Media Kit, Vice Magazine, 2012
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Media Kit, Vice Magazine, 2012

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Media Kit, Vice Magazine, 2012



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Published 05 February 2013
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Media Kit
ViCe a truly ModErn MEdIa brand
a global phEnoMEnon In oVEr 34 CountrIEs
VICE started in 1994 as a newsprint monthly in Montreal, launched in Australia in 2003, and has since grown to become a globe-strangling youth media company that includes publishing, events, music, digital television, marketing and feature film divisions.
oVEr 60 MInutEs of nEw ContEnt a day
lEt’s “wIn thE IntErnEt”!
VICE has struck up a sprawling global network of partnerships to support and distribute all content for free. Globally these partnerships include the likes of Facebook, YouTube, the Huffington Post/AOL, Der Spiegel, the Guardian and MTV, Locally, VICE Australia has content partnerships with ABC, Sony IPTV and Fairfax including and
The core of VICE is the productionfIrst loVE. and distribution of premium original video content. VICE is the industry VICE still publishes the world’s leader, publishing content across vertical first and only free, internationally categories dedicated to sports, music, distributed youth culture magazine. news, travel, documentaries, branded In fact, VICE Magazine is one of the entertainment, technology and more. few publications that are growing in a shrinking industry. a shIny nEw hoME. InspIrIng a nEw gEnEratIon. In 2011, VICE built itself a new online home: VICE.COM. In 2012, VICE.COM isVICE represents a whole generation of aiming to become the largest independentyoung people – influencing what they see, hub for original content for young peoplehear, wear, think, put in their mouths, in the world today. VICE.COM is currentlydream about, and flush shamefully down the on course to achieve this aim.toilet when no one’s looking. VICE arE on a mIssIon. ThEy’rE InVEnTIng nEw ThIngs EVEry day. IT rEmInds mE of mTV In ThE Early days. —Tom Freston Former Viacom CEOVICE offICEs worldwIdEat a glanCE MTV Founder &
17 years delivering premium content and experiences Global Network of 30+ Offices 700+ Employees, 3500 Contributors Global Direct Reach of 50MM+ Multi Platform Operations incl. publishing, events, music, online, TV, feature film, distribution and brand communication. Core demo of 18-34 year-old, urban trendsetters. Working with the world’s greatest brands.
New York Montreal Toronto London Stockholm Copenhagen Milan Berlin Amsterdam Antwerp Paris Barcelona Porto Vienna Zurich Sofia
Prague Bucharest Sydney Melbourne Auckland Mexico City Sao Paulo Buenos Aires Johannesburg Warsaw Moscow Tokyo Beijing Seoul Los Angeles
ViCe speaKs to YoUNG URBaN tReNdsetteRs
FeMaLe 40%
onlInE audIEnCE profIlE
62% Spend 3 hours online per day
61% have 500+ Facebook friends
MaLe 60%
51% visit VICE.COM more than 3 times each week
70% shop online every month
86% purchase clothing/accessories every month
80% own a video game console
83% eat out at least once a week
91% go to a bar or club at least once a week
92% intend to travel overseas this year
INCOME $50,000+ 60% $75,000+ 41%
83% like to know about music/bands/releases before everyone else
52% like to know about fashion brands/designers before everyone else
60% like to know about new technology/gadgets before everyone else
*Source – Global VICE readership survey 2011
VICE: a global mEdIa phEnomEnon for IndEpEndEnT youThs
rEadErshIp gEndEr
Male Female
60% 40%
MEan agE 25.2
18-24 25-29 30-34 35+
45% 32% 16% 7%
Global circulation of 1.2 Million - 50,000 across Australia and New Zealand - with a 100% pick up rate & pass-along rate of 5.6 per copy.
Distributed at over 16,000 selected life-style venues in urban markets world-wide, VICE MAGAZINE is the voice of youth culture, defining trendsetting music, fash-ion, politics and culture.
There is no parallel for it in the publishing world. Quality? Originality? Scope? Check, check, and check. Each international edition of VICE is tailor-made for its community, but content is also shared between all territories. That means the best features from each region are shared in VICE editions everywhere.
VICE booKs
The magazine’s success has lead to a VICE BOOKS division that has published over a dozen volumes of the best VICE content, including a coffee table Photo Book, vol-umes of popular columns like “DOs and DON’Ts” “Dear Diary” and “Skinema” and VICE features such as “Heavy Metal in Baghdad” our story of the Iraq war and “True Norwegian Black Metal” the world’s scariest music scene.
Most recently VICE BOOKS published a book of photos from Sasha Grey, titled Neü Sex, plusFashion Catsby Takako Iwasa.
