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Clarifying Qualitative Research: A .ocus on Traditions

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Clarifying Qualitative Research: A .ocus on Traditions



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-@K?=JE= 4AIA=H?DAH''& 8 %   $"
+=HEBOEC 3K=EJ=JELA 4AIA=H?D ) ?KI  6H=@EJEI
  -LAO =?>
6DAHA EI ?IE@AH=>A ?BKIE E JDA A@K?=JE= EJAH=JKHA =>KJ JDA =JKHA B GK=EJ=JELA HAIA=H?D 1 JDEI =HJE?A 1 =HCKA JD=J = =H IKH?A B JDA ?BKIE =HEIAI BH @EI?KIIEC GK=EJ=JELA HAIA=H?D =I EB EJ EI A =FFH=?D 6DA @EI?KIIE E JDA A@K ?=JE= EJAH=JKHA ??AHEC GK=EJ=JELA HAIA=H?D ?= >A ?=HEBEA@ >O HA?CE.EC JD=J GK=EJ=JELA HAIA=H?D ?AI E =O @EBBAHAJ L=HEAJEAI MDE?D ?= >A HA ?A=HO E@AJE BEA@ =@ K@AHIJ@ >O KIEC JDA JE B HAIA=H?D JH=@EJEI 6 =FFO JDEI ??AFJ J JDA @EI?KIIE B GK=EJ=JELA HAIA=H?D 1 @AI?HE>A >HEABO =@ ?F=HA IEN JH=@EJEI BH JDA @EI?EFEAI B FIO?DCO =JDHFCO =@ I?ECO 6DAIA JH=@EJEI =HA DK= AJDCO A?CE?= FIO?DCO DEIJE? AJDCH=FDO ?CEJELA =JDHFCO AJDC H=FDO B ?KE?=JE =@ IO>E? EJAH=?JEEI 1 ??K@A JD=J MA =O E?HA=IA KH K@AHIJ=@EC B GK=EJ=JELA HAIA=H?D >O B?KIEC KH @EI?KIIEI =J JDA ALA B JH= @EJEI
7JE HA?AJO A@K?=JE= HAIA=H?D D=I @H=M FHE=HEO BH FIO?DCE?= JH=@EJEI JD=J FAH=JA MEJDE = FIEJELEIJE? =FFH=?D 0MALAH MEJDE JDA F=IJ  OA=HI A@K?=JE= HAIA=H?DAHI =@ FIO?DCEIJI IK?D =I +=F>A '%& =@ +H>=?D '%# D=LA ?D=ACA@ I?D=HI J JH=I?A@ JDA EEJI B FIEJELEI 6 =@@HAII JDAIA ?D=ACAI =O I?D=HI A@ J EJAH=JKHA E @EI?EFEAI KJIE@A FIO?DCO =@ J EJ AH=JKHA E FIO?DCE?= JH=@EJEI JD=J FHALEKIO D=LA >AA @EIB=LHA@ >O A@K?=JE= HAIA=H?DAHI 5K>IAGKAJ @EI?KIIEI =@@HAIIA@ J JDA CAAH= A@K?=JE =K@EA?A BHAGKAJO AN=EA@ JDA EIIKAI =I EB JDAHA MAHA O A =JAH=JELA J JH=@EJE= FIEJELEI AC =?> '& :KJ. ; 4=IAO '%" <=C '%% 4EIJ '%%  5EJD '&! : 5EJD '%& 9EI '%% JDAH =KJDHI =?MA@CA@ HA JD= A =JAH=JELA J FIEJELEI >KJ @EI?KIIA@ JDA EIIKAI =I EB JDAHA MAHA O = IECA =JAH=JELA AC *C@= ; *EEA '& -HE?I '%% /K>= ; :E? '& :E? ; /K>= '&# 2=JJ '& )JDKCD =KJDHI D=LA KIA@ =O @EBBAHAJ =>AI BH JDA =JAH=JELA J FIEJELEI 1 ME KIA ]GK=EJ=JELA^ >A?=KIA EJ EI JDA IJ ME@AO KIA@ JAH 5ALAH= JDAAI D=LA AAHCA@ BH JDAIA @EI?KIIEI 3K=EJ=JELA HAIA=H?D D=I >AA ?D=H=?JAHE.A@ =I AFD=IE.EC JDA EFHJ=?A B ?@K?JEC HAIA=H?D E = =JKH= IAJJEC *C@= ; *EEA '& :E? ; +K>= '&# 2=JJ '& 9EI '%% =I =IIKEC JDA EFHJ=?A B K@AHIJ=@EC F=HJE?EF=JI\
 -LAO =?> EI )II?E=JA 2HBAIIH ,AF=HJAJ B +KHHE?KK =@ 1IJHK?JE /AHCA <=I 7E LAHIEJO =EHB=N 8EHCEE= ! 5DA IFA?E=E.AI E =JDHFCO =@ A@K?=JE HAIA=H?D AJD@I =@ EBH= A@K?=JE  9H  JDEI F=FAH M=I IKFFHJA@ E F=HJ >O = IKAH IJEFA@ BH /AHCA <=I 7ELAHIEJO 1 MK@ EA J JD= *HK?A ,=LEI ,=LE@ AJJAH= =@ 4>AHJ 5J=A BH JDAEH DAFBK ?AJI  @H=BJI B JDA F=FAH