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2008 six crows gathering and spiritual retreat

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August 21, 22, 23, 24 at Six Crows Earth Temple, Twin Lake, MI 2008 Six Crows Gathering and Spiritual Retreat Swimming with the Undines — Soak, Splash, Shape, and Shift International Chant Master Nancy Watters will provide information about where to obtain free Wonderful late breaking news! — What a downloads of some of her music. Nancy says she has treat! International Chant Master Nancy Watters will be had new music coming through this summer, which she joining us this year to lead the Friday morning music hopes to have posted by then, but in any case we will circle with Dawn Prayers and Chants. The Canadian be one of the first groups to hear it live! Learn more songstress and devout student of sacred song will about Nancy at www.sacredworldsong.com.offer us the sweet nectar of morning devotions at 8 am Friday. Drum circle/shamanic journey drum — Nancy’s presentations feature beautiful, melodic, On another musical note, we have lined up a leader world chants in nine languages, accompanied by for our drum circle in the person of Laura Mitchell, sonic tapestries created with Tibetan singing bowls, from Grand Haven. Laura will provide the drum beat native and African drums, ektara, and other world for Margret’s Shamanic Journey Friday night, and instruments. She willl facilitate a group experience of lead a drumming circle Saturday morning during GoS. improvised chant and sacred toning, using mystical We have a bonus in Laura in that she is a shamanic passages about love and unity from the Baha’i Writings. practitioner in her own right. She will be collaborating She will have some of her acclaimed CDs on hand and in Margret’s shamanic workshops this fall. Please note: The page adjacent is a late addition. Scroll down for the complete newsletter delineating the gathering. Schedule of Events The Six Crows Gathering and Spiritual Retreat August 21-24, 2008 This is an open assembly of seekers sharing a common interest in Earth-centered and esoteric philosophies, and creating sacred space without and within. This gathering is eclectic with Native American leanings, and invites profound reverence and affirming unity. It is strictly not-for-profit so there is no charge to attend, camp, share our spiritual gifts, or use the Trading Post. Comings and goings are discouraged. Even locals are encouraged to stay and camp. Breaking sacred circle is disruptive and disjunctive to both your own flow and that of others. Furthermore, some of the most profound experiences happen in sharings outside programming, i.e. Talking Stick or late night fireside chats. And there is nothing more profound than communing with the Sacred Fire on the night shift, the silence between the notes that makes our symphonies possible, the place between the worlds where all creation spawns, the space spirit needs to move through us. Don’t sell yourself short. Thursday, August 21 10 am S E T U P (Meals are independent) | Trading Post Open — Location Lower Lounge/Lower Deck 6 pm Opening Ceremony/Sacred Fire Awakened/Counsel of Deities/Business/Introductions — Location Medicine Wheel 8 pm Cerridwen’s Cauldron with Lady Bona Dea Lyonesse — Location Medicine Wheel Alt: Sweat Lodge Ceremony — Location Sweat Area 9:30 pm Talking Stick — Location Medicine Wheel (join the circle anytime with deference to the speaker) Friday, August 22 8 am-12 pm Gifts of the Spirit — Location Orchard 8 am Dawn Prayers and Chants with Nancy Watters — Location Medicine Wheel 12 pm COMMUNITY LUNCH 1 pm F R E E T I M E | Trading Post Open — Location Lower Lounge/Lower Deck 2 pm Medicine Wheel Teaching with Red Spider Weaving — 3:30 pm Making Ritual Evocations FUN! with Andrieh Vitimus — Location Medicine Wheel 5 pm COMMUNITY SUPPER 6:30 pm — 8 pm Shamanic Journey: Discover your Power Animal and Find Help for Immediate Concerns with Margret Bazany — Location Medicine Wheel 8 pm Alt: Sweat Lodge Ceremony — Location Sweat Area 9:30 pm Talking Stick — Location Medicine Wheel (join the circle anytime with deference to the speaker) Saturday, August 23 8 am-12 pm Gifts of the Spirit — Location Orchard 10 am Jest for Kids with Valrey Llewlaka — Location Lower Fire Pit 11 am Drumming Circle — Location Medicine Wheel 12 pm COMMUNITY LUNCH 1 pm Silent Auction Travel Fund last call/auction close, winners announced 1 pm F R E E T I M E | Trading Post Open — Location Lower Lounge/Lower Deck 2 pm Water’s Journey with Lady Bona Dea Lyonesse/Patricia DeSandro — Location