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Australian Opal Jewelry


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Description - The words ‘Australia’ and ‘opal’ seem to be just about synonymous. Why is this? Well, up to about a hundred years ago most of the world’s opals were found in Hungary, Europe, but eventually that area was mined out


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Published 12 March 2017
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Australian Opal Jewelry (jewellery-British spelling) The words ͚Australia͛ aŶd ͚opal͛ seeŵ to be just about syŶoŶyŵous.Why is this? Well, up to about a hundred years ago ŵost of the world͛s opals were found in Hungary, Europe, but eventually that area was mined out
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It wasŶ͛t uŶtil the ŵiddle of the nineteenth century that opals were found in that ͚dowŶ uŶder͛ couŶtry we call Australia. And where they were discovered was most inhospitable, namely the outback regions where in places there is not much more than scorching hot weather, dust and insects.
The terŵ ͚AustraliaŶ Opal Jewelry͛to be used to describe the quality and came reliability of this amazing gem.
Just why is it that Australia is so well known for this precious stone? Its Ŷot that it͛s the oŶly country that produces them. Indonesia, Mexico, Africa, Canada, Brazil, are some of the countries, to name a few where opal is found.TheŶ why is ŵost of the focus oŶ ͚Australia?͛
Well, it happens that the very thing that makes it difficult to find opals in Australia, the dryness of the outback, is the factor that makes Australian opals more secure and reliable than most others. There are areas in Australia closer to the coast which produces beautiful opals but because of their cooler climate dampness, the opal is not secure and can crack in time.
Some parts of the world produce lovely opals but because of their high porosity they are prone to suck in moisture that interferes with their play of color to the point where many of them turn an unpleasant brown color after a while if they are exposed to dampness. Many folks have
complained about this in recent years and while it is suggested that leaving them in the sun for a while can bring the color back, this is risky and very disappointing.
Unfortunately because of the huge demand and the difficulty of finding Australian opals, the opal fields are getting mined out and the supply is challenged and the price, particularly of high grade black opals is getting out of hand.
Fortunately our stocks are still pretty good after being in the business for such a long time.
Australian Opal jewelry is on showhereat Opalmine. Also lots ofinformation, about opal and testimonialsabout how we have cared for customers over the years.