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Central Asia and the Steppe, Antiquity to the Modern Era

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Central Asia and the Steppe, Antiquity to the Modern Era



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Central Asia and Empire
Cherie Woodworth
HIST S372 // Summer 2011
View the following movie trailer:
What did this film get wrong? What did this film get right?
These questions are just the beginning.
We will also consider the following:
Did Chingiz Khan really mean to become a world conqueror? How was he able to
amass such a formidable army? What happened after the Mongol conquests?
What caused the Central Asian “barbarians” – Scythians, Huns, and Mongols – to
sweep through civilized regions in devastating attacks?
Why did the Khazars convert to Judaism?
What was the Silk Road, why was it famous, and why has it led us astray?
Why has this region – including Afghanistan -- been so persistently impossible to
What are the golden peaches of Samarkand, and why were they famous?
What surprising parallel in the history of the United States do we see in the
history of Central Asia?
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Books on course reserve: (class readings, do not buy)