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Let's dispel the misnomer that shopper marketing is just in-store ...

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Let's dispel the misnomer that shopper marketing is just in-store ...



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R E S E  R C  R E P O R T
rcesiionrudenc & noesais
By ma S H a Sa J D e H a n D ni c k Jo n e S ar c Wr l D W i D eo  sitesht ee leromsmisht ha tam reo iterisotersi s t.  r maretirebm fo iwo sh  ooshrseset lcaro eim ha st the store. o cotrary to olar belief shoer mareti mst be viewe as more tha st mareti istore. 
eople used to alk into a store and buy a television, but times have changed. Today, a shopper may research Ts in magaines and online, brose a store circular delivered in the mail, go to the store, and hile there check for online prices on a smartphone, maybe even order the set online, and pick it up in the store. orrester esearch predicts that by , nearly  percent of transactions ill be eecuted ith the consumer crossing channels. This trend represents a fundamental change in the ay people shop, but there has been a dearth of insights for marketers to leverage. rc Worldide recently completed a research study that uncovers ne insights into the multichannel shopper. This study provides a look at crosschannel shopping across a broad scope of categories studied, including durables, services and consumer packagedgoods. The study as conducted online, and included
minute intervies ith more than , respondents in the nited tates, nited ingdom and rance.
Their shopping behaviors, attitudes, motivations and barriers ere studied across  channels such as stores, online, phone, catalog and flyers. The research illuminates ho multichannel shoppers are, hy they shop across channels, hat role the different channels play in the shopping process, and ho these shoppers behave in  specific categories and industries. An en G A G e d sh o p p e R ultichannel shoppers are driven by a need to make an informed purchase decision and put in due diligence to ensure they are getting eactly hat they ant. They are driven to get the best price possible and ill shop around to find it. or them, it’s orth spending the time and they enjoy the hunt. hopping is not a chore for multichannel shoppers it’s, in fact, uite a delight. They enjoy immersing themselves in the eperience and are on a constant lookout for great deals and ne trends. Whether they are shopping everyday consumables or the occasional bigticket item, heavy multichannel shoppers spend more time shopping, and shop in many more places than light shoppers. While the store is a common place for both heavy and light multichannel shoppers to shop, differences emerge depending on the category. Light shoppers stick to the store for packaged goods, hile heavy shoppers also shop alternative channels such as online, circulars and infomercials, tripling the time spent shopping for packaged goods. When shopping for
 std o mltichannel shoppers ields valale insihts
highticket durable goods, both heavy and light While multichannel shopping is a rapidly groing shoppers spend more time online than in the store. occurrence, it is not eually established across all types ut heavy shoppers go the etra mile, shopping of categories. There are varying degrees of multichannel around in different channels. shopping and buying behaviors. hoppers are prone to multichannel shop durable ce G o R i e sA t  dR i v e Be h A v i o Rcategories such as computers, automobiles and There is no onesiefitsall approach to multichannel appliances more than they are for packaged goods. marketing. To truly grasp the compleities of ut not all packaged goods are alike certain categories multichannel shopping you must eamine it from three like skin care and pet supplies have emerging dimensions: the category, the shopper and the channel. shopping behaviors. s people shop in multichannel ifferent categories eperience varying degrees of more places, they generally are more open to buying multichannel shopping. epending on the category in more alternative and emerging channels. being shopped, different patterns of shopper archetypes The behavior in categories that are likely to emerge. nce you determine hich type of shopper see a prevalence of multichannel shopping tends to dominates your category, understanding the channel be uite different from those that don’t. To a large mi they use proves to be uniuely relevant for your etent, this behavior is eplained by a riskreard category. model developed by Leo urnett that illuminates the
Low rice
Multichael Shopper Archetypes
arai uti
Strtei Saer 29/1
Dor efaulter 1/8
List rie
Oortniti Adeturer 1/11
Effiient Spriter 1/9
S assioista 1/98
it eotee 16/
Perent e Mtihnne Shoer Inde e Mtihnne Shoer/Tot Shoer  verall shoer archetyes are base on overall attitues towars shoin
©  rc orlwie ultichannel hoer tuy
Low eward
iskeward Across Cateories
ih isk
tooieote/ReortCe Serie Proider Re Ette her/ CoterPet Sie   DPed rerniOri BnSin CreDeiner en
einine Protetion
OTC Dr
Or Cre ndr Deterent
Low isk
Ener Drin Boo  Mi
SR Cronted  Soft Drin
Mtihnne Preene ro Cteorie e Moderte o
involvement, approach and mindset that people have toards a category. ultichannel shopping is more heavily affected by risk than reard.When risk is eliminated from the process, multichannel shopping diminishes because people no longer feel the need to shop around. isk helps eplain hy durables are heavily multichannel shopped hile packaged goods are not. ecause durables cost more, the risk of failing to find the “perfect” product is higher and shoppers are motivated to save big dollars. urables are also purchased less freuently and are more complicated to shop, so shoppers need to research them more. n contrast, consumables are purchased routinely and reuire little effort to shop. ust as risk is a factor in multichannel shopping, reard also dras people to shop in certain categories more than others. ertain nondurables such as books, s and designer jeans are multichannel shopped because people treat these as a leisure activity and hence enjoy shopping for them. This is in contrast to other categories that may be vieed as burdensome or routine. imilar shopping patterns don’t necessarily translate into similar purchase patterns. lthough durables are shopped one ay and consumables another, purchase patterns don’t necessarily align. omputers and accessories are purchased online or in an alternative channel, but autos are not. ooks and music are purchased online, but designer jeans are not.
