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for success
Le Creuset Japon
Monica Pinto
Le Creuset Japon
aLso insi De //
Choosing Japan
Reasons to resist the lure of China
The righT sT aff
Q&A with Tempstaff founder and
president Yoshiko Shinohara 12 2010
8 Choosing Japan
Reasons to resist the lure of China
By Julian Ryall
12 Baulk buying
Japan “welcomes” rich Chinese shoppers
By David McNeill
18 M&A
Chinese mergers and acquisitions activity on the rise
By Martin Foster
22 The Norwegian Chamber of Commerce in Japan’s CHAMBER membership offers everything from salmon for sushi to software
for games consoles.SPOTLIGHT
2 December 201016 58
Cover photograph Benjamin Parks
7 From the Editor 28 In Committee 41 Who’s Who Directory
A medical device gap deprives Japanese Business Travel in Japan
16 Q&A patients of the latest care, reports the EBC
Justin McCurry talks to Tempstaff president 58 Talking EURObiZ Medical Devices Committee.
and founder, Yoshiko Shinohara, the only Marko Saarelainen is the head of Honka By Geoff Botting.
Japanese national selected for FORTUNE Japan, importers of Finnish log houses.
magazine’s international list of the most He talks to Justin McCurry.31 Green Biz
powerful women in business. Luke Poliszcuk’s company, eQualC, helps
60 Lens Flair companies communicate their green
Miguel Rodriguez photographs some achievements and goals. By Tony McNicol.21 Executive Notes
of Tokyo’s spectacular Christmas Asia must set aside rivalry to ensure peace
illuminations.and prosperity, writes Dan Slater of the 32 Industry Experts
Economist Corporate Network. Business Intelligence 63 Upcoming Events
Europe and Japan business-related 24 Investing in Japan 37 Event Report
events.Monica Pinto of Le Creuset Japon has a David Chevalier struts his stuff at the
recipe for success, hears David McNeill. Italian Chamber Disco. 64 Work Place
Alexis Gresoviac is managing director of 38 Culture Shock 26 Holiday Dining & Bonenkai
Gameloft K.K.Rob Gilhooly meets the only non-Japanese Gift Guide
sake master-brewer, Philip Harper.
The Mission of the European Business Council
To promote an impediment-free environment for European business in Japan.
December 2010 3Publisher Vickie Paradise Green European Business Council in Japan (EBC)
paradise@paradigm.co.jp The European (EU) Chamber of Commerce in Japan
The EBC is the trade policy arm of the seventeen
European national chamber of commerce and Editor-in-chief Tony McNicol
business associations in Japan
Senior Editor David Umeda
Chairman Tommy Kullberg
Senior Vice-Chairman Michel Théoval
Creative Director Richard Grehan
Vice-Chairman Duco Delgorge
Art Director Paddy O’Connor
Treasurer Erik Ullner
Designer/Illustrator Akiko Mineshima
Executive Director Alison MurrayNow with Policy Director Bjorn Kongstad
Advertising Sales
Jay Isaac, Helene Jacquet, Sam Laws,
Laura Schmelling Subscription is free for members of the EBC and even more
national European chambers of commerce.
Subscription rates are: one year ¥9,000; two
Production and distribution
years ¥15,000; three years ¥22,000. ¥800 per
Yumi Mitsuyama Herman copy. Rates include domestic postage or surface support
postage for overseas subscribers. Add ¥7,500 Francesca Penazzi
per year if overseas airmail is preferred. Please eurobiz@paradigm.co.jp
allow eight weeks for changes of address to take
effect. Subscription requests should be sent to just when you need it
Published by Paradigm eurobiz@paradigm.co.jp
4-18-12 Takanawa, Minato-ku,
If you prefer not to receive this magazine, and for
Tokyo, Japan 108-0074
all matters related to distribution, please send an
Tel: 03-5447-8831 Fax: 03-5447-8832 email to eurobiz@paradigm.co.jpEcovis APo is proud to
EURObiZ Japan welcomes story ideas from announce our association with
readers and proposals from writers and Published monthly in Tokyo. All rights reserved. Ecovis, and as an exclusive photographers. Letters to the editor may be The views and opinions expressed herein (other
edited for length and style.than editorials by the EBC ) are solely the opin-partner we are delighted to
ions and views of their authors. The EBC is not
responsible or liable for any portions thereof.contribute our part to the further
success story that is Ecovis.
