The Investopedia Guide to Wall Speak: The Terms You Need to Know ...
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The Investopedia Guide to Wall Speak: The Terms You Need to Know ...


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12 Pages


The Investopedia Guide to Wall Speak: The Terms You Need to Know ...



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How to Do Everything MacBook Noelle, Robin Imprint: McGrawHillPub Date: September10ISBN: 9780071742535 Format: Paperback Subject Area: Personal Computers / Macintosh Pages: 352 Illustrations: 200 Trim: 18.7cm × 23.2cmPrice: AUS$39.95 / NZ$45.00
DescriptionHow to Do Everything: MacBookstrongly emphasises the portability and other unique features of the laptop versions of the Mac, examining ports and jacks, discussing user accounts and privacy, managing multiple network connections, using MobileMe to stay synched, etc. It also explores the activities that users of laptops most often perform, such as productivity, entertainment, and communication. While there is some overlap, the emphasis on portability makes this book distinctly different fromHow to Do Everything: Mac.
Tasks and activities are broken down into simpletofollow directions and highlighted with clear graphics to reinforce understanding. Also included are tips and tricks for getting the most out of the latest versions of the builtin software, including the new versions of iLife and iWork. As a travel writer, the author understands the needs of mobile computer users. She dedicates lots of space to battery management and power, connectivity, working online, using VoIP, and maintaining and troubleshooting the MacBook.
Key Features
Focuses on the way most people use their MacBooks  for work and entertainment—without going into an indepth breakdown of every feature and task every application and possible task Draws on author’s personal experience as a writer who travels, providing tips and tricks for getting the best out of the MacBook on the road Contains accurate and uptodate product information on latest versions of Mac OS X and iWork/iLife applications Explains the differences between the MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air Clear, concise, stepbystep instructions without a lot of extraneous details
MarketAccording toMacWorldmagazine, Apple’s MacBook line now constitutes more than 70 percent of Apple’s sales, averaging up to 1.8 million units per quarter. The book is designed both for users who are new to Mac OS X, those buying a MacBook for the first time, and for experienced users who are upgrading to new versions of the software. Author BiographyRobin Noelle (Sonoma, CA)is a professional writer who has more than 12 years’ experience in marketing and public relations, with an emphasis on technology. Her ability to translate highly technical information into layman’s terms led to Noelle facilitating interviews between product managers and editors fromPC Magazine, CNET, andPC World. She has written travel guides for Avalon Travel.
How to Do Everything Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Cawood, Stephen Imprint: McGrawHillPub Date: September10ISBN: 9780071743679 Format: Paperback Subject Area: Collaboration Software Pages: 304 Illustrations: 200 Trim: 18.7 × 23.2cmPrice: AUS$39.95 / NZ$45.00
Description Written by a former member of the SharePoint development team, this stepbystep guide covers the latest release of SharePoint, focusing on the features users need to master to become productive and proficient with the software. The book cuts through the confusion and helps users get the most out of SharePoint immediately.
How to Do Everything: Microsoft SharePoint 2010is written by one of the people who helped build SharePoint. Stephen Cawood bases his advice on years of working with SharePoint customers—cutting to the core scenarios and focusing on what’s really important for SharePoint users to understand. With the upcoming release, SharePoint Server will further be entrenched as the de facto standard for Enterprise Content Management. That and the deep integration with Office 2010 will drive adoption of SharePoint; staff at thousands of new companies will become daily users of SharePoint. This book gets them up to speed quickly.
Key Features
Comprehensive but easytounderstand coverage of the key new features, including new outofthebox web parts and SharePoint taxonomy Provides tutorials for all essential features, including blogs, wikis, MySites, Web parts, taxonomy, document management, workflow, publishing sites, and team sites Stepbystep examples walk the reader through the most common SharePoint tasks Explains how to use SharePoint Workspace to work with SharePoint offline Includes valuable nuggets of advice gleaned from SharePoint experts Functions as a handy reference for users to learn new features or refresh themselves on procedures they may have forgotten
MarketMicrosoft Office users who are new to SharePoint and existing SharePoint users who want to become proficient with 2010. Author BiographyStephen Cawood (Halifax, Nova Scotia)is a former Microsoft Program Manager on the MCMS and SharePoint product teams, during which time he wrote specifications for SharePoint. He is currently the Director of Community and the Development Manager for SharePoint Site Migration Manager at Metalogix Software. Stephen will be a presenter at Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2009, as well as the SharePoint Online Roadshow. He is also the founder of the Halifax SharePoint Users group and a SharePoint communityfocused website. Stephen has written several computer books.