ih eward
©  rc orlwie ultichannel hoer tuy
To a large etent this phenomenon is also eplained by the risk dimension. roducts that shoppers need to touch and feel before purchasing on’t be purchased in an alternative channel unless the uncertainty is mitigated. usic and books have both successfully enabled people to sample the product, and overcome the barrier to purchase. oever, shoppers don’t yet feel comfortable buying designer jeans ithout trying them on. th e pA c k A G e d- Go o d s Qu e s t i o n The inevitable uestion for packagedgoods marketers is, ho ill the multichannel shopping phenomenon affect their categories We see that certain packaged goods — like skin care, pet supplies and packaged organic foods, are eperiencing higher levels of multichannel shopping and buying than others. This is because categories like skin care are becoming more comple as ne products emerge, making it difficult to navigate selection at the shelf. kin care has relied on more informative channels like direct sales and infomercials to address the compleity and intimacy of the decision. imilarly, unfamiliar categories, such as packaged organic foods, have a need for research. n the case of pet food, shoppers rely on more information sources because they’re often unable to make a choice themselves. arketers have enabled people to indulge their passions for their pets and no shoppers embrace
social media netorks to celebrate their passion. n diligence to find eactly hat they are looking for each of these instances, shoppers are illing to put in at the best possible price.pportunistic denturers an etended effort to make an informed selection. get a thrill from treasure hunting and discovering What are the barriers holding back other packaged unbeatable deals, andSa Passionistasenjoy shopping goods Why is cereal any different than pet food Why around to find the latest and greatest. are shoppers illing to shop more channels for their mong the other archetypes that emerged: pet’s food than their on everal reasons prevail.ualit eoteesare highly discerning and need to Wellestablished, lo involvement, routine and eperience products firsthandEficient Sprinters unplanned purchases primarily take place instore. readily pay more for convenienceollar eaulters Limited channels to purchase also restrict multichannel use price as their primary decision criteria, sacrificing shopping. f packagedgoods marketers ant to engage both brand and eperience. multichannel shoppers, they must create more When e apply the category lens, different opportunities for shopper involvement through more archetypes dominate in different categories.or engaging eperiences in alternative channels. eample, ithin packagedgoods categories like laundry detergent,ollar eaultersandEficient Mu l t i c h A n n e l sh o p p e R AR c h e t y p e sSprintersske highest, and represent the prevalent To engage multichannel shoppers in your category, pricedriven, lo involvement behavior. you need to understand them. n eamining multichannel Within emerging packaged goods, such as shopping behavior across the  categories, e also skin care and pet supplies,ollar eaulters and uncovered si shopper archetypes based on their overallEficient Sprintersstill overinde, butpportunistic attitudes and motivations to multichannel shopping.denturersandSa Passionistasalso emerge as mong these general shopper archetypes, to these categories have become more engaging to shop. dominate among heavy multichannel shoppers — inally, ithin durables,Strategic Saersandualit theStrategic Saers, pportunistic denturersand eoteesare both overrepresented as these are high Sa Passionistas items that reuire research and involvement toare about average — ticket representing motivations driving multichannel shopping — precision, find the right product at the right price. prudence and passion. The type of multichannel shoppers that dominate  Strategic Saerscategory determine the mi of channels that your  inare committed to doing due
Multichael Shopper Archetypes Across Cateories
meri CGs
nStrtei SernOortniti dentrernS Pionit  nit DeoteenEffiient SrinternDor Defter Inde e Mtihnne Shoer rhete ithin Cteor / e Mtihnne Shoer rhete Oer
 The cateory archetyes are base on attitues towars cateory shoin.
© rc orlwie ultichannel hoer tuy
Chael sae Across Multichael Shopper Archetypes ach shoer archetye uses a uniue mi of channels to meet his or her nees.
In-Store 99
Onine 2
Mine 2
Cto 9
n Strtei Sern it Deotee n Oortniti dentrern Effiient Srinter n S Pionitn Dor Defter
Perent Chnne Penetrtion Br rereent the tihnne hoer rhte indeed to tihnne hoer oer
©  rc orlwie ultichannel hoer tuy
should be used to meet their uniue shopping needs. The store is used eually by all types of shoppers. nline is also a popular channel among many archetypes, but the heaviest multichannel shoppers — Strategic Saers to use online more to research— tend and price compare. againes are preferred amongSa Passionistas andpportunistic denturersbecause they offer a fun ay to brose for ne trends. atalogs are a favorite amongSa Passionistasfor gathering inspiration, but Strategic Saersalso use them for comparison shopping. n contrast, theEficient Sprinterandollar eaulterare relatively less engaged across channels. ifferent channels serve different needs. ifferent archeypes use different channels because each channel does something different for them. Television, magaines and catalogs are used for inspiration. nline, flyers and circulars are employed to save money and find the best deal. tores, customer service and sales reps help ith eperiencing a product first hand. irculars are part of a routine and so are stores. hoppers haven’t defined a clear role yet for mobile phones this is an emerging channel. ecoding the category, shopper and channel tri factor is at the core of uncovering the multichannel story for marketers. What should you do sk yourself these key uestions: • o prevalent is multichannel shopping in my category
• Which multichannel shopper archetypes dominate in my category • What channel mi do shoppers use in my category
The ansers may ell lead you to harnessing the poer of the multichannel shopper and fueling their passion for shopping.n
MASA SAi hief hoer trteit nd ed the iniht ro tArc orldwidethe retin erie r of eo Brnett ro She  e rehed t hdeh ro
NC ONSi eetie ie reident reti rtie ed nd ont diretor tArc orldwide eiit in hoer diit rootion nd diret retin e  e rehed t nionero