Bedlam Book Review

Bedlam Book Review

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Bedlam – “Bedlam!



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Published 16 March 2014
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Bedlam – “Bedlam!” The pretty name, produced from a nickname for the Bethlehem Hospital, conjures up graphical pictures of nude individuals inside dirty conditions, or parading untended wards deluded which they are Napoleon or Jesus Christ. This usual image of madness will be traced to William Hogarth’s 1735 Rake’s Progress series, that shows Bedlam because a freak show providing entertainment for Londoners between trips to the zoo, puppet shows, plus public executions. That this might be nonetheless the many effective image of Bedlam, over 2 centuries later, claims much regarding the prevailing attitude to mental disease, though the Bedlam of the prevalent creativeness is lengthy gone. The hospital was relocated to the suburbs of Kent inside 1930, plus Sydney Smirke’s impres… Read More >>>
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