Microsoft SharePoint 2010 QuickSteps Matthews, Marty Imprint: McGrawHillPub Date: September10ISBN: 9780071741934 Format: Paperback Subject Area: Desktop Applications Pages: 272 Illustrations: 200 Trim: 25.4 × 20.3cmPrice: AUS$34.95 / NZ$40.00
Description This fullcolour, stepbystep guide is the fastest, easiest way for users within an organisation to learn how to set up, create, maintain, and manage a SharePoint collaborative website. It is the essential introductory book that fully explains the features of SharePoint 2010, a major upgrade to the SharePoint suite of products.
Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 QuickStepsis a fullcolour, allinone guide that walks readers step by step through all the most important features of the entire suite, including SharePoint Server 2010, SharePoint Designer 2010, and SharePoint Workspace 2010 (previously Office Groove). The book shows readers how to plan for, set up, implement, and administer a SharePoint website. Unlike many competing books that dive directly into the implementation of SharePoint, this book takes the reader through the critical planning process, without which a successful installation is all but impossible. The book then takes a handson approach to building and administering a complete SharePoint website using detailed examples.
Key Features
Fullcolour coverage of all the capabilities of the entire SharePoint suite Covers site planning, implementation, and administration High production quality, breadth of coverage, and low price make the book the best value on the market Graphical icons guide readers to useful tips and reminders, bonus information, and warnings The oversize, oblong trim makes it possible to show graphics and text side by side
MarketNew users looking to set up SharePoint for the first time, interested in making use of SharePoint’s collaboration, information sharing, and document management capabilities within their own teams and with customers and suppliers outside their organisation Author BiographyMarty Matthews (Freeland, WA)has more than 30 years of computing experience, is a co creator of the QuickSteps series, and the author or coauthor of more than 70 books, including the bestsellingWindows 7 QuickSteps, Microsoft Office Word 2007 QuickSteps, Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 QuickSteps, andDynamic Web Programming: A Beginner’s Guide. He specializes in explaining complex topics to beginners.
Oracle SOA Suite 11g Handbook Jellema, Lucas Imprint: McGrawHillPub Date: September10ISBN: 9780071608978 Format: Paperback Subject Area: Systems Architecture Pages: 656 Trim: 18.7 × 23.2cmPrice: AUS$85.00 / NZ$125.00
DescriptionOracle SOA Suite 11g Handbookdescribes how Oracle SOA Suite 11gcan be used to successfully implement a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) in an enterprise. The book covers all the components of the suite and provides a complete introduction for all Oracle developers and administrators. This is a onestop solution to get up and running–for novice and experienced professionals alike. The book combines an easy, handson, casebased introduction with a rigorous, structured discussion of concepts and key features.
This Oracle Press guide starts with an introduction, explaining SOA, Oracle SOA Suite 11g, and the case study used throughout the book (a fictitious hospital). This is followed by a handson introduction to development, administration, and governance. Advanced concepts are discussed in the last part of the book. Information about standards (XML, XSD, Xpath, SOAP, WSDL, WS*), AIA, and migration from Oracle SOA Suite 10gis also included.
Key Features
A combination of casebased teaching for novices and reusable references of the latest SOA techniques for seasoned professionals Covers both SOA development and administration Companion website features the book’s many examples available as small, standalone extracts that readers can easily install, inspect, and try out The internationally recognized author team has years of practical experience with the technologies as well as a track record of creating training material
MarketDevelopers, administrators, and architects who want to take full advantage of Oracle SOA Suite 11gwhich is a complete overhaul of the Suite Author BiographyLucas Jellema (Rotterdam, Netherlands), an Oracle Ace Director (Fusion Middleware), is a consultant and expertise manager with a primary focus on the Oracle SOA Suite. He is a frequent presenter at international conferences as well as the author of many articles for both Dutch and international magazines and websites. Lucas has written over 400 articles on the popular AMIS Technology blog ( and regularly develops and teaches training workshop on Oracle technology.
