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After the period of romantic music, modern music normally appears with Claude Debussy . So we can say that modern music appears and reign during the first part of the XX th century. You will discover in below the characteristics of this musical period and also the great composers who made the music of the modern era.

Many changes

With the romantic period of music, we had undoubtedly achieved the best of what we could do from a harmonic and symphonic point of view . The first composers of classical music like Debussy or Ravel wanted to make a harmonic upheaval in changing the construction systems that were established. Among the novelties of this time, there is the change in the rhythm and also the appearance of the first electronic instruments like Théreminvox .

Another novelty in modern music and more particularly at the level of composers is the appearance of composers coming directly from the New World. Indeed, with modern music, composers from the United States, Argentina and even Mexico were rare.

Among the big names of this era, there are the French Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel, the German Richard Strauss, the Austrian Arnold Schönberg, the United States Charles Ives or the Russian Igor Stravinski.

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