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Forbidden Truth: U.S.-Taliban Secret Oil Diplomacy and the Failed ...

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Forbidden Truth: U.S.-Taliban Secret Oil Diplomacy and the Failed ...



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Forbidden Truth: U.S.-Taliban Secret Oil Diplomacy and the Failed Hunt for Bin Laden by JEAN-CHARLES BRISARD and GUILLAUME DASQUIÉ with introductions by JOSEPH TRENTO and WAYNE MADSEN ISBN 1560254149
The result of three years of investigation by a leading French journalist and an intelligence expert,Forbidden Truthoutlines Osama bin Laden's financial networks and gives background and context to the recent trillion-dollar lawsuit which the families of the victims of 9/11 brought against the Sudanese government and Saudi officials, banks and charities, charging they had financed the attacks on America.
Jean-Charles Brisardis former head of corporate intelligence for Vivendi Universal. Featured on radio and television around the world, Brisard is the first expert to fully investigate the financial links between Islamic banking institutions and worldwide terrorist organizations. Former advisor to Senator Marty Wirth (D/CO), Brisard studied international law in Paris and diplomacy at Georgetown University.
Guillaume Dasquiéstudied law and political science. Editor of Intelligence on Line, author ofSecret Affairs(Flammarion, 1999), he teaches business intelligence.
 "Forbidden Truthis the story of the greatest foreign policy blunder of the past thirty years. This important book delves into the aftermath--the blowback--of the United States and Saudi Arabian policy of creating an Arab Islamic force to bring down the Soviet Union by miring it in a war in Afghanistan.Forbidden Truthis the story of how that force turned against its creators with effectiveness and vengeance."  --Joseph Trento, author of The Secret History of the CIA,  ManagingDirector of  NationalSecurity News Service
"[An] intriguing...examination of the economic links between the United States and Middle East oil and the diplomatic side of the war on terrorism.... The authors, both French intelligence experts...spell out how worldwide Islamic charities helped fund terrorism and the fact that al-Qaeda received substantial funds from Saudi sources. Relying on both primary and secondary sources, the authors also add nuance to our understanding of the situation, noting, for example, that Libya, after an assassination attempt against Khadafy, was the first country to issue a