Full-Frame Fisheye & Nature Photos
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Full-Frame Fisheye & Nature Photos


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Published 20 March 2012
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Technique of the Month
Both of these photos capitalize on the close-focusing distance of the lens I was using (an Olympus 8mm). This gives an extreme perspective effect with a close shot of a prickly pear cactus flower. There is a real feeling of setting, along with a great deal of drama and impact, yet the curved horizon is unlikely to be noticed by most viewers.The lower shot gives a very interesting perspective of looking down and out at the same time, similar to the landscape at right.
The photo at the upper right uses the very wide view of the lens to capture a different look of the rocks in the Devil’s Garden area of Arches National Park at sunset. The curved perspective accentuates the picture elements that were there already.
Full-Frame Fisheye & Nature Photos lot of photographers, meused for curving trees and horizonsstream in the La Sal Mountains included, used to think ofin nature, it doesn’t really gain itsin Utah, no one will see a curved somAget pretty tiresome after a while.ething odd and esoteric. the full-frame fisheye lens ashorizon or trees. Instead, they startprime benefits. Plus all those curves to see a normal shot of a stream I don’t think that’s true anymore.e value of the full-frameuntil they look closer and notice As photographers, we are alwaysfisheye in nature photography is itsthat you can look straight down and looking for something to give aextremely wide-angle of view thatout at the same time. photo an edge, something uniqueoffers strong, impactful perspectivee space is very confined here that will help it stand out from theeffects, and very deep depth ofand most lenses would not show images people see everyday.e field.It will “distort” the world asso much of the stream.e lens full-frame fisheye does just that.we know it, but it is possible to useoffers a sweeping perspective of a Just pointing it at a subject for itsthe lens to minimize that effect.small area that makes this photo wide angle of view and its curvedAvoid strong straight lines as majorwork and gain the sparkle from a perspective does certainly give acompositional elements that will bemid-afternoon light.is particular unique view.It gives very dramaticgreatly curved unless you want theshot would be impossible with any curved lines for man-made objects.extreme effect.other lens and creates a shot with But if this type of lens is justIn the photo above of a smallan unusual perspective.
Tips to try: WHO MAKES THEM: ma1nufacturers for both digital and Full-frame fisheyes are available from most major film cameras. The photos seen here were taken with the Olympus Zuiko 8mm full-frame fish-eye with an Olympus E-330. Nikon makes a very nice 10.5 mm full-frame fisheye for their digital SLRs. Pentax offers an unusual full-frame 10-17mm fisheye zoom.
EXPANDED USE OF FULL-“un2distort” the fisheye look of FRAME FISHEYES: Several programs allow you to these lenses to give you a standard wide-angle look from them. The best is probably DxO Optics Pro. It does an amazing job of optimizing the quality of any focal length, plus it straightens out a fisheye and makes it look like it was always shot with a regular wide-angle lens. The catch is that to do this, the DxO folks match a specific lens to a specific camera body and if your combination isn’t supported, you can’t use it. Nikon Capture does a great job with the Nikkor 10.5 mm lens. And you can try Photoshop CS2 in the Lens Correction filter for this adjustment as well.