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National Fruit and Vegetable Retail Report

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National Fruit and Vegetable Retail Report



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Agricultural National Fruit and Vegetable Retail Report Marketing Service Websites : www.marketnews.usda.gov/portal/fv  and  http://www.ams.usda.gov/mnreports/fvwretail.pdf Volume V - Number 19 Issued Weekly Friday, May 13, 2011
Advertised Prices for Fruits & Vegetables at Major Retail Supermarket Outlets 05/07 to 05/19 1,2
Graduation time! Grocers were promoting Graduation in this week’s ad circulars with cakes, floral arrangements and party supplies. Besides graduation, grilling supplies and lawn furniture were popular on front pages. The first of summer stone fruits from California began appearing on grocers shelves including apricots, nectarines, peaches and cherries along with Georgia peaches in the Southeast. Early promotions for Memorial Day featured silk flower arrangements. Four of the Top 5 produce items featured were the same as last week. Tomatoes, including many on-the-vine and grape type, moved from fifth last week to third place this week. Onion ads dropped again compared to the two previous weeks but were still the fourth most featured item. Broccoli, including Crown cut) pushed strawberries out of the Top 5. Cantaloups and watermelons, where harvest is underway in Florida, saw significant increase in the number of stores with melons on ad. Blueberries, where Southeast harvest is underway, were on ad in 4,300 stores, up from 3,300 the previous week. Broccoli and sweet corn filled the other Top 5 spots for vegetables. At this time last year corn was the leading vegetable. Bagged salad mixes and grape tomatoes were the leading organic items advertised this week. Compared to a year ago, the only major ad item in the fruit category this week that was higher in price was cantaloups by 10%. Watermelons were 12% lower in price than the same week last year. Sweet yellow onions were 35 cents per pound lower than a year ago on grocer displays. Green bell peppers, zucchini squash and corn were also significantly cheaper than last year. Baby carrots and grape tomatoes were the only major vegetable items where the national average price was higher than last year. As used here, major ad items are advertised in over 3,000 stores and where an exact price comparison with a year ago is available.
 Top 5 Commodities Featured This Week Apr 29 May 06 May 13 24K 20K 16K 12K 8K 4K 0K Apples
Salad Tomatoes Onions, Dry
1 - Fruit and Vegetable Market News surveys more than 200 retailers, comprising over 21,000 individual stores, with online weekly advertised features. 2 - Date range reflects one week of data collection ending on the report date and encompasses ad pricing good from the Saturday before the report   release date through the following Thursday.
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Corn-Sweet, 8%
Tomatoes, 9%
Cucumbers, 6%
Potatoes, 7%
Onions, Dry, 8%
Broccoli, 8%
Strawberries, 10%
Oranges, 5%
Wtd Avg - Simple weighted average
Apples, 17%
Cantaloups, 10%
Squash, 6%
Mangoes, 6%
Blueberries, 7% Watermelons, 8% Top 10 Ve etables as Percenta e of Total Ve etable Ads Including Onions and Potatoes May 13, 2011 Peppers, Bell Type, 5% Salad, 10% Tomatoes, Grape Type, 5%
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