Oracle CRM on Demand Dashboards Lairson, Michael D. Imprint: McGrawHillPub Date: September10ISBN: 9780071745345 Format: Paperback Subject Area: Internet / Application Development Pages: 224 Illustrations: 100 Trim: 18.7 × 23.2cmPrice: AUS$42.95 / NZ$62.00
DescriptionWritten by a renowned expert on the topic,Oracle CRM on Demand Dashboardsprovides readers with a detailed and methodical explanation of the Dashboard functionality available within Oracle CRM on Demand. Custom Dashboard functionality is a relatively new feature of On Demand that was released about a year ago. This book describes what makes a dashboard effective, shares strategies for dashboard design, explains the entire process for developing dashboards, and discusses the most effective ways to implement dashboards for end users.
Each chapter in this Oracle Press guide describes dashboard features and provides realistic examples. Realworld case studies for different types of dashboards provide a framework for tested and proven usage. Formatting tips offer details on how to make a dashboard look good without distracting attention away from the data.
Key Features
Written by a recognized Oracle CRM On Demand expert who has developed training courses for Oracle, regularly blogs, and speaks at conferences First and only guide on an otherwise largely undocumented topic area The dashboard functionality covered in this book is new and popular, yet customers are struggling to take advantage of it due to lack of training and documentation Low price and quicktomarket content gets readers started right away and provides an entry point to more indepth Oracle Press books Realworld case studies throughout Includes formatting tips and instructions
MarketAudience includes any user of CRM on Demand who possess a desire to create custom dashboards to display their reports. Every company that uses the application has a need for custom reporting, and the custom dashboard is a natural means of delivering those reports to the end users. Author BiographyMichael D. Lairson (Wake Forest, NC)is Manager of Business Intelligence Services with Intelenex, an Oracle partner, and works directly with customers implementing CRM On Demand. He is the author ofOracle CRM on Demand Reportingand is considered the foremost resource for report development and training in Oracle CRM on Demand reporting. Michael previously worked for Siebel Systems/Oracle where he played a key role in the development of the Advanced Analytics Workshop training offered by Oracle.
Designing an IAM Framework with Oracle Identity and Access Management Suite Scheidel, Jeff Imprint: McGrawHillPub Date: September10ISBN: 9780071741378 Format: Paperback Subject Area: Security Pages: 352 Illustrations: 100 Trim: 18.7 × 23.2cmPrice: AUS$70.00 / NZ$99.00
DescriptionNew from Oracle Press, this is a trusted advisor's guide to the lifecycle of an identity and access management (IAM) project with Oracle Identity and Access Management Suite.
Designing an IAM Framework with Oracle Identity and Access Management Suiteis a comprehensive approach to an IAM project with Oracle Identity and Access Management Suite. The book begins by defining identity and access management and explaining how to assess an organization's need for an IAM framework. This Oracle Press guide then teaches readers, set by step, how to determine the functionality required by their organization, design a framework, and implement the actual features and functions needed for supporting true business requirements.
Key Features
The first souptonuts, processspecific book on Oracle Identity Access Management Suite and the IAM project lifecycle Written by an Oracle insider with 14 years of experience in this area Highlights specific concerns and issues gleaned from the author’s years helping design and implement large, multi national IAM frameworks Includes many stories of howto and howNOTto, based on actual (anonymous) customers
MarketIdentity theft is at an alltime high, and no longer just the domain of hackers, but of organized gangs, terrorists, disgruntled, terminated employees, and others Author BiographyJeff Scheidel (Westmont, IL)is a Principal Security Consultant at Oracle and has been a software professional since 1984, with more than 14 years dedicated to identity and related security. He has overseen the exploration, acquisition, and implementation of identity and access frameworks at several global organizations throughout North and South America and Europe. Jeff has written on application security for Computerworld.
Quick Start Guide to Oracle Fusion Development Ronald, Grant Imprint: McGrawHillPub Date: September10ISBN: 9780071744287 Format: Paperback Subject Area: Programming Pages: 224 Illustrations: 60 Trim: 18.7 × 23.2cmPrice: AUS$42.95 / NZ$62.00
DescriptionWritten in a conversational style,Quick Start Guide to Oracle Fusion Development: Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle ADFkickstarts the reader’s Fusion development by providing only the essential information needed to be up, running, and building applications in a matter of hours, not weeks or months. This book serves as a quick entry point to the topic and compliments the more indepth Oracle Press titlesOracle JDeveloper 11g HandbookandOracle Fusion Developer Guidewhich are both large books covering the entire feature sets of the products discussed and providing a deep dive into more advanced topics.
