Christmas 2010: a great performance for French e-Commerce sites


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Christmas 2010: a great performance for French e-Commerce sites



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Christmas 2010: a great performance for French e-Commerce sites
st st th st Study carried out from the 31 August to the 31 December 2009 and from the 30 August to the 31 December 2010 within a cross section offivee-Commercewebsites audited by AT Internet.
Published on 27/01/11 in partnership with Les Echose-Commerce websites are becoming increasingly successful: not only are these types of site practical (you do not have to leave the comfort of your own home, no shop opening times to worry about), but they also offer attractive prices, simplified product comparisons, etc., and as a result attract more and more buyers. What was the trend for Christmas 2010? Did a lot of Internet users purchase products online? The answer to this question can be found in the study below.
Traffic on e-Commerce websites increased, on average, by th 20% during the 4 quarter of 2010! As part of this study we only took into consideration five French e-Commerce websites,whose traffic was mainly generated within France.
th The graph below shows the average evolution of web traffic for these websites during the 4 th quarter of 2010 compared to the 4 quarter of 2009.
th On average, traffic on French e-Commerce websites rose by 20.6% during the 4 quarter of th 2010 in comparison with the 4 quarter of 2009. Thisevolution is importantwhen compared to other vertical markets.
However, this figure should not be considered at face value and needs to be put into perspective because it corresponds to an average result. Web traffic evolutionvaries from one website to another whilst traffic on each website increased (as shown by the standard deviation of 18.3%, allowing us to measure the dispersion of a set of data around the mean value).
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