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JewishIdeasklyW ee  www.jewishideasdaily.com April 29-May 6, 2011
Fy, Apl 9  irte of its sie, eath, organia  termarried coes and the snagoges and octra a Do Israeli and American Jewsin oing a one mincmot ritsehe tde hhe tmehtona rcni ot rs rdo eht fo sretne ceer nhe tate  dnitoaica sncieitnoa he, and socif  ommcoh igstcoan Need Each Other? and eish edcation the gro  memershieading oer, American er is nie other iasora commnities oreoer, ing oarit of the concet oftikkun olamBy Yehudah Mirskyti  entoii tsedsni nroeeaird of he to  anga rfmo rsea the neas reathefoa aics  dsntoehh er ao oitic oiasmit c ao ait,  an cne eninegsmeor a Starting in 2005, American readers of the tra aternatie to srae as the chief ocs of American es to the eangeica hris  sraei daiHaaretz tians ho oe srae and sa the oe es in the eish ftre And that is hat maes ofnoticed something ne in its ages einformed, ant anases osner’s oo so ecome an entr at this genera stirrings of fractre in the reigios not on of American oitics and dio  articar nctre in histor For hie s  denominations the damaging effects of s  mac t of American es and American rae has ong een, for arge rae’s reigios oitics, and daism e aer’s corresondent as nmers of American es, the rainate’s statesanc cear a natieorn sraei, t, in decided  a significant if not indeed a tioned deegitimiation of  nsraei fashion, he not on as gen  centra featre of their iden  nonrthodo moements ine interested in nderstanding American tit, onger es seem to e on iasora feeings of er from ithin t regar had insight  charting a corse hose arc soidarit f things to sa aot it increasing tends aa from atra, American o, three ears aſter the end of his stint the eish state, as from fied oitics is at the heart of in the S, and haing estaished himsef ethnic and nationa attach this oo, and art affiia as a eading ornaist on oth sides of the ments genera eanhie, tion is at the heart of that Atantic, incding as the athor of the o  as far as most sraeis are osner oseres that een arJerusalem Post og,Rosner’s Domain, concerned, it doesn’t tae mch American er toda Shme osner has gathered the frits of his scarce registers at a for an American oitician reorting and research in a ere ome osner is e eied for to e “rosrae” in the aimed at his natie adience the tas An aid stdent of ees of American es A esite its fli tite,Shtetl, Bagel, Base-American histor, he is aso decared commitment to ballis an eceenttour d’horizon anof crrent srae’s osessie consmer of reorts, oic eistence is enogh to ensre that trends in American eish oitics, demo  aers, os, and ress reeases is oo, most i ote according to their genera grahics, economics, and reigion e s  athogh aarming thic ith statistics socioctra rediections, hich is to sa, tite, “n the readf, onderf State of and stdies, is saed from dreariness  his emocratic onceia, a mass shiſt to  America’s es,” e cones the athor’s acte sis as an anast, his eer ste, ard rthodo cod change this, t da aroach a characteristica seti  and the generos heings of onthescene demograhica seaing, that od e a ca, ionist tae on the ftre of American reorting he seres  efreshing, thogh ong a off es coed ith an nionist iingness e or, ashington, and other maor n the reigios isses, osner erce  to e charmed and daed  their accom  centers are neer far from ie, osner of  tie notes that the deates roiing a three ishments and reentess eerimentation fers comeing reortage from sch aces maor moements reflect the stead disso  n the atter resect, osner a friend and as ors hristi, St ois, and San iego tion of famiiar ines rthodo is torn coeage certain arts coman ith the Among the isses osner sres the eteen an increased trarthodo and more doctrinaire ersions of cassica ion  argments oer st ho man American a distinctie traditionaist rand of femi  isms “negation of the iasora es there are the comeities faced  in  nism eform eteen greater siritait ’ ”
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