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The arts ( see our documents on the arts ) are a vast field, because there are many. Most experts on the subject agree that there is not one, but several arts . Among the most important arts is architecture . In addition to dealing with architecture , this theme will also talk about design and more particularly design from an artistic and non-industrial point of view .

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Architecture or the art of building buildings

Architecture in the common sense of the term is therefore an artistic discipline which will constitute in the design of complex buildings, buildings, bridges, aqueducts, ports or even entire cities. Even if it is true that all forms of architecture cannot be considered as art, some architect's constructions, and this since the dawn of time, are true works of art. This is particularly the case for the multiple castles, temples, churches, theaters that can be found around the world.

Of course, ancient architecture is part of our culture, because the many achievements of past centuries are an important part of our heritage . However, it is not only ancient architecture which can be considered as art, modern achievements are today an integral part of cultural heritage and more particularly architectural .

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Artistic design

English speaking term meaning design, design is above all industrial. However, it is very common to use the term design from an artistic point of view . Moreover, many objects or furniture are considered "design" which means that they are almost works of art. A design object will therefore be close to artistic creation, but it is differentiated by the functionality of the object that a work of art does not have.

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