An elementary treatise on quaternions
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An elementary treatise on quaternions


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STAT.STAT.AN ELEMENTARY TREATISEONQUATEENIONSSontlOtt : C. J. CLAY AND SONS,CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS WAREHOUSE,AVE MARIA LANE.ANDCAMBRIDGE : DEIGHTON, BELL, CO.LEIPZIG : F. A. BROCKHAUS.MATH.STAT.UMtABYAN ELEMENTARY TREATISEONQUATERNIONSBYP. G. SEC.TAIT, M.A., R.S.E.,HONORARY FELLOW OF ST PETER S CAMBRIDGECOLLEGE,PROFESSOR OF NATURAL PHILOSOPHY IN THE OFUNIVERSITY EDINBURGHTCTpaKTVVdevdovrraycivTHIRD MUCH ENLARGEDEDITION,CAMBRIDGEAT THE UNIVERSITY PRESS1890[All Rights reserved.]3STAT.LIPAACV:SambriligeANDFEINTED BY C. J. M.A. SONS,CLAY,THE UNIVERSITY PRESS.ATERRATA.= =read 0.1. forP. Vppxxiv, 18, Vpp=readfor Vpp y.Vpp y= l.for To=l readP. 1. Tp232, 15,aOxA enTfTAT.PREFACE.en-TN the edition this work has beenpresent very greatly-*- Ito the in of more than one-third. Had; extent, fact,largeditnot determined to the book in moderatekeep compass mighthave been doubled in size. A deal of re-arrangementeasily goodreference to thealso has been withadvisable,thought especiallyuses of and of V. Prominent theamongelementary q( )q~\ofadditions is an entire On the QuaterChapter, Analytical Aspectwhich I owe to the unsolicited kindness of Prof.nions, Cayley.As will be seen the reader of the former Preface (reprintedbythe of view which I from thehave, first,below) point adoptedas a to EuclidianCalculuspresents Quaternions uniquely adaptedimand therefore useful in several of the mostspace, speciallybranches of After ...


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