This Oracle Press guide takes the reader through the building blocks and functionality he/she will use most of the time and explains in simple language what each concept is, why it’s needed, and how to use it. The progression of the topics closely matches the way a developer builds an application, taking readers through a typical developer scenario from start to completion.
Key Features
Concise and friendly format provides the essentials needed to start building applications right away Chapters build on each other to illustrate a typical development scenario from start to finish Author offers unique insights gained from hours of oneon one meetings with customers and work in Oracle’s usability labs Low price and quicktomarket content gets readers started right away and provides an entry point to more indepth Oracle Press books
MarketAll Oracle Middleware developers—whether experienced with Oracle’s traditional development tools or new to Oracle through acquisition— need to get up and running quickly on Fusion development Author BiographyGrant Ronald (Hampshire, UK)is a Group Product Manager in Oracle's Application Development Tools Division responsible for guiding Oracle's traditional development base to Fusion. He has spent 12 years working with Oracle's traditional toolset and eight years working on the Oracle JDeveloper and ADF product management team. Grant speaks at many Oracle events (e.g. UKOUG, DOAG, Oracle World, ODTUG) across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and North America. He also has a regular column in the UK Oracle User Group magazine and has written forOracle Magazineand theOracle Development Tools Journal. Grant also blogs at
HandsOn Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Integration Services, Second Edition Nanda, Ashwani Imprint: McGrawHillPub Date: September10ISBN: 9780071736404 Prev ISBN:9780072263190 Format: Paperback Subject Area: Data Warehousing Pages: 608 Illustrations: 100 Trim: 18.7 × 23.2cmPrice: AUS$85.00 / NZ$125.00
DescriptionThis is a practical guide to mastering the latest release of Microsoft's foundational tool for doing Business Intelligence—SSIS. Illustrative solutions based on realworld business problems offer objectives, methodology, handson steps, and annotations.
HandsOn Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Integration Servicesis designed to make learning SSIS easier through the use of extensive handson exercises structured around every component within the tool. The complex topics of embedding control flow tasks and containers in a data workflow and using data transformations in the data flow are covered with realworld examples and stepbystep methods.
Key Features
The most comprehensive book on SSIS, covering installation, control flow, data flow transformations, administration, security, and troubleshooting Two new chapterson extending SSIS through scripting/programming and standard methods for developing a data warehouse architecture New advanced examplesthroughout each chapter Handson exercises are broken down into objectives, solution methodologies, numbered steps, and review for reinforcing techniques Focus on realworld data warehousing solutions can be easily applied to reader’s own business challenges
MarketSQL Server 2008 administrators and developers; data warehousing professionals; Business Intelligence architects; analytic applications vendors Author BiographyAshwani Nanda, MSTS, MCDBA, MCSE (Buckinghamshire, UK)is a BI developer with AvisEurope where he focuses on data warehouse and CRM systems development, data integration projects, and business intelligence reporting solutions. He is the author ofHandsOn SQL Server 2005 Integration Services.
Practical PowerPivot & DAX Formulas for Excel 2010 Tennick, Art Imprint: McGrawHillPub Date: September10ISBN: 9780071746854 Format: Paperback Subject Area: Database Management Pages: 512 Trim: 18.7 × 23.2cmPrice: AUS$55.00 / NZ$75.00
DescriptionIdeal for Excel power users, this nondeveloper entry point into Business Intelligence explains how to extract actionable BI using Microsoft’s new Excel 2010 PowerPivot (code name – Gemini) and DAX language and increase effective decisionmaking. 200 readyto use DAX queries are included!
Practical PowerPivot & DAX Queries for Excel 2010shows Office and Excel power users how to take advantage of DAX (Data Analysis Expressions)—the new standard language for extracting BI within the familiar environment of Excel. This requires no knowledge of the rest of Microsoft’s BI stack and is the entry point into BI for the non developer and nonBI professional. An entire section shows how to create tables, pivot tables, and PowerPivot tables in Excel. Readers can then progress on to writing DAX queries and formulas to harness the power of BI.
