Chicago social and club register
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Chicago social and club register


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CHICAGO SOCIALandCLUB REGISTERThis is nnmlwr 7copy /of a limited edition.Copyright Crest 1921by Publishers,CHICAGO SOCIALANDCLUB REGISTERwar'CREST PUBLISHERSCHICAGOandThe writes; writ.moving finger havingnor all nor witMoves on: your pietylure it back to cancel aShall line,halftears wash out a word it.Nor all your ofOMAR KHAYYAM.FOREWORDBOVE the turmoil of thethere aarises blatantcityiscall. It the ofbuglethe instrument ofunrest, Democ-This master influence hasracy.awakened till atnow,humanitythe dawn of the twentieth cen-oftury, practically every daughterhas set her standardChicago givenof attainment and has striventoward herearnestly goal. Manyhave won their honors and bornethem hence this scroll,gracefullythat we for the annalsrecord,mayof Prominenttime, Chicago'sWomen and their lestactivities,in the ofwe theforget, gloriesthe honors of the hour.future,HE Social and Club"Chicago Register"is the first book to be inpublished,of Women theirandrecognition Chicagoachievements. It is of valueparticularas in instances it will thebemanyrecord of the life work ofonly printedWomen in themany prominent Civic,Commercial andPhilanthropic, Professional,Political circles of our city.A most sincere effort has been made to procureauthentic data from all for inclusion.eligiblein instances willHowever, names be lack-manywhich should have been but ining included,all such cases the omission is not duepracticallyto lack of effort on ...


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CHICAGO SOCIAL and CLUB REGISTER This is nnmlwr 7copy / of a limited edition. Copyright Crest 1921by Publishers, CHICAGO SOCIAL AND CLUB REGISTER war' CREST PUBLISHERS CHICAGO andThe writes; writ.moving finger having nor all nor witMoves on: your piety lure it back to cancel aShall line,half tears wash out a word it.Nor all your of OMAR KHAYYAM.