Choosing the Right Stand Light for each and every Space
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Choosing the Right Stand Light for each and every Space

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Choosing the Right Stand Light for each and every Space


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Published 23 January 2012
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Choosing the Right Stand Light for each and every
Are you looking to get a table lamp for one or more rooms in your house? If so, here are some
things to think about for each room.
Your Lounge
In terms of décor, your living room may be the most important room in your home, because it’s
ordinarily the room your guests will spend the most time in. Table lamps are an important part
of establishing your décor, so you’ll have to be sure any lamp you purchase blends into the
living room décor you'd like to build.
Whether you are creating a new site or remodeling, there is sometimes the challenge of
whether to go with chic styles, colours and design
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schemes, or to remain with a
traditional look that will continue to look suitable years down the road.
The most significant factor involved in obtaining a table lamp might be the lampshade. If your
living room has a traditional theme, you might want to acquire a lamp with a conical shade. For
a modern look, you might consider a drum shade. If the lamp will be placed near a television
set, you should get an opaque shade for it, to minimize glare. The shade should never reach out
over the perimeter of the table it’s resting upon.
The actual Dining area
For the dining room, you’ll need an useful
lamp shades UK
, preferably one with either a dimmer
switch or a three-way switch. This will allow you to see what you’re doing when you’re setting
the table, but will also let you dim the lights down when you would like to achieve a romantic
atmosphere. An opaque shade covering a shiny, metallic interior will cast a romantic glow. Release 2011
For any dining room lamp that doesn’t sit on the dining table itself, you should contemplate
getting one that’s tall, as long as it doesn’t shine in anyone’s eyes as they’re eating. It should
also be skinny so that it doesn’t take up much space.
The bed room
In the bedroom, it doesn’t much matter whether anyone else might or might not like the lamp
you pick out, except your partner. This is a private sanctuary, so just pick out a lamp you and
your partner like.
If you plan to read by the lamp, you should check the angle and height of the light you need
before you buy the
lamp. You'll want the light to fall on the page of your book, not in
your partner's eyes.
Keep the shade small so you won't bang into it when you are lunging for your alarm clock. A
metal shade can help direct light onto your book, but metal can seem cold in a bedroom.
Material and paper shades are preferable.
A Children's Room
If you want to get a lamp for a child’s room, it needs to be unbreakable and safe. Don’t use
halogen bulbs, as their high heat can burn kids or become a fire hazard.
Light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs are practically indestructible and are cool to the touch. They
also save energy as well as last a long time, although they're pricey in the beginning.
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