Renaissance music scores

Less known than classical music (from the classical period) or baroque music, renaissance music  has nevertheless brought about great changes in the musical world. You will find in this part our multiple music scores for playing renaissance music .

A musical revival

After several hundred years in medieval times, the Renaissance is coming to an end, first in Italy, then in the rest of Europe. This pivotal period of history is also at the level of the arts with a real artistic renewal which comes from a renewed interest in Greek and Roman culture. This attraction for ancient civilizations will provoke a revival in music which will be strongly inspired by the music of the ancient Greeks.

The renaissance music is going to prosper for over a hundred years, but it is not easy to define a real start date. Some consider the beginning around 1400 and others more around 1500. In any case, it ends around 1600 with the appearance of baroque music. Two large areas of renaissance music creations were created with Italy and England, but also the Franco-Flemish area.

Download our renaissance music scores

You want to discover the music of the renaissance , then you just have to browse our pages to download the renaissance music scores of your wishes. You will find hundreds of scores from the greatest Italian, English, Flemish, French or Burgundian composers of this period.
Using many unusual instruments today, however, there are musical scores for certain instruments that are still used today.

Among these, you can discover renaissance scores for organs (all our organ scores here ), harpsichords, lutes, viol, transverse flutes , recorders or even the trumpet ( on this page ).