Medicine Wheel 3:30 pm Releasing Judgment to Make Room for Abundant Joy, Grace, and Ease with Adam El David and Karen Teasdale David — Location Medicine Wheel 5 pm COMMUNITY SUPPER 6:30 pm — 7:30 pm Counsel of Deities — Location Medicine Wheel 9 pm Undine Shapeshifting Ritual with Andrieh Vitimus — Location Medicine Wheel 10:30 pm Talking Stick — Location Medicine Wheel (join the circle anytime with deference to the speaker) Sunday, August 24 9 am Trading Blanket — Location Medicine Wheel 10:30 am Closing Ceremony/Sacred Fire Put to Sleep/Wraparound TWMA — Location Medicine Wheel 12 pm CLOSING FEAST AND SACRED BUFFALO STEW 2 pm… T E A R D O W N Registration Six Crows Gathering and Spiritual Retreat August 21-24, 2008 Name(s): Address: Tel(s): Email: Gift of the Spirit No Yes Describe Children? No Yes Ages Previously Attended No Yes How did you learn about the gathering? Additional information you would like to share about yourself Mail to: Linda Margaret Ritz White, 3646 Hart Rd., Twin Lake MI 49457 or Email info to: linda@sixcrows.org Registration Six Crows Gathering and Spiritual Retreat August 21-24, 2008 Name(s): Address: Tel(s): Email: Gift of the Spirit No Yes Describe Children? No Yes Ages Previously Attended No Yes How did you learn about the gathering? Additional information you would like to share about yourself Mail to: Linda Margaret Ritz White, 3646 Hart Rd., Twin Lake MI 49457 or Email info to: linda@sixcrows.org August 21, 22, 23, 24 at Six Crows Earth Temple, Twin Lake, MI 2008 Six Crows Gathering and Spiritual Retreat Swimming with the Undines — Soak, Splash, Shape, and Shift Enter 2008 — treading water won’t do anymore! Tap into the Unconscious Universe of the water, is responsible for the vitality within all Last year, we had fire in our bellies. This year, liquids, so they play an essential role in the lives we’re all about integrating water, and we’ll be of all our relations: the plants, the animals, and swimming with the Undines. the humans. Graceful and gracious, sympathetic Our fifth annual Six Crows Gathering and Spiritual and loving, they are friendly to humans, and in Retreat aims straight for the heart of the matter, fact, the most human in appearance of all the tapping into the unconscious universe, the seat elementals. Undines are also seductive, and their of our hopes and habits; dreams and illusions; presence has a strong influence on our emotional passion, pride, and prejudice; vision; well-being, particularly in matters — An annual assembly of and personal power. Some of love and friendship, desire seekers sharing a common of the themes we’ll explore and lust. interest in Earth-centered include emotionality; sexuality, (Of course, all elementals are and esoteric philosophies, sensuality; balance; release balanced within their, well... creating sacred space of obstructions such as elements, i.e. water nurtures judgment, attachment, and the without and within. This is and adapts, but it also ravages past; forgiveness; invocation and stagnates. See Page 3, a not-for-profit event, and and evocation; generating Oh Those Seductive Undines, attendance, camping, trance states; non-traditional to learn more about theseTrading Post are free. banishing methods, personal elementals of the water.) peace; and the restoration of joy and innocence. Andrieh’s ritual will lead us in a merger with an Undine for elemental assistance in personal areas Enter the Undine of water need and/or desire, and to facilitate the This year’s featured presenter, Frater Andrieh invocation of desirable water attributes. Remember Vitimus, Asogwe level Houngan in Haitian Vodou, that Undines are present in everything comprising Usui/Karuna Reiki master, teacher, hypnotherapist, water, and we humans certainly are largely water; life coach, and long-time magician, is designing a also Undines are able to a great extent to control Saturday night Shapeshifting Ritual that promises the course and function of the water element, so to entice the Undines in all their allure. we should have a lively and powerful session. Mind you,... continued: see Soak Page 3The activity of Undines, those captivating creatures Page 2 Six Crows Gathering Greetings Friends; Event Standards What a crazy and wonderful year it has been in Gifts of the Spirit (GoS)our neck of the woods. A lot of change, but all Friday and Saturday mornings we share our talents as good stuff. Our beautiful new home is pretty gifts to one another. We have had an incredible variety well complete, and we’ll be settled in by the of exchanges over the years, including stone, Tarot, time