VICE booKs
VICE do’s and don’ts: 10 yEars of VICE MagaZInE’s strEEt fashIon CrItIquEs The first 120 months of DOs & DON’Ts collected in one easy-to-read-on-the-toilet compilation.
thE VICE photo booK More than 300 pages of eye-melting photos from just about every success-ful photographer working today.
truE norwEgIan blaCK MEtalby Peter beste The ultimate tome of blackness and evil. Satan himself fears this terrifying photo book.
thE VICE guIdE to sEx and drugs and roCK and roll The best articles from our first ten volumes will show you what the early days were really like.
our nEw hoME
VICE.COM is where everything VICE makes ends up. It houses every article ever written and every video ever shot, either by us, or by one of our growing family of digital channels and partner sites.
four MIllIon and CountIng.
Visited by over four million unique readers a month globally (Source: ComScore), VICE.COM entertains, amuses, titillates and informs 180,000 Australians a month – every visitor a high-value young adult consumer, burning their way through some one million local page views.
tICKIng all boxEs. and MorE.
VICE.COM offers a new oversized video player, intuitive navigation, search and social optimisation, and a new, visually striking design.
VICE.CoM. wElCoME and Enjoy.
Channel Sponsorship, Programme Sponsorship,
HPTO, Special Build, Dynamic Media, Video
Ads, Display Media
2012 VICE.CoM VItals
Uniques Page Impressions Average time on site
(AU stats only)
180,000 1,000,000 20.44 minutes
VICE Is lEadIng ThE InTErnET ConTEnT rEVoluTIon.
pRoGRaMMe HiGHLiGHts VICE CrEatEs prEMIuM ContEnt for prEMIuM audIEnCEs.ViCe CReate MoRe oRiGiNaL oNLiNe CoNteNt tHaN aNYoNe eLse–
VICE ContEnt Is award wInnIng In thE nEws, sports, traVEl, doCuMEntary, tEChnology and brandEd EntErtaInMEnt CatEgorIEs.
CurrEnt sErIEs
VICE nEws The pinnacle of investigative journalism. VICE reporters deliver regular global dis-patches from all the places other news outlets dare not tread.
VICE guIdE to traVEl The ultimate back-packer generation travel series, GUIDE TO TRAVEL is an authentic and honest vision of the world’s most fascinating and off-the-radar places.
EpICly latEr’d Patrick O’Dell offers an unflinching glimpse into the lives of the world’s best skaters.
MusIC world VICE VICE explores the best and most bizarre music scenes on the planet, from Donk in the North-West of England, to the heavy metal youth gangs of the Australian Outback.
CutE show The show that brings you cute relief in the form of baby animals and colourful sugar-coated treats.
forthCoMIng sErIEs
fashIon wEEK IntErnatIonalE Exploring the world’s most fabulous fashion events, plus the culture & politics behind them.
sportIng rIValrIEs Crossing both sides of the divide to understand the story behind the world’s greatest sports rivalries.
MagIC bullEt From ancient alien corpses, to mysterious Satanic bloodlines coursing through the Royal Family, VICE explores the cover-ups most media outlets aren’t allowed to mention.
gIrl Eats food In which the hottest girl in the world, Joanna Fuertes-Knight, cooks up the world’s greatest food.
shot by KErn - EastErn EuropE Photo genius Richard Kern travels to Eastern Europe to shoot hot nudes. Genius.
oVeR 60 MiNUtes oF Video eVeRY daY, RisiNG to oVeR 180 MiNUtes a daY iN 2012.
WeLCoMe to tHe FUtURe oF Media.
VICE Is so Cool — In a way mTV would loVE To bE.
The latest editions to the VICE family are our new, stand alone content brands. These vertical content channels are built around premium video content, experiential, television and activations and are powered by long standing partnerships with global brands.
a MusIC EdItorIal brand, MadE for thE dIgItal world.
Noisey is a new way to discover global music. With high quality video of emerging artists published daily, Noisey captures the energy of the live music experience.
prototypIng thE futurE
Motherboard is a channel that celebrates the culture of technology. Motherboard features emotional, character-driven stories that bring to life the culture of technology, the people and the science that make wonderful things happen.
a partnErshIp of IntEl and VICE
The Creators Project is a new media channel that celebrates creativity around the world. It’s an unprecedented arts and culture initiative with a global events series and digital video channel dedicated to showcasing creativity.
ViCe seRViCes VICE believes that every brand should think and act like a media company -that they should communicate through content, entertain their audience and
MEdIa platforM & audIEnCE • Access to 400,000 trendsetting youththrough VICE Magazine and
Mongolian Yak Festival doco for Fat Yak
ContEnt CrEatIon • Development of entertaining brand inspired video content, custom publications, print advertorials and microsites; activated through our channels and broader syndication network.
wE Can rEly on VICE dElIVErIng orIgInal IdEas ThaT Tap InTo ThE CommunITy around ThE VICE brand, ExECuTEd wITh ConVICTIon. - Philip Phelan, Managing Director
CasE studIEs and ContEnt: Visitviceaustralia.comto view selected work from our range of past and current clients.
VB “Real” faux scent strip insert
CaMpaIgn ExtEnsIons • Amplifying your creative campaign through our unique voice and channels – we take your idea and run with it in our own imitable style.
