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•University of Maryland Commencement May 23, 2002CONTENTSTABLE OF2 Congratulations fromthe Presidentfrom the Alumni3 MessageAssociation4 Message fi-om the SeniorCouncil5 Order ofCommencement6 Schedule of Events7 Campus Map8 The University of Maryland11 Customs ofCommencement13 Commencement Speaker14 University Medal RecipientGraduating Student Speaker1516 Candidates for MayUniversity of MarylandGraduate Degrees•Commencement May 200223,37 Candidates for MayUndergraduate Degreesand Scholars71 Honors78 Student Marshals79 Academic and Special Awards85 Honor Societies92 Athletic Awards94 University OfficialsOfficials95 Commencementand StaffBEST WISHES AND CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL GRADUATESm ongratulatioiis on the completion ofyour degrees! Earning a university degreeis milestone in your lives, and you and your families should be very proud ofa^^^^^„*^ your accomplishment. I predict that in the years to come, you will increasinglyeducation have received at Maryland.You have learned not only the factsappreciate the youand current theories that underlie your field, but you have also learned how to tormulate andunderpm your ideas. may have thought that you were coming here to get your questionsYouanswered, but by now you have learned that you really came here to question your answers.University ofMaryland has offered you opportunities to develop your academic interestsTheand talents, and extend your intellectual and cultural horizons.These ...


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•University of Maryland Commencement May 23, 2002 CONTENTSTABLE OF 2 Congratulations from the President from the Alumni3 Message Association 4 Message fi-om the Senior Council 5 Order ofCommencement 6 Schedule of Events 7 Campus Map 8 The University of Maryland 11 Customs ofCommencement 13 Commencement Speaker 14 University Medal Recipient Graduating Student Speaker15 16 Candidates for May University of Maryland Graduate Degrees •Commencement May 200223, 37 Candidates for May Undergraduate Degrees and Scholars71 Honors 78 Student Marshals 79 Academic and Special Awards 85 Honor Societies 92 Athletic Awards 94 University Officials Officials95 Commencement and Staff BEST WISHES AND CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL GRADUATES m ongratulatioiis on the completion ofyour degrees! Earning a university degree is milestone in your lives, and you and your families should be very proud ofa^ ^^^^„*^ your accomplishment. I predict that in the years to come, you will increasingly education have received at Maryland.You have learned not only the factsappreciate the you and current theories that underlie your field, but you have also learned how to tormulate and underpm your ideas. may have thought that you were coming here to get your questionsYou answered, but by now you have learned that you really came here to question your answers. University ofMaryland has offered you opportunities to develop your academic interestsThe and talents, and extend your intellectual and cultural horizons.These experiences will guide you have also new fi-iends during your time here and found newthroughout your hfe.You made mentors, and they too will enrich your life in many ways that no one can predict today. would know how we, faculty appreciateAs you leave us, I like you to much the and staff', your accomplishments as scholars, artists, athletes and leaders—as individuals.You have enriched university new levelsour lives and have helped the reach ofdistinction and esteem. I urge you to stay connected with us and take full advantage ofthe benefits ofbeing a member ofthe University ofMaryland family. I hope that you will return to campus often, continue to support us, and help us shape the future ofnew generations ofstudents.You are now members ofthe university's alumni family, and we welcome you to this special group. Please considerjoining us for the campus-wide open house, Maryland Day 2003, on Saturday,April 26, 2003. You have my very best wishes for success in all your endeavors.We are proud ofeach and every one ofyou! Yours sincerely, C. D. Mote, Jr. President 'ERSITY OF MARYLAND MESSAGE FROM THE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Alumni