this newsletter is in your hands. hands-on, and Peruvian medicine bundle divination; Exciting changes are underway for The Gathering massage; Reiki and assorted other healing modalities; this year too. Last year, I asked you all for aura cleansing; yoga; manicures and pedicures; Hootchie suggestions and the big one was, more free time. Mama’s temporary tattoos; fire cleansing; music therapy; oil essence therapy; crystal therapy; etc. etc.So we’ve pushed back the opening ceremony and In the true essence of spiritual community, no one is required business to 6 pm Thursday. Also, we’ve added to provide or engage in a Gift of the Spirit, and no payment some wonderful alternatives to the Thursday and is expected or requested. Providers determine how they want Friday evening sweats. See the attached schedule, to offer their gifts (many are one on one in 30-minute time and the lineup Pages 4/5 for complete details. slots; some i.e. yoga are in groups and sometimes lengthier). I Give one day or the other, or part of each day. We encourage The other big change is that we’re moving all you to take time to receive others’ gifts as well as give. Come classes and ceremonies (except Sweat Lodge prepared with the tools of your trade.of course) to the Medicine Wheel, primarily to keep them closer to camp and the kitchen, Counsel of Deities (CoD)and to keep tenders of the Sacred Fire closer Counsel of Deities is a unique opportunity to invoke/to camp during night shifts. We’ll be installing access/hone the powers of the universe as we each more benches around the wheel, and should explore archetypal wisdoms within us. The baskets go comfortably seat 48. Of course, there’s plenty round during opening ceremony and through drawing, of room behind the benches to set up your own spirit reveals to you which deity is calling you to attention chairs as preferred. Also, we’ll be removing the this year. Craft supplies will be available (or bring your own) so you can make a pendant representing your deity. table and other fireside items and plants in the Early Saturday evening before the main ritual, our invoked Medicine Wheel to maximize space for sitting deities will introduce themselves around the Council Fire, around the fire during free time, Talking Stick, and share some wisdom thus gained. If this is your first and night shift tending of the Sacred Fire. time, don’t worry, it’s not nearly as scary as it may seem, We’ve acquired a small on demand hot water and really a barrel of fun and favor! heater, and will be installing a hot shower for Trading Blanketcampers’ use. The outdoor kitchen will be set up You may have attended gatherings where a giveaway as usual with grill, microwaves, water dispenser blanket is set down, and attendees drop off and pick up and drinking water, coffee pot, tea kettle, and what they need. At Six Crows, we have devised a variation dish washing facilities. We’ll have the basics on on this theme that we call Trading Blanket. Everyone hand, coffee, tea, and some breakfast foods. brings something they are ready to exchange, something We send out a car daily for supplies like ice. that has served their spiritual need, something they may have been gifted, or perhaps made, purchased, found, or We’re setting up a new Trading Post. This is a even traded, something that holds a meaningful story. place for gatherers to display, sell, trade, buy We anonymously place our items on the trading blanket one another’s wares at designated times when and take turns choosing something that calls out to us, programming is not in session. See the attached sharing the reason we selected it. The giver reveals his schedule. Between the lower lounge and lower or her identity, and tells the story of the object before deck areas (the walkout area on the lake side of selecting an item in turn. We all go home bearing a the house), we should be able to accommodate 25- wonderful spiritual memento of the weekend’s blessings. 