Rdio Launch Party, Sydney
EVEnts & aCtIVatIons • Production of original and talked about events and creative brand activations; amplified through content and social media.
card inclusion, etc. Can include
co-development of an original series.
VIdEo ads dynaMIC dIsplay
spECIal buIld
Fat Boy (150k) 1000x220@ Sponsorship $2,500/week
Takeover skins (150k) 440x1000 (Left & Right) @ Sponsorship $3,000/week
Pre-roll Video 480x27015sec & 30sec slots @ $80 CPM
For digital specs and guidelines please contact: JamiE BREwER (SydnEy & Auckland) AlEx Light (SydnEy and MElbouRnE)
WHOLE PAGE TAKEOVER (1 & 2 Combined) @ Sponsorship $5,000/week
Standard unit file size is max 60K unless noted, Standard units limited to 3 loops. Flash ads must be submitted with a backup gif, Links must open in a new window when clicked.
Content Clip Custom advertorial @ $2,000 per week
Leaderboard 728x90 @ $30 CPM
& MPUs, etc
Bespoke Newsletter 9 To AU database @ $3,000
diGitaL FoRMats aNd speCs
Half Page 5 300x600 @ $50 CPM
Med Recs, Leaderboards, Half Pages
dIsplay MEdIa
Presenting sponsorship of VICE TV
program, including top and tail branding, title
Full re-skin & brand integration, buy-
Expandable banners, video banners
Medium Rectangle 7 300x250 @ $35 CPM
out of all media units
Bespoke solutions inc. branded
marketing and experiential.
prograMME sponsorshIp
rooms, widgets, etc
Prerolls, postrolls, etc
Full strategic partnership, co-branding, joint
ChannEl sponsorshIp
SINGLe PAGe TRIM AREA 213mm w x 276mm h BLEED SIZE 219mm w x 282mm h LIVE AREA 193mm w x 256mm h 1/2 PAGE HORIZONTAL 197mm w x 124mm h 1/2 PAGE VERTICAL 95mm w x 260mm h 1/4 PAGE SQUARE 95mm w x 124mm h
DOUBLe PAGe SPreAD TRIM AREA 426mm w x 276mm h BLEED SIZE 432mm w x 282mm h LIVE AREA 406mm w x 256mm h
ViCe aUstRaLia – sYdNeY Level 2, 80 Commonwealth St Surry Hills, NSW, 2010 Phone +61 2 9211 5299
ViCe aUstRaLia H/Q –MeLBoURNe PO Box 2041 Fitzroy, VIC, 2065 Phone +61 3 9024 8000
salEs – auCKland Tim Barnett
(COUrIer)Level 1, 230 Smith St, Collingwood, VIC 3066 QuEstions can bE diREctEd or 03 9024 8000
Larger files can be zipped/stuffed and uploaded via or sendspace. com. Confirmation should be emailed to containing name of file.
print-ready pdf.
aCCount ManagEr - sydnEy Leah Consunji
salEs ManagEr - MElbournE Jonny Goldcoast
australasIan publIshEr Myki Slonim
salEs and MarKEtIng dIrECtor Jamie Brewer
10% 12.5% 15% 20%
busInEss dEVElopMEnt dIrECtor Alex Light
Fitzroy, VIC 3065
NZ street date - add 2 weeks
Visuals must be CMYK (never RGB, nor duotone,
nor multichannel). All art must be at least 300
dpi. If you have alot of line art (1-bit images) it’s
recommended that you deliver art at 600 dpi to
14/02/12 19/03/12 23/04/12 25/05/12 16/07/12 20/08/12 17/09/12 15/10/12 19/11/12 19/12/12
The preferred format for final artwork is a
If files are under 8mb, send to
$8,000 $8,400 $5,400 $6,800 $4,100 $2,300 $1,400
Back Cover INSIDE Front Spread Inside Back Page Spread Full Page Half Page Quarter Page
03/02/12 02/03/12 06/04/12 11/05/12 29/06/12 03/08/12 07/09/12 05/10/12 02/11/12 07/12/12
V10n2 V10n3 V10n4 V10n5 V10n7 (Photo issue) V10n8 V10n9 V10n10 V10n11 V10n12
25/01/12 24/02/12 30/03/12 04/05/12 22/06/12 27/07/12 31/08/12 28/09/12 27/10/12 30/11/12
NEW ZEALAND (NZD) $6,600 $7,200 $4,400 $5,600 $3,300 $1,800 $1,150
WeB Server w w w. V i c E l a n d . c o m / V i c E u p l o a d / f t 2 . p h p usER VicEupload passwoRd VicE88
Discs and proofs can be sent to:
Rates, speCs & CoNtaCts
or they might get chopped.
registration black (100% on all channels).
REMEMBER: Always keep important info
like photo credits etc. away from the bleed
the root directory will be lost).
AUSTRALIA_NZ directory (files placed in
server. All files must uploaded in
Alternatively, you can upload to our web
prevent pixelation. Rich Black is preferred, avoid