Association, congratulations!behalfofthe University ofMaryland andwishes to those you have received from your facultyOn I add our very best other university friends. ofEciallycommencement ceremony today includes a special tradition.You will beYour Alumni Association by Paul Carey M.B.A. '82, this year'sinducted as a member ofthe Maryland membership.president. Our gift to you on this day is a one-year compUmentaryassociation gives you an opportunity to stay involved with yourMembership in the alumni association needs andmater, to go places and to continue to learn. Our programs meet manyalma educational or recreational. us on a trip to Spain where ainterests—whether cultural, Join School ofMusicuniversity professor is your guide, at the opera with representatives from the watches around the country let you cheer on theTerpsand, ofcourse, at athletic events. Game with fellow Maryland fans. benefits and services that membership brings—and how to activateLearn more about the your membership online—at very pleased to offer you access to the Terp Alumni Network.The alumni association is also alumni directory and e-mailThe network is a free onHne alunmi community', featuring an very own permanent and personal Terp e-mail address!forwarding. Imagine your connecting with you often in theWhether it's virtual or face-to-face, we look forward to congratulations—and welcome to the Maryland family ofalumni.years ahead.Again, Sincerely, '81Danita D. Nias University ofMaryland Alumni AssociationExecutive Director, SPRING COMMENCEMENT MESSAGE FROM THE SENIOR COUNCIL The Spring Graduates ORDER OF COMMENCEMENT • a.m.• Cole Student Activities Building 9:00Thursday, May 23, 2002 Musical SelectionPresiding MaterAlma RcpithlUCD. Mote, Tlie Batik Hymn of theDr. Jr. soloist withUniversity of Maryland Linda Mabbs, sopranoPresident, EnsembleThe SymphonicWind Hail! Alma Mater Master of Ceremonies ConductorMr.Waketield, Mr.James N. Newton Maryland!Hail to thee, AddressUndergraduate Studies Steadfast in loyalty; Mr.William K. Marimow Processional Editor and SeniorVice President we stand.For tliee, SymphonicWind Ensemble Tlic [Baltimore] Sun Mr. E.WakefieldJohn Love for the Black and Gold MarylandConductor University of hearts we hold.Deep in ourInductionAlumni Association Invocation '82Mr. Paul CareyJ. Singing thy praise forever. Dr. All Darwish of MarylandPresident, University Mushm Chaplain Throughout the land. Alumni Association The National Anthem Message to the Graduates Ms. Linda Mabbs, Soprano Dr. Mote Greetings Floor Seating ArrangementDoctoral,Conferring of Graduates in Cole Student Activities BuildingMr.JosephVivona for Bachelor's DegreesMaster's and Interim Chancellor, Dr. Mote MarylandUniversity System of Presentation of Colleges and Schools INPORMATIONMr. Nathan A. Chapman Maryland DeansUniversity System of Board ofRegents Benediction Senior Class Gift Presentation Dr. Darwish Sammy Popat Recessional Adam Wexler SymphonicWind Ensemble Senior Council Presentation of University Medal Dr. Mote Remarks to the Graduates Zachary Bookman Graduating Senior SCHEDULE OF EVENTS graduation exercises for colleges and schools will be held at various campus Individual locations Thursday and several ceremonies wiU take place on Wednesday evening.on Guests are urged to be seated approximately one half-hour prior to the designated time the ceremonies if they wish to observe the student and faculty processional.for Graduates, their famiUes and friends are cordially invited and encouraged to join with of faculty the reception to be held on McKeldin Malluniversity officials and members the at following the campus-wide commencement. Shutde bus service will provide free transportation across the campus throughout the day. Campus-wide Conimencement 2:30 p.m. Connnunication 9:0(1 Activities Ritchie Coliseuma.m. Cole Students Building Reception: College of Behavioral and Social Sciences 1 1:0(1 a.m. - 4:()0 p.m. McKeldin Mall 1:00 p.m. Cole Student Activities Building College ofAgriculture and Natural Resources College ofEducation 12:()(.) p.m. Memorial Chapel 12:(X) p.m. Reckord Armory School ofArchitecture College ofHealth and Human Performance 12:00 p.m. Great Space 12:00 p.m. Ritchie Coliseum College ofArts and Humanities—Department Gatherings School of Public Affairs I2:(.I0 p.m. American Studies/Women's Studies 12:00 p.m. Van Munching Hall,Tyser Auditorium Skinner Building,Room 0200 College of Information Studies 12:00 p.m. Art History 12:(.)0 p.m. Biology/Psychology' Building, Room 1240 Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, College of Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences Gildenhorn Recital Hall 2:30 p.m. Reckord Armory 12:00 p.m. Art Studio Clark School ofEngineeringA.James Stamp Student Union, Grand Ballroom 4:30 p.m. Cole Student Activities Building 12:00 p.m. Classics Philip Merrill College ofJournalism Tydings Hall, Room 0130 2:30 p.m. Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, Concert Hall 12:00 p.m. Dance/Tlicatre Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, KayTheatre 12:00 p.m. Foreign Languages/Linguistics Wednesday, May 22, 2002 Tydings HaU,Room 0130 Individual Studies 12:00 p.m. History/Jewish Studies/Russian Area Studies .S:0() p.m. Nyumburu Cultural Center, Multi-purpose room Physics Building,Room 1410 College of Behavioral and Social Sciences Graduate Ceremony 12:00 p.m. Music 7:00 p.m. Memorial Chapel Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, Concert Hall College of Life Sciences 12:00 p.m. Philosophy 7:0(.) p.m. Ritchie Coliseum Mane Mount Hall, Room 1400 Robert H. Smith School of Business 2:30 p.m. EngUsh/Comparative Studies 7:00 p.m. Cole Student Activities BuildingTawes Theatre ^OF M A R CAMPUS MAP — THE UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND to respond with rigor as well as creativity to contemporary problems. There are 13 schools and colleges within the organizational structure ofthe University of Marv'land. Seven ofthese units the Smith School ofBusiness, the College of Education, the Clark School ofEngineering, the College ofJournahsm, the College ofComputer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences, the College of Information Studies and the School ofPubUc Affairs—have been recognized by their peers and in various rankings as among the best in the nation.Today, there25 theTopA Bold New Era mUHon of a $90 rmUion National are 65 programs ranked in From its pre-CivilWar roots as the Science Foundation fiind created 25 nationally for their academic state s first agricultural college and to support the most advanced IT quality. The breadth of this one ofAmerica's original land research in the country.And that excellence is a source ofpride for grant institutions, the University' of funding impacts research areas students, faciJty and staffand is Maryland has emerged as a public fixjm engineering to computer sci- endorsement for the university's research university ofnational ence to geography to social sci- flagship status among the state's stature, highly regarded for its ences.The momentum of recent institutions ofhigher education. broad base of excellence in teach- years has poised the university to The university has enjoyed a ing and research. Maryland's move into the top ranks of higher decade ofmomentum in all ofthe beautifial 1 ,200-acre campus is in education and take leadership in areas that affect quality.The average the heart ofthe 1-270 research shaping the research university of high school GPA ofentering corridor that is fueling a burgeon- the 21st century. students has zoomed upward &om ing information technologi,' and The university's commitment 3.01 to 3.76, and the average SATs biotechnology industry. to quality education in a research are now 1246. Sponsored research By virtually every measure of environment is key to its academic and outreach has nearly tripled in quality, the University ofMaryland reputation and the success of its the same 10-year period, reaching has gained national recognition as graduates.The research enterprise $308.5 million for FYOl. Private one ofthe fastest rising compre- infijses the curriculum at both the giving has increased even more hensive research institutions in the undergraduate and graduate levels, dramatically, from $17 million to country. In fall 2000, after a exposing students to the most $77 milhon in FYOl.Alumni nationwide competition, the uni- pressing issues and challenges in Association membership has been versity received a grant of$9.5 their discipUne and training them growing at an average rate of 10 OF MARYLAND