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Art is a relatively abstract concept, which includes, depending on the version, the country and the author, ten or more disciplines. You will discover in this thematic what is called Fine Arts . In France, these are four artistic disciplines : painting, sculpture, engraving and architecture. On YouScribe, you will find a theme entirely dedicated to the fine arts , but which does not speak of architecture, because we our documents on this subject are here .

Painting, sculpture or engraving

The fine arts therefore include different disciplines which are very important in the arts such as painting , sculpture and engraving . So if these disciplines of the fine arts fascinate or interest you, you will find on YouScribe thousands of documents and publications on the subject.

You will therefore find books on the fine arts that will allow you to better understand these different artistic disciplines. The history of art, the different artistic movements, the great painters or sculptors of such centuries, western or oriental art, etc. All of this will no longer hold any secrets for you thanks to our publications on the fine arts .

If you want to go further in the discovery of these arts, you can go to our page dedicated to books on art . You will find above a set of beautiful works dealing with different subjects related to the fine arts.

Fine art in digital version

YouScribe is a community website where you can find thousands of free eBooks and ePub's. So, of course we also offer books and other digital publications on the fine arts . Painting, sculpture or engraving will no longer hold any secrets for you. You just have to find the right document on this subject, to download or read it directly online. You can access all the documents on our site directly from a smartphone, tablet, computer or e-reader.