This international consulting firm, Contributorscomprising tax advisors,
certified accountants, attorneys International Herald Tribune and
The Guardian.and management consultants,
“Much has been made of the fact that
is represented by over 60 partner Japan with a population of approximately
Martin Foster 130m has been supplanted as the number offices around the world. reports on M&A activity two global economy by a country of 1.3bn.
in Japan, page 18 Part of the story is the mathematics of
vastly larger numbers of Chinese spending
more than the Japanese, but the real issue
Ecovis APo is committed to Martin is a Tokyo-based freelance reporter for Japan is the lack of original homegrown
writing mainly about business and finance, solutions and unwillingness to accept helping our clients realize their
with an occasional foray into general news. change. The way forward could be very hard
objectives, and with additional His work has appeared in Institutional for those unable to accept the new reality of
Investor, The Wall Street Journal Asia, the a vibrant China.”support from Ecovis, provide
highly qualified bilingual
Justin McCurry is the Tokyo correspondent
for The Guardian and The Observer news-specialists with extensive
papers in London. He also reports on Japan Justin McCurry experience and knowledge of for Global Post and The Christian Science meets Marko
Monitor, and contributes to the The Lancet Saarelainen of financial operations, payroll and
medical journal and several other publica- Honka Homes, tax services. page 58tions in Japan and the UK. He spent several
years working as a copy editor and reporter
for the The Daily Yomiuri in Osaka before with other building materials, perhaps, Enabling you to compete joining the The Guardian full time in 2003. as Marko suggests, the time has come for
“Given wooden homes’ obvious aesthetic Japanese regulatory authorities and housing better and accomplish
appeal and low carbon footprint compared companies to take them more seriously?”
your goals.
years ago to study communications at an
international university in Tokyo. For the Ecovis APo
David Chevalier
past decade David has been composing and Iidabashi Building 1-18 Ageba-cho trips the light
recording music. He is currently working on
fantastico at the Shinjuku-ku Tokyo 162-0824 instrumental scores for independent and Italian disco, page
student filmmakers in Japan.37Tel: +81 (0)3 5228 1820 Fax: +81 (0)3 5228 1830 “This was probably the first nightclub
Born in the United States and raised in I’ve been to where they were handing out
the Philippines, David came to Japan two chocolates on the dance floor.”
Animal spirits
These last few weeks, we have seen the trade agreements between Japan and points out some economic sectors of
worst of East Asia: territorial disputes, various regions, including parts of Asia great potential (page 8). As he puts it,
nationalist posturing, trade obstruction and the EU. Time will tell if those words “there is still something very comfort-
and now bloody confrontation on the are put into action. ing in tried-and-tested Japan”. (For a
Korean peninsula. But in the meantime, this maga- concrete example of how Japan’s oppor-
Yet, the region has also hosted two zine presents evidence of a kind of tunities have been successfully tapped,
key economic forums: the G20 in Seoul economic integration that’s already see David McNeill’s profile of Le Creuset
and APEC in Yokohama. We can only with us – Japan and China’s ever more Japon (page 24).
hope politicians can protect the region’s interdependent economic relationship. Lastly, how could I not mention the
political and economic stability. As Dan We have two stories on Chinese money truly unforgettable event I attended
Slater points out in his column this in Japan: David McNeill’s report on how for this issue – the Italian Chamber
month (page 21), economic integra- rich Chinese are shopping for bargains of Commerce disco? David Chevalier
tion is a tool Asian leaders can use in Japanese consumer goods, real estate writes about that on page 37.
to mitigate the danger of disastrous and medical treatment (page 12); and
political or, heaven help us, military Martin Foster’s story on an increase in
confrontation. Chinese M&A activity (page 18). Tony McNicol
That’s why it was heartening to hear Yet, while acknowledging China’s Editor-in-Chief
trade liberalisation on the Japanese dynamism and importance, we focus
ton ymcnic ol@par adigm.c o .jp
government’s agenda. In recent weeks too on Japan’s considerable attrac-
ministers have expressed interest in tions as a business location. Julian Ryall
NEXT 3 Going for growth 3 Do the locomotion 3 Chamber profile
MONTH The 2010 EBC White Paper Mass-Trans Innovation trade fair The Netherlands
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Reasons to resist the lure of China
8 December 2010