30 traders. We’ll set up several long tables. First Note: Do not get caught up in material value. I have seen, come first serve. We’ll also have a literature table. given, and received everything from a simple found rock to family heirlooms, items that took little time or many hours to create, Finally, don’t forget to bring donated items – new, and cost very little or a great deal. Meaning is the key.recycled, personally made for the purpose, etc. continued: see Gathering Standards Page 8– for the Silent Auction Travel Fund to help with presenters’ travel expenses. Remember that There is no charge for camping, participating, their time is a gift. Let’s get them here and home. or vending/trading. Cash donations to help There’s a top secret special treat for the four with the purchase of firewood and other people whose items bring the highest proceeds. supplies, and porta-john rentals, are gratefully So... we’ll see you there. Have a great summer. accepted. Material donations are also welcome: herbs, paper products, old camp dishes/pans, Aho, Mitakuye Oyas’in (All our Relations) etc., and particularly this year, we need new Linda Red Spider Weaving old blankets for the sweat lodge. Page 3 Oh those Soak, splash, shape, shift ...conclusion from Page 1 by Saturday night, we’ll be knee deep in the metaphoric reeds, seductive fountains, marshlands, riverbeds, coral reefs and caverns, ocean waves, and archipelagos that are the playgrounds of the Undines. We are thrilled and honored to have Lady Bona Dea Lyonesse, Undines!! high priestess/elder in the Romano-Celtic Tradition of the Old Religion, Undines are the watery class of and 1999 founder of the Circle of the Sacred Grove, Temple of the elemental creatures, often called Old Religion , return to Six Crows in 2008 to kick off our watery “nature spirits”, that dwell within the explorations with Cerridwen’s Cauldron concurrent with the Thursday ethers, and govern all of nature. night Sweat Lodge. What better way to ease into a weekend dedicated to improving flow within (Earth spirits are called and without, than with Gnomes; Air spirits Sylphs; Fire spirits Salamanders; ritual chant and movement and Water spirits Undines.) designed to release non- Some Undine subgroups productive emotions and – all are female – include fill the void with peace! Nymphs and Mermaids. In addition to their They’re also sometimes evening rituals, Andrieh called Water Watchtowers and Bona Dea have each and Watersingers. promised us compelling According to their natures, afternoon presentations. they reside wherever water flows or pools: streams, ponds, Serious Fun lakes, and oceans. Every We can all take ourselves fountain has its nymph; too seriously, but who every ocean has oceanids. says deep connection Undines are water itself, and can’t be fun while serious? very beautiful in appearance, Andrieh promises to do taking on water’s shimmer just that Friday afternoon and colors. They’re also in his class, Making Ritual graceful and oh so seductive! Evocations FUN! He will Water spirits were first instruct us in generating recorded in the folklore of trance states, simplified the Greeks. The medieval invocation techniques, and scholar Paracelsus coined non-traditional banishing the word Undine, calling the methods, from his 2007 creatures “elementary beings book, Ovayki.of water.” Thus have they Bona Dea’s Saturday come to represent the element offering traces Water’sof water in the mystic rites of Kabbalists and Sufis. The Order Journey into our lives and physical bodies through a guided meditation. of the Golden Dawn calls upon them Our Friday night ceremony features Shamanic Journeying with to “praise God” in a ritual known as Margret Bazany, shamanic practitioner, archetype instructor, Benedicite Omnia Opera. interpersonal communications master, and Reiki master, of the Undines and humans enjoy a Dancing Dolphins, located at the Center of Unlimited Possibilities. symbiotic relationship. Having no As a special treat, we close out Saturday afternoon with some joy souls of their own, they get vicarious work, Releasing Judgment to Make Room for Abundant Joy, Grace, and pleasure joining us in dance, song, Ease, from our good friends Adam El David and Karen Teasdale- music, and merry-making, and in David, master healers in many multi-dimensional modalities given to return, offer depth of experience, them by the ascended masters and archangels, and initiators of the I including self-knowledge, passion, AM Mahatma Spiritual Ascension experience and triple flame therapy. compassion, love, emotional well- We’re still working on drummers to lead Friday and Saturday morning being, and inner peace. Drum Circles, and for Shamanic Journeying drum rolls and other trance Undines may gain a soul by induction as needed. At this point, it looks like we may have seasoned marrying a mortal and bearing him drummers from two Drums, from Ontario and Michigan.a child, thereafter suffering the See Pages 5-6 and the insert for full program/schedule information.pains and struggles of humanity. Page 4 Rituals and Presentations ability to shapeshift, not surprising Sweat Lodge since they are all that water implies. — Fri 8 pmCerridwen’s Cauldron As they have no souls of their own, For those who — Thurs 8 pm with Bona Dea Undines are highly attracted to prefer to sweat. Features ritual chanting, movement, humans, and eager to help us create See Page 7 and guided meditation, as Bona beauty and grace in our lives. There to learn more Dea introduces a new definition for are legends about Undines who married about sweats.forgiveness: transforming anger and humans and bore their children, and resentment toward individuals, partners, thus obtained solidity, form, and a Jest for Kidscommunity, and governments, nationally soul, and all the associated challenges. — Sat 10 am and internationally, into peace and Andrieh’s shapeshifting ritual leads with Valreyspiritual balance on our beloved planet. us to alchemical marriage or merger She says, bring your pains and irritants, The children are treated to a morning with an Undine. In other words, we and be prepared to give them up. filled with activities, including games, will make a temporarily exchange: our crafts, and mandalas, and explore solidity and form for their...well, we’ll Sweat Lodge some legends, myths, and stories. see. Come prepared to change. — Thurs 8 pm For those who prefer to sweat. See Drum Circle Please see insert for complete schedule of events.Page 7 to learn more about sweats. — Sat 11 am Join fellow gatherers for a drum circle. Dawn Prayers and Chants Bring all your musical instruments and — Fri 8 am with Nancy Watters implements. Concurrent with GoS. The sweet nectar of morning devotions, featuring improvised chant and sacred Water’s Journey toning, using mystical passages about — Sat 2 pm with Bona Dea love and unity from the Baha’i Writings. Connect with water on a very personal level and experience its cycle of Medicine Wheel Teaching existence. This experience will enable — Fri 2 pm with Red Spider you to become more consciously Journey around the Medicine Wheel, aware of the water that makes up the Medicine Wheel respect, and how to work bulk of your body, and feel the balance with the Wheel and the stones. See Page it can bring. 6 for more about the Medicine Wheel. Releasing Judgment to Make Room Making Ritual Evocations FUN! — Sat 3:30 pm with Adam and Karen — Fri 3:30 pm with Andrieh Adam and Karen use the trinity of Spice up your rituals with a bit of non- sound, color, and vibration, through traditional fun. Simplified invocation toning, visualization, and breath techniques will be covered including to promote release of personal generating trance states and working attachments to the past, which with non-traditional spirits such as obstruct mental, emotional and fictional entities or concepts. Non- spiritual freedom. They will also offer a traditional banishing methods will also blessing and healing for Mother Earth be presented from Andrieh’s 2007 in West Michigan and all of the planet. book, Ovayki. A hands-on focus on putting the FUN back into your rituals. Counsel of Deities — Sat 7:30 pm Discover your Power Animal Deities, gather at the Council Fire and — Fri 8 pm with Margret introduce yourselves! We call forth Margaret will offer a short introduction your wisdom and your beauty, your to Shamanism, then lead gatherers love and your strength. See Counsel of on a personal journey to discover or Deities Page 2 for more info. reconnect with our power animals, and invite these to share their wisdom and/or Undine Shapeshifting Ritual offer help for our immediate concerns. — Sat 9 pm with Andrieh After the journeys, those who wish may Can your water nature use some help? share their experiences. See Page 6 for Merge with the Undines. The Undines more info about Shamanic Journeying. are a race of water spirits with the Page 5 Ritualists and Presenters Andrieh Vitimus Lady Bona Dea Lyonesse Linda Red Spider Weaving Asogwe level Houngan in Haitian High Priestess/Elder in the Romano- Linda Margaret Ritz White Vodou, Usui / Karuna Reiki Master Celtic Tradition, Bona Dea founded the is caretaker for Six Crows Teacher, hypnotherapist, life coach, Circle of the Sacred Grove, Temple Earth Temple, and organizer of the author, and long time magician, of the Old Religion in 1999. She has annual Six Crows Gathering and Andrieh has presented throughout the studied many spiritual traditions and Spiritual Retreat. Her humble mission Midwest. His 2007 book, Ovayki, is a meditative techniques, and has been is to facilitate the gathering of like testament to magical living. Andrieh is teaching and leading workshops and energies for sacred connection and also published in Magic on the Edge, public ritual since 1993. A clairvoyant/