Company Registration in UK for Non-Residents

Company Registration in UK for Non-Residents


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Description - Are you planning to open up a company in the UK as a non-resident? Well, if yes there are some requirements for the Company registration in UK for non-residents.


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Published 30 April 2017
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Company Registration in UK for Non-Residents Are you planning to open up a company in the UK as a non-resident? Well, if yes there are some requirements for theCompany registration in UK for non-residents.Forming a private limited company is the easiest option for the non-residents. The application process and the registration process that should be followed is same for both residents and non-residents.
Company registration in the UK for non-residents:
If you are planning to register a company, you must have a director, a shareholder and a proper name of the company. Moreover, you also have the option of appointing more than one directors for your company. The major requirements for the registration of the company in the UK include the presence of a registered address for the company. No matter if you are a resident of the UK or not, you need to provide a proper address to the Companies House so that the procedures can be completed in a proper way.
There are three different ways from which you can completeCompany registration in UK for non-residents.The first way is through an online registered through the website of Companies House. The next option is to hire an agent for that purpose. He will handle all the procedures and communications on your behalf. The third option is to complete the registration process by post. If you are planning to use this option, you will have to complete all the legal documents properly and then post it with the application and the registration fee.
For non-residents, it is recommended that the people should go for hiring an agent for the completion of formation and registration process. The reason is that the process will be done in around 3 to 6 working hours. With this process, the process doesn't have to go to the office or meet any related person. All the paperwork and the necessary things will be done with the help of an agent.
Things non-residents should know about companies in the UK: If you are a non-resident and planning to form a company in the UK, you must know the following important points: All the companies must be registered according to the Companies act 2006. The company must have a name that is not similar to any other company of the UK. The address that will be registered must be the official address of the company. This address will be then placed on the public record and it will be further used by the Companies House or HMRC for further proceedings. All of the limited companies needs to strictly follow the filling and reporting requirements as per the guidelines of the government. All the directors that will be related to the company must fulfill their requirements same as the directors of the UK. No matter if they live in the UK or outside the UK. The duties will be similar. After the completion of registration process, the company will have to register themselves for the corporation tax after the trading began. The details of the company that will be registered will be displayed on the public record. This will include all the basic information about directors, shareholders, people who have significant control in the company and secretaries.
Every director of the company must provide an official address to the Companies House. The address that will be provided by the directors can be located at any place in the world. It is required to send official mails.
Business accounts for the non-residents:
For establishing a business in the UK, you need to have a bank account. Although it is quite difficult to open up a bank account in the UK when you are not residents. Banks avoid this situation due to the increased cases of fraud. But there are no requirements from the Companies House that the bank account must be in the UK. It can be opened up in your residential country as well.
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