PR Log - Microsoft SharePoint 2007 â•fi Now with further web 2.0 ...
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PR Log - Microsoft SharePoint 2007 â•fi Now with further web 2.0 ...


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PR Log - Microsoft SharePoint 2007 â•fi Now with further web 2.0 ...



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Microsoft SharePoint 2007 – Now with further web 2.0 enhancements
By Carl Liver
Dated: Jun 27, 2008
Microsoft SharePoint 2007 has strengthened its credentials to become the dominant platform for business
communications with a host of web 2.0 enhancements.
The latest of these enhancements is ‘Town Square’, a Facebook-like social networking utility.
As the relentless social networking phenomenon continues, it is no surprise that Microsoft is looking to
embrace these trends by adding similar functionality to SharePoint in a bid to ride on the coat-tails of sites
such as Facebook and myspace.
It is rumoured that Microsoft made attempts to buy Facebook, which it already has a $240 million stake in.
After failing in this bid, the software giant turned their attentions to creating their very own platform.
Townsquare is an internal networking site for businesses, which allows users to interact with one another,
sharing documents and photos. It is said to bear a close resemblance to the hugely popular Facebook
Microsoft clearly sees a big role for web 2.0 in the development of SharePoint. In a recent speech, Bill
Gates highlighted the importance of social networking and claimed that the integration of such features
would help SharePoint to replace email as the dominant form of business communication.
Genesis Communications, suppliers of hosted SharePoint 2007 had this to say:
“It is clear that the culture of social networking is something which is here to stay and Microsoft have
embraced this with this development. The collaborative nature of SharePoint lends itself perfectly to social
networking applications. Townsquare will boost the already vast appeal of SharePoint.”
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