Key Features
Supported by Microsoft, including technical review by Senior Program Manager for Business Intelligence, Olivier Matrat, and Foreword by Group Program Manager, Thierry D’Hers. 200+ readytouse, easily customisable DAX queries – all downloadable from Practical and handson with a minimum of difficult concepts and theory Explains how to visualise actionable BI Helps to dramatically improve analysis and decisionmaking skills
MarketExcel professionals, developers, report designers, power users, and all BI professionals Author BiographyArt Tennick (Brighton, UK)has worked in relational database design and SQL queries for more than 20 years and multidimensional database design, cubes, and DMX and MDX queries for 10 years. He has worked with several major corporations to implement BI solutions using Microsoft SQL Server, SSAS, SSIS, SSRS, and Excel 2010. Art is the author of several books and hundreds of articles for computer magazines in the U.S., UK, and Ireland. His web site is
Integrating Macs into Windows Networks HartDavis, Guy Imprint: McGrawHillPub Date: September10ISBN: 9780071713023 Format: Paperback Subject Area: Network Hardware Pages: 512 Illustrations: 25 Trim: 18.7 × 23.2cmPrice: AUS$70.00 / NZ$99.00DescriptionIntegrating Macs in Windows Networksis a taskbased, handson implementation guide to adding Macs to existing Windows networks. Based on the newest release of Mac OS X, Snow Leopard, the book shows Windows administrators how to connect Macs to the network, install and update essential applications, and how to provide the networking services Mac users need—up to and including remote access to the network or to networked Macs.
Nearly every network has Macs attached to it—from small offices to Fortune 500 companies, from nonprofits to headline financial firms. As a result, in even the most Windowscentric company, system administrators must add Macs to their network, set them up to work with Windows servers, and keep them updated. This is an essential guide for all network administrators.
Key Features
Covers Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6, Mac OS X Leopard 10.5, and Windows Server 2008 Provides practical examples of how to add Macs to existing Windows networks, set them up with applications, and keep them working smoothly Explains how to save time and money by sharing files, printers, and Internet access. Shows how to secure the network against inside and outside threats Covers managing file services, printing, and directory services
MarketTarget audience is administrators of existing Windows Server–based networks Author BiographyGuy HartDavis (Barnard Castle, England)is the author of more than 45 computer books, includingMac OS X System Administration, AppleScript: A Beginner's Guide, HTML QuickSteps, Second Edition, How to Do Everything with Microsoft Office Word 2007, andHow to Do Everything: iPod & iTunes.
Sun Certified Specialist for NetBeans IDE Study Guide (Exam 310045) Liguori, Robert ; Cuprak, Ryan Imprint: McGrawHillPub Date: September10ISBN: 9780071738804 Format: Paperback Subject Area: Certification Pages: 720 Illustrations: 125 Trim: 18.7 × 23.2cmPrice: AUS$70.00 / NZ$99.00
DescriptionSun Certified Specialist for NetBeans IDE Study Guidecovers all the official exam objectives and question formats for exam 310045, including new test items being released in 2009. The exam currently contains multiplechoice questions and requires extensive knowledge of NetBeans IDE 6.1. No other book provides the same level upto date coverage.
The book features an integrated study system based on proven pedagogy. Stepbystep exercises, Exam Watch, Inside the Exam, and On the Job notes, and chapter Self Tests help teach and reinforce practical skills while preparing readers for the exam. Sample programming assignments are also included. The CDROM features MasterExam practice exam software with more than a hundred questions that appear only on the CD, plus a searchable e book.
Key Features
Follows the same pedagogy as the bestsellingSCJP Java Programmer Study Guideby Sierra and Bates The most accurate test questions available that simulate the type of questions found on the live exam All new Sun certification exam item formats covered Great value—electronic practice exams can cost as much as $300 on their own—this Study Guide includes two free electronic practice exams CDROMincludes MasterExam practice exam software with 100+ questions and an ebook
MarketJava programmers with extensive experience developing Java desktop and Java web applications using the NetBeans IDE. Author BiographyRobert Liguori, SCJA, SCJP, SCJD/NetBeans (Absecon, NJ)is a senior software engineer and is currently the lead developer for several Javabased air traffic management applications. He is the co founder and president of the Atlantic City Java User Group. Liguori is the coauthor ofSCJA Sun Certified Java Associate Study Guide (Exam CX310019)(McGrawHill) andJava Pocket Guide(O’Reilly, Media Inc.). Ryan Cuprak (Milford CT)is an eformulation analyst at Enginuity PLM and president of the Connecticut Java Users Group. He focuses on data integrations as well as graphical user interface development. Previously, Ryan has worked for TurboWorx, a startup distributed computing company as well as for Kodak’s Molecular Imaging Systems group.