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PR Log - Web 2.0 and How to Make Use of it


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PR Log - Web 2.0 and How to Make Use of it



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Web 2.0 and How to Make Use of it
By Danko Gulsoy
Dated: May 22, 2009
Web 2.0 refers to the supposed second generation of web technology. This means everything from blogs and
Facebook to interactive flash based web design.
Web 2.0 refers to the supposed second generation of web technology. This means everything from blogs
and Facebook to interactive flash based web design. With this new wave of web development and web
design comes a whole new mess of tools and technology to exploit for your business. Lets survey some of
the tools considered to be a part of web 2.0 and how they are used.
Social Networking – Your most common options here are Facebook, MySpace, Friendster, Twitter and
possibly even LinkedIn for an ecommerce approach. These sites allow different people to exchange
communication through the website and create “friendships” by making and accepting friend requests. How
can this be valuable to your business? The logic here is to link businesses to consumers and consumers to
businesses. If consumer B sees that consumer A is “friends” with or is interested in Business A, then
consumer B is more likely to accept your company. It’s not always this simple as most users are turned off
by an obvious ploy to get a consumer’s dollar. While this is sometimes difficult to achieve, this is where the
most important 18-25 year olds are found so it is most likely worth the investment.
RSS Feeds – RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, feeds are basically the easiest way to upload frequently
updated content such as blogs, news, articles, or audio/video. This gives your users a way to stay connected
with your website and makes them feel connected to your business. If you are constantly posting fresh
content that is valuable to your potential customers, they will want to stay up to date with what you have
going on and if you give them the option to subscribe to your content as an RSS feed, it will only be easier
for them.
Various widgets – There are many different Web 2.0 widgets and applications. One that almost every
person has heard of and likely used is Google Maps. Countless companies are implementing Google’s
brilliance on their websites and helping their potential customers find their place of business. “Bookmark
This” is another good example of a popular widget. This is an application that allows you to create a button
for users to share the content on your webpage, subscribe to the content, or simply bookmark it. For the
record, these are just two of the countless tools out there for free. Search Google for web 2.0 applications or
web 2.0 widgets. You won’t be disappointed.
Even though Web 2.0 can be complicated and overwhelming, it is just another part of our ever-changing
technology that you are going to have to keep up with if you plan on keeping a good reputation. Social
Networking, blogs, RSS feeds, and other tools are just some of the examples and there are always going to
be more and more new developments to be a part of your business.
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