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Legal considerations and challenges of open ideas and systems open ...


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Legal considerations and challenges of open ideas and systems open ...



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Legal considerations and challenges of open ideas and systems
open ideas and systems - a cool thing made impossible by legal reasons?
(think of copyright and privacy...)
Use of copyright-protected material?
lecturers and/or students probably use copyright-protected material such as slides,
pictures, graphics and text
such material cannot be published on publicly accessible servers and can only be
used in the class (see
for a
two side summary, and www.diceproject.ch for further information)
avoid that problem?
only use copyright free or creative commons material?
only publish material in protected areas? --> Contrary to the idea of open systems? --
> Create open systems, which are closed to the outside --> inherent contradiction!
What about images with copyright (Google Image Search)
Educate lecturer & students (e.g. use of morgueFile.com or
Do we need a swiss university open space for web 2.0 tools?
Many web 2.0 services such as Twitter, Facebook, GoogleDocs which are used
today are US-based
incompatible US-privacy laws with Swiss privacy regulation
universities must apply the respective cantonal regulation (the ZHAW must for
example apply regulations from the canton of Zurich)
Universities therefore cannot force students to use the services mentioned above -->
restriction of available tools
How do different university tackle this issue?
Google Docs usage is illigal for Universities without a privacy contract with Google
Offer a "Google Docs like" service for higher education
Who would do exams on the ficticious iexams20.com site?
Nobody at the table would (because of legal issues and security)
A student required to use a web 2.0 service could use a fake account
In the case of Facebook the student infringues on the general terms and conditions
There are national and cantonal privacy rights. Where is the use of web 2.0 legal?
Education is a fundamental right. But you can't force students to give their data away.
One can use Google Mail for HiEd but there has to be a contract with Google.
Cyber-bashing can become a problem if we use web 2.0 in education
Universities could probhibit the use of web 2.0 -> problem solved?
Not beeing present on web 2.0 networks doesen't mean there is no data about me:
What if someone puts my data online (unauthoriced uploads on SlideShare etc.)
Labeled faces which are beeing uploaded to picasa gives Google info about me
Someone can open a false account with my name and pretend to be me
The usage of AAI is strictly regulated (privacy regulation etc.)
No trade with mail etc.