The Question is…? Myths and Fallacies Surrounding the Decline of ...


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The Question is…? Myths and Fallacies Surrounding the Decline of ...



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The Question is? Myths and Fallacies Surrounding the Decline of Muslim Civilisation
Author: Salah Zaimeche Chief Editor: Lamaan Ball Production: Husamaldin Tayeh  Release Date: June 2004 Publication ID: 4060  Copyright: © FSTC Limited, 2003 2004  
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  Fallacies Surrounding the Decline of Muslim Civilisation  June 2004  
THE QUESTION IS? MYTHS AND FALLACIES SURROUNDING THE DECLINE OF MUSLIM CIVILISATION  Abstract This paper discusses mainstream Western interpretations of the causes of decline of Islamic civilisation. It identifies and questions forces and factors often blamed by such interpretations. It also suggests some explanations for Islamic decline.  The paper specifically looks into a number of claims; that Islam was the cause of ignorance in the Muslim world; that Islam obstructs progress; that Islamic Orthodoxy played a destructive role; that Turks and Berbers, portrayed as dim fanatics by Shaw, played a damaging role in the Islamic World entering it into    as Renan put it -a period of ignorant brutality.  Major factors, which contributed to the collapse of Islamic Caliphates in both East and West, are discussed. These include the destruction, which the Mongols inflicted, and the subsequent slow progress of Muslim civilisation due to the lack of a solid foundation on which to build further progress in the various fields of knowledge. The destruction of the Muslim economy at the hands of crusading Christian forces through constant devastating raids on wealthy ports, preventing the formation of any stable base for exchange, is detailed.  Prelude If the Muslims are so good, and did so much, as this web site is arguing, then, why is the Muslim world locked into the impoverished state it is? Why is the Muslim world a significant part of the under-developed world? And why do so few recent scientific discoveries come from the Muslim world? Furthermore what has caused the Muslim world, which brought Western Christendom out of barbarism, to be overtaken by its successors?  These are abstruse matters, impossible to answer adequately here in view of the many diverse variables relevant to this issue. Nevertheless, this paper aims to look at some of the reasons given by Western writers for the steep decline of Islamic civilisation. Many such reasons are refuted in the course of the text. Then, some of the underlying reasons for the decline of Islamic civilisation are suggested.  REASONS OF ISLAMIC DECLINE ACCORDING TO WESTERN WRITERS  Sarton says:  The achievements of the Arabic speaking peoples between the ninth and twelfth centuries are so great as to baffle our understanding. The decadence of Islam and of Arabic is almost as puzzling in its speed and completeness as their phenomenal rise. Scholars wilf exo  try terevorplain it as they try to explain the decadence and fal aexplomist  ind  queSuchns astiocxeeere ylc idgno oR f .em impossible to answer them in a simple way. 1  
Publication ID: 4060 COPYRIGHT © FSTC Limited 2003, 2004 
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