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DAILYNEWSTHEALMANACSTORAGELIBRARY OF THEUNIVERSITYOF ILLINOIS1AT URBANA-OHAMPAICN310D1418922cop.The person this materialcharging is re-for its returnsponsible to the fromlibrarywhich it was withdrawn on or before theLatest Date below.stampedandTheft, mutilation, ofunderlining booksare reasons for actiondisciplinary and mayresult in dismissal from the University.UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS LIBRARY AT URBANA-CHAMPAIGNRETURN TOMOTE STORAGESWAYli03'9696JUN051SL161 O-1096INCORPORATED 1857.. ,AND SURPLUSCAPITAL $3,600,000The Merchants'Loan and Trust Co.A BANKING BUSINESS TRANSACTED.GENERALFOREIGN EXCHANGE .1Letters Credit and CommercialTravelers ofCredits issued available in all the of. CABLE TRANSFERS MADE.WASHINGTON& DEARBORN-STS.,CHICAGO.J. President. 2d Vice-Pres.W. ORSONDOANE, SMITH,P. L. Vice-President. F. C. Cashier.YOE, OSBORN,F. N. Ass't Cashier.WILDER,TRUSTEES:A. H. BURLEY. DEKOVEN. W.JOHN J. DOANE.MARSHALL FIELD. CYRUS H. M.McCORMICK. GEO. PULLMAN.JOHN TYRRELL. E. T. WATKINS. P. L. YOE.ALBERT KEEP. LAMBERT TREE. ERSKINE M. PHELPS.ORSON SMITH.THE DAILY NEWSALMANACANDPOLITICAL REGISTERFOR1892.COMPILED BY GEO. E. A. LL. B.PLUMBE, B.,EIGHTH YEAR.ISSUED BYTHE CHICAGO DAILY NEWS.PREFACE.THEDAILYNEWS ALMANAC whilefor cover-1892,with its usual wide iscompleteness ofing range subjects, speciallybe ato vade mecum the of thedesigned for presidential campaignA theof and underyear. complete comparison imports ...


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DAILYNEWSTHE ALMANAC STORAGE LIBRARY OF THE UNIVERSITYOF ILLINOIS 1 AT URBANA-OHAMPAICN 310 D14 1892 2cop. The person this materialcharging is re- for its returnsponsible to the fromlibrary which it was withdrawn on or before the Latest Date below.stamped andTheft, mutilation, ofunderlining books are reasons for actiondisciplinary and may result in dismissal from the University. UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS LIBRARY AT URBANA-CHAMPAIGN RETURN TO MOTE STORAGES WAYli 03'96 96JUN051S L161 O-1096 INCORPORATED 1857. . ,AND SURPLUSCAPITAL $3,600,000 The Merchants' Loan and Trust Co. A BANKING BUSINESS TRANSACTED.GENERAL FOREIGN EXCHANGE . 1 Letters Credit and CommercialTravelers of Credits issued available in all the of . CABLE TRANSFERS MADE. WASHINGTON& DEARBORN-STS., CHICAGO. J. President. 2d Vice-Pres.W. ORSONDOANE, SMITH, P. L. Vice-President. F. C. Cashier.YOE, OSBORN, F. N. Ass't Cashier.WILDER, TRUSTEES: A. H. BURLEY. DEKOVEN. W.JOHN J. DOANE. MARSHALL FIELD. CYRUS H. M.McCORMICK. GEO. PULLMAN. JOHN TYRRELL. E. T. WATKINS. P. L. YOE. ALBERT KEEP. LAMBERT TREE. ERSKINE M. PHELPS. ORSON SMITH. THE DAILY NEWS ALMANAC AND POLITICAL REGISTER FOR 1892. COMPILED BY GEO. E. A. LL. B.PLUMBE, B., EIGHTH YEAR. ISSUED BY THE CHICAGO DAILY NEWS. PREFACE. THEDAILYNEWS ALMANAC whilefor cover-1892, with its usual wide iscompleteness ofing range subjects, specially be ato vade mecum the of thedesigned for presidential campaign A theof and underyear. complete comparison imports exports the old andnew thereader towill enable determine what hastariffs been the the the Ain laws. andeffect of fullchange tariff impar- tial the and with allhistory of of gold silver, ofcoinage summary laws since the theformation is so thatpassed of government, given^ tt be seen the twomay how metals have been used in ourreadily andhow the ratio between the two has been maintained.coinage 1An account the rise and the movement inof progress of farmers the United States is interest.of timely Liberal is allotted to the World's Fair atspace Chicago. 7he New Orleans massacre and fhe diplomatic correspondence with out it are t> eated at A ac-Italy growing of length. complete count the with a statementof canal, of previousNicaragua efforts at its is The and culmination theconstruction, ofgiven. progress theconfederation movement in Australia and Chilean whichwar, are the that awakenedevents have in-among foreign widespread terest in are discussedthis country, concisely In matters the the at creed revisionreligious history of efforts in the church is set out at some thePresbyterian length subject interest to Christians allof denominations.being general of "was an but elections have been heldPolitically "offyear1891 in nineteen states, which chose their thesejive of governors. Among are some that are as in the elec-five regarded pivotal presidential tion the while all have an on thatof year, important bearing contest. Y NEWSALMANA as will beTheDA1L C seen1892,for a amount new matterto its indeod contains vast ofby reference and value. Nowhich is of very general public importance pains have to meet the universaldemand andbeen for non-partisanspared andreliable information upon educational, political, financial relig- 1he census returns have been drawn on muchious foraffairs. late and valuable statistical matter. The invitation is renewed by the editor to all work to him With criticisms\thefriends of furnish and issues.forsuggestions future Chicago, January, 1892. News .AlmanacChicago Daily 1892. ECLIPSES. Tn the 1892 there will be four two of the Sun and two of the Moon.year eclipses I. A Total of the 26. Invisible. Visible to the western coast of SouthEclipse Sun, April America andSouth Pacific Ocean. II. A Partial of the 11. Visible more or less toEclipse Moon, May Europe, Asia, Africa, Western South eastern of North America and AtlanticAustralia, America, edge Ocean. as follows:Occurring Eastern Time.Standard. Central Time. ]). H. M. D. H. M. Middle of eclipse , 11 5 53 A. Invisible. Moon leaves shadow 11 7 37 A. 11 6 37 A. 11 8 53 A. 11 7 53 A.penumbra. of 0.959 (moon's diameter 1).Magnitude eclipse equals equals III. A Partial of the Sun, October 20. Visible to North America to Cal-Eclipse (except ifornia and western half of Mexico), to the northern of South West andpart America, Indies, of the North Atlantic Ocean. as follows:larger portion Occurring Standard. EndsBegins. Digits eclipsed. M. Boston 8 A. New York A.6 Pittsburg 58 A. Washington 5 A. Charleston 11 A. Cincinnati 52 A. Chicago 20 41 A. St. Paul 20 25 A. Omaha '_'() 22 A, Nasnville 20 52 A. St. Louis 40 A. Atlanta S! 1 A. 'JO A.NewOrleans 50 20 A.Bismarck 5 20 11Denver 52 M. M.Salt Lake City 20 11 21 Santa F6 20 11 47 M. IV. A Total of the Moon, November 4. Invisible. Visible more or less to theEclipse uorthwestern of North America, Asia, Australia, eastern halfof Africa, andportion Europe, Pacific Ocean. MORNING AND EVENING STARS. about andMercury will be Morning Star January 19, May Ifi, September 11, December 31; and StaraboutMarch 30, July 28, and November 22.Evening Venus will be Star till July 9; and Morning Star the rest of the year.Evening will be Star till March 20; then Star till October 12, andJupiter Morning Star the rest of theEvening again year. CHURCH DAYS AND CYCLES OF TIME. Circumcision Jan. First day of Pesach .Apr. 12 HebrewNewYean5653).Sept, 22 15 Good Michaelmas .........Sept.29Epiphany Friday Day Candlemas .Feb. Easter .Apr. 17 Advent ..........Nov. 27Sunday Sunday ,Feb. Low 24 Dominical Letters....... C.B.Beptuagealma Shrove .Feb. 22 ...................... 1Sunday Rogation Sunday .May Epact Ash .Mar. Ascension % Golden Number.......... 12Wednesday Day First inLent.. Mar. Whit .June 5 ............... 25Sunday Sunday SolarCycle Purim .Mar. June 12 Roman Indiction......... 5Trinity St. Patrick .Mar. Christ! 16 Julian Period............ 6605Corpus Palm Mohammedan New Y'r 26Sunday .Apr. .July fStoon's pjjases*