLENE GAS GENERATORS . CASEMENTS (METAL) DRAWING INSTRUMENTS. *Strode& Co., 48 W. 47 E.C.Osnaburgh Street, Regent's & 55 Lionel Harling, H., Finsbury Pavement,Ltd., Street,Hope, Henry Sons, N.W. W. K. & Co. GreatPark, Stanlev, Ltd., Turnstile,Birmingham. NV.C.W. Holborn,White & Sons, 207 Oxford Street, ARCHITECTURAL BOOKSELLERS . DRAWING OFFICES.B. 94 .*Batsford, T., High Holborn, W.C. CEMENT The London andDrawing Tracing Office,1 St.& Sons, Ltd., Martin's,Ellis, JohnPHOTOGRAPHERS 98 Inn W.C.Gray's Road,Leicester. Lcmere, Bedford & 147 W.C.Co., Strand, Bull & Lakin, Ltd., Harbury,Greaves, DRAWING PAPERS. Leamington. Architects'andEngineers' SupplyAssociation,ART FURNITURE i CementPortland Co.,Rugby Rugby, 74-76 Great W.C.Queen Street, Warwickshire.*Graham& 445 OxfordBanks, Ltd., W. Aitken & 26 South CastleStreet, Eott, Son, Street, 287-291 Old*Henry, J. S., Street, E.C. Edinburgh.CHIMNEY COWLS.*Norman & 252-256Stacey, Ltd., Tottenham Court W. 64 HolbornRoad, R. & Viaduct, DRAWING PENCILS.Boyle, Sons, Ltd., & 181Waring Gillow, Ltd., Oxford E.C.Street, 12 E.C.L. & Golden Lane,Hardtmuth, C.,and 175 SloaneW.; Street, S.W. & VictoriaHoworth, James Co., Works, W.& 64 Oxford Street,Rowney, Geo., Co., Farnworth, near Manchester. ART METAL WORK . ELECTRICITY. Thos. & 64 CHURCH AND DOMESTIC LEADBrawn, Co., Clement Street, Benham & 52 & 66Sons, Ltd., 50, Wigmore GLAZING .Birmingham. W.Street, & CastleComyn Ching Co., Street, Long CastleNicholls & 8 Comyn Ching & Co., Street, LongClarke, Ltd., 6, 7, High Street,W.C.Acre, E. Acre, W.C.Shoreditch, PortlandElsley, Thomas, Metal 28Works, 63 Victoria E.C.34 Old Broad Street. E.C. Grant, Street,Deards, Sam., J. O., QueenGreat Tichfield Street, W. StreetWalter Gartside Street and Mellier, Ch. & Co., 49, 50 MargaretPearce, Ltd., 48,J.,*Strode & 48Co., Osnaburgh Street, Regent's CavendishHardman Manchester. W.Street, Square,N.W.Park, Miller W.& Sons, 179Ltd., 178, Piccadilly,White & 207Sons, Oxford W.Street, iN'orman & 252-256 TottenhamStacey, Ltd., *WitchelI & Vulcan COOKING APPARATUS.Co., House, 56 Ludgate Court W.Koad,E.C.Hill, Benham 66& 50, & Wigmore & 17 Grafton Street, BondSons, Ltd., 52, Perry Co., W. W.Street, Street,ASPHALTE PAVING. & Castle Street, Strode & 48Comyn Ching Co., Long Co., Osnaburgh Street, Regent's *The Limmer Asphalte 2 Acre, W.C. N.W.Paving Co., Ltd., Park, 48Moorgate Street, E.C. Strode & Co., Osnaburgh Street, Regent's N.W. ELECTRIC BELLS.Park, BLINDS :&c.) W. & Phoenix(WINDOW, Summerscales, Sons, Ltd., 63 Victoria E.C.Grant, J. O., Queen Street, A & 81 Great Portland Foundry, Keighley.very, J. Co., W.Street, & Co., 155 VictoriaSaml. & 22 and 24 Wright, George QueenHaskins, Bros., Old Street ELECTRIC FITTING MANU- E.C. and Burton WeirE.C. Street, ; Works, FACTURERS > Rotherham. BRICK Thos. & 64 Clement Street,ORNAMENT. Brawn, Co.,wood & 95 ThamesYates, Hay Co., Upper Birmingham.Essex E.C. and*Brown, James, Durward Street, ; Effingham Works,Wharf, Ch. & 50 Street,Mellier, Co., 48, 49, MargaretE. Rotherham.Street, Whitechapel, Cavendish W.Square,&Ellis, Partridge Co., Grey LeicesterFriars, ; W.Miller & 179Sons, 178, Piccadilly,and 200 Phoenix St.Street, Pancras, DAMP PROOF COURSES. & 17 Grafton BondPerry Co., Street,N.W. and at ; Bristol. W.Chemical Dundee. Street,Briggs, W., Manufacturer, Strode & 48- Lambeth Palace Co., Osnaburgh Street, Regent'sBRICKS Jennings, George, Ltd., N.W.S.E. Park,Road,Dunton Green Brick & Tile Works, Limited, Dunton nearGreen, Sevenoaks. &c. .ENGRAVINGS, ETCHINGS,&c. .DECORATING,&Ellis, Partridge Co., LeicesterGrey Friars, ; 115 W.C.Rees, G., Strand,and 200 Phoenix St. & 18 Old CavendishStreet, Pancras, Giles, Godfrey Co., N.W. and at ; Bristol. W.Street, FANLIGHT OPENERS WestHamblets, Ltd., Staffordshire. Graham & OxfordBromwich, Banks, 445,Ltd., Street, & 55 LionelHartshill Brick and Tile Henry Sons, Ltd., Street,Co., Stoke-upon- W. Hope, Trent. Birmingham.Ch. & 50Mellier, Co., 48, 49, Margaret Street, Cavendish W.Square, -BRICKS PLASTER i(GLAZED). FIBROUSNorman & Stacey, Ltd., 252-256 Tottenham Hall, & K*e Court W. 16 HindeCo, Stour- H. Street, Marylebone,John -Ctey Works, Road, Gaze, E., 181bridge. Waring & Gillow, Oxford Street. W.Ltd., W. and & Silicate Cotton175 Sloane S.W. Fredk. Co., Works, ; Street, Jones, BRICKWOOD Kentish N.W.("TERRAWODE , Perren Street, Town,") Terra DISINFECTING APPARATUS.Thompson, Jabez, Cotta Works, PARTITIONS.FIREPROOFNorthwich. Alliott &Manlove, Co., Ltd., Bloomsgrove London Platewall Ltd.The Fireproof Co., Works, Nottingham.BUILDERS' 60 E.C.IRONMONGERY > Watling Street,W. &Summerscales, Sons, Ltd., Phoenix &Comyn Ching Castle LoneCo., Street, Foundry, Keighley. W.C. FLOORING.Acre, FIREPROOF White & Sons, 207 Oxford W.Street, Columbian 37 KingFireproofing Co., Ltd.,DOOR SPRINGS AND HINGES William E.C.Street, CARVING, WOOD AND STONE, Newman, William & Sons, Hospital Street, Homan & 17 GracechurchRodgers, Street, New Inn Birmingham. E.C.Aumonier, W., TottenhamYard, Court W. Fredk. & Silicate CottonRoad, Co., Works,Jones, Perren Kentish N.W.Daymond, John & 7 Edward DOORS (IRON) i Street, Town,Son, Street, Vauxhall Bridge Road, S.W. St. Pancras Iron Work St.Company, Ltd.,Farmer & FOUNTAIN PENS.63 WestminsterBrindley, Bridge N.W.Road, S.E.Road, CursitorThe Star Co., Ltd., 24,Stationery Ch. & 50Mellier, Co., 48, 49, E.C.Margaret Street, Lane,Street, ChanceryDRAWING INKS .Cavendish Square, W. 50 HolbornThe Yost Co., Ltd.,Typewriter 24Millson, J. J., Manchester.City Road, Geo. & 61 Oxford W. E.C.Rowney, Co., Street, Viaduct,