Art Garland stoves and ranges : [1888-9 catalogue
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Art Garland stoves and ranges : [1888-9 catalogue


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\mFINE JAMES JAMIESON.JOHN G. BOWES.and LigtDescriptive Catalogue price-OF-COOK STOVES, RANGES,ETC.HOLLOW-WAREBYAMIES0N60WES,HAMILTON, ONTARIO.Is.: v^or. risaetlcetrja etlesp00rr)our) <zrr)d.dry ijirjerTrunk andStreet Cars the GrandThe Hamilton Kailway fromourand Stations Northwestern passRailwayWorks ten minutes.everyOXT.PRINTING Cn.. I RINTF.RS AMI HINDERS, HAMII.TIIV,--TO 16!whichis the cr)cessir)fe)ups fo Ouccess.crectied.rjcts rr)pe ecrrjorjqstexciferrjer)!and Wtdei-^eIner ^)fve rjf^Ql0:nyfe)eveF Leer) prduced ir) fe<0:r):d0:.-/ J J1 (Orest we willassumed. fr)0:Ip0:frr)S rn:yT ine eTTopfs 0:pe0:r)e0:dkeepf us.rr):de wifr)J2eir)<2[ corr)pefeiQ T)IcDowes, Jerrrjiesor)>TERMSoffnr six cent,at four monthsnotn perBanknffrom first followingCash within daysfor thirtycent,fourare ;in which shippsd permonth goodscent, off withintwo ninety; psroff within dayssixtydays,andin SeptemberGoods July, Augustshipped1st of October,date Frommonths willwe are able toratesfreightHaving specialat time ofdeduct shipment,freighttheoccur betweenShould any discrepancycredit onand amount weamount of freight paidso thatmust us at once,customersinvoice, notifymade,can becorrectionon remust be madeforRIl claims shortagesofceipt goods,s risk unlessat "ownerIlle allship goodsand nurto theinstructed responcontrary,speciallyscarrierceases after receipt,receivingsibilityin order,"shipped goodTHE ARCHER.Fire ...


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