Laptop One to One Flyer - A GUIDE FOR PARENTS
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Laptop One to One Flyer - A GUIDE FOR PARENTS

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Laptop One to One Flyer - A GUIDE FOR PARENTS



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Laptops 1:1 at Corpus Christi College
M I D D L E S C H O O L L A P T O P 1 : 1 P R O G R A M M E
For more information about the Laptop 1:1 Programme, please
contact :
Matthew Ivulich, Head of Middle School (Years 7-9)
Corpus Christi College
Murdoch Drive
Postal Address
PO BOX 279
Tel: +61 8 6332 2500
Fax: +61 8 9310 5648
The Classroom Environment
The nature of the 1:1 Laptop environment is that students will have their laptops with them available for use throughout the
day. The use of laptops will depend on the particular learning activity, which is at the discretion of the teacher. Students will
find that their use of laptops will vary from day to day and that their laptop activities will blend with others such as writing,
reading, discussion, debate and testing.
The nature of the College, and State-wide, testing is that students are required to take the majority of tests by hand
rather than with their laptop. With this in mind, it is our school policy that handwriting skills and activities will remain as a
fundamental component across the curriculum.
The Home Environment
We believe that it is important for parents to be as involved as possible in all aspects of their child’s work. You are encouraged
to regularly spend time with your child, asking them to explain the work on their laptop. The creativity expressed in their
work will be encouraged by your interest as well as the interest of their teachers.
Using the MacBook at home will have no additional requirements if it is used as a standalone computer. However, if you
already have ADSL access you can use an Ethernet cable or the in-built wireless to connect. If you are using ‘dial-up’ you
will need a USB-to-modem cable to attach to the MacBook. Your ISP will offer free advice with regards to this.
...Empowering every learner to serve and
enrich our changing world.
Why a 1:1 Programme?
To provide a student-centred, experience-rich education for the 21st Century
1:1 Laptop Programme Goals
Cultivate proficient, up-to-the-minute know-how in 21st Century Technology
Teach discernment and ethical use of technology
Expand methods of learning
Increase intellectual attainment
Enhance access to educational opportunities, formative assessments, and
differentiated instruction, providing one to one access for anytime, anywhere
Encourage the disposition and capacity to be lifelong learners
Improve communication, widening our sense of community through alternative
means of interaction between teachers, students and parents
Laptop Learning Environment
Shared Experiences
Work across disciplines
Control own learning environment
21st Century Technology at Corpus Christi College
Technology is an increasingly integral means of education in our ‘changing world’ at Corpus Christi
College. As part of our commitment to empowering every learner to serve and enrich our changing world,
the decision was made to implement 21st Century Technology via the platform of a ‘parent funded’, 1:1
Laptop Programme for Middle School students in 2009.
This exciting programme will maximise the Middle School learning environment, enabling student
collaboration, shared experiences, and work across disciplines, as well as enabling the students to take
control of their own learning environment. It will also provide teachers with innovative, powerful tools
to create more engaging and valuable learning experiences that span peer groups, subject areas and
physical location.
These aims underpin our Middle School philosophy and the International Baccalaureate Middle Years
The Laptop
The College chose the Apple platform, ‘the MacBook’, because of its
flexibility in being able to run Microsoft, as well as Apple Mac applications. An
additional, crucial consideration in the MacBook’s favour was its new operating
system ‘leopard’ which makes it possible to limit the time the machine itself
will operate. These limits will be determined in consultation with students,
parents and staff. Another aspect of the ‘leopard’ OS is its content filtering
which gives the machines built in protection anywhere, anytime. This means
that we can extend the protection offered by the College to the home. The
filtering extends to social networking sites so that pages containing offensive
language or other content will not be seen on the MacBook.
The MacBook
Runs Microsoft applications when required
Is equipped with CD/DVD drives
Contains a broad suite of educational software
Contains creative tools: Garageband; iPhoto; iTunes; iMovie and iWeb
Includes other internet software e.g. PDF writing