How to Earn Affiliate Commissions and Find Recruits Though ...
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How to Earn Affiliate Commissions and Find Recruits Though ...


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How to Earn Affiliate Commissions and Find Recruits Though ...



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How to Earn Affiliate Commissions and Find Recruits Though FaceBook
FaceBook is a social networking website and one of Web 2.0’s best achievements,
considering that it averages over 120 million users across the world.
FaceBook is
widely acclaimed because of its interactive features.
It lets users communicate via a
“wall” space, virtual pokes, photo exchanging, customizable status options, news feeds,
virtual gifts, a marketplace, instant messaging, and blogging.
What are the advantages of using FaceBook to promote your MLM business?
You earn
more affiliate commissions and find more recruits by increasing your web traffic, which
increases your base of new prospects.
You have to go where the people are, and
statistics show that social media networks is where people go for entertainment,
education and even to experience the newest viral marketing campaigns.
You do have to adapt your presentation in order to reach the FaceBook audience.
one thing, you do have to make an effort to appeal to people on an individual basis.
Building relationships is important in any business, and new prospects are quick to
respond to a person instead of a company. (Or a person hawking a company’s
When you advertise at a website like FaceBook you are selling yourself and
your expertise on a given subject.
You take a low-profile approach at first, but in the
end, build an impressive number of contacts and even possible prospects in the future.
Take advantage of FaceBook’s intrinsic design by making friends of friends of friends,
who will then give you access to an entire network of additional users.
Your goal is not
to sell your products right away, but to give them the opportunity to get to know you as a
helpful resource.
This style of marketing does take time, but it is advantageous in that it
does not require heavy advertising expenses.
When someone reviews your advice, (whether through text, photo or video) they may
embed it in their blogs or journal page, and then give you free back links from their
Eventually, your content will be ranked as relevant content in major search
All of this worldwide attention can be yours just by posting one provocative
video that arouses curiosity and enthralls casual web surfers.
This is one strategy that has worked for Carbon Copy PRO and the Renegade Ebook.
Now with social networking sites like FaceBook and Friends, you can learn how to earn
affiliate commissions and find recruits with no financial investment.
For more
information on how to get started visit the following link.