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The photography became an art, moreover it is the 8 th art according to some classifications. Yet nothing in this invention of the XIX th century could make think it would be a scientific invention also becoming a graphic art, the writing light.

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The invention of photography

Officially invented in 1839 by the French Louis Daguerre , the latter owes a lot to the work of several predecessors. First of all, the reflections of a certain Aristotle and the work on optics carried out by Ibn al-Haytham. Then other people tried to make it happen until J oseph Nicéphore Niépce managed to take the first picture. However, he died in 1833 and it was Louis Daguerre who would resume his process to perfect it and truly invent photography.

At the beginning it is a device called the daguerreotype which makes it possible to obtain a photo. It takes several minutes, even an hour to get the picture, which is not very practical. However, technical developments will go very quickly with an improvement in exposure time, stabilization of the image and simplification of cameras.

Several other developments or revolutions will punctuate the history of photography, with the invention of the negative, flexible film in 1884, color photography in 1869, small cameras, relief photo , etc. The last great invention in this universe is digital photography which became popular in the 2000s.

Photography and art

True folk art , it will allow everyone to take portraits, self-portraits, but also landscape or object photos.
Photography is also a real art, as evidenced by its classification as 8 th art. It has acquired its letters of nobility, because it is a more or less abstract means of expression and there it will take on a meaning according to the wishes of its author. Photography will truly be born with the current of surrealism ( documents on surrealism ) and today it exists with New Objectivity , New Topography , Pictorialism or Humanist Photography .

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