Brilliant Living Room Table Lamps
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Brilliant Living Room Table Lamps

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Published 28 September 2011
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Brilliant Living Room Table Lamps
Buying a table lamp for your living room is a pleasant way to insert a hint of elegance to your home’s
theme. A table lamp does more than just provide accent lighting to your living room; it can add an
element of artistic finish that not only beautifies your home but also ties it in with the decor of the other
elements of the living room. Think of a table lamp as one part light source and one part sculpture; it
should be beautiful whether it’s off or on.
The last thing you want is for your home to look garish or dated, so when you are selecting a table lamp
for your living room, you constantly need to strike just the right balance between the hot trends of the
moment and the more understated, classic look that holds timeless appeal.
You’ll have to make sure that the
desk lamp
doesn't impede anyone’s line of site or hinder conversation.
You had better ponder obtaining a lamp with a transparent or skinny base if it’s going to be resting on a
table that’s between a couch and a chair. You’ll need to also consider the dimensions of the table the
lamp is to rest on; you don’t want the lamp to be too large or too small for it.
Nobody wants to look at the lamp’s inner workings. To make certain people don’t see it, sit adjacent to
the table the lamp is going to sit on and make certain that your eye level is higher than the base of the
lamp’s shade.
Light Bulb
I suggest a dimmer for the lamp, though a three-way bulb is almost as fine for mood lighting. The bulb
should at least be as bright as a sixty watt incandescent bulb for reading.
Don’t let the lamp-shade extend past the table’s perimeter. An opaque lamp-shade reduces glare from
lamps that are located close to a television set. A lamp shade made of semi-opaque paper or material
will lend a warm, flattering glow. For a conventional look, you should considerobtaining a conical shade;
for a more contemporary look, a drum shade.
Four well-liked styles are shown below:
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Tiffany Lamps
lamp shades
are constructed of hand-rolled stained art glass that show classy colours when the
lamp is lit. Bubbles, lines or seeds might be visible in the glass, but they aren’t defects; they show the
nature and beauty of genuine stained art glass. Because all hand-rolled art glass has numerous subtle
shadings, every Tiffany lamp is truly special.
Mica Lamps
Mica is a mineral that is constructed of layers of thin transparent sheets. Its colours range from yellow to
green, black or pale brown. Light filtering through a mica lampshade hypnotise you with its mystical
Wood Lamps
Wood has a warm and inviting feel to it, which accounts for its continued popularity. Its natural look
comforts the minds of observers. Most wooden lamps have classic styling, but the richness of wood also
lends itself to today’s cutting-edge
table lamp
Wrought Iron Lamps
These lamps are built of parts and bars of wrought iron. The iron can be formed, welded or bent, lending
itself to an infinite number of styles. You can apply various kinds of finishes to them. A light and organic
background colour, like cream, pearl white or tan, sets wrought iron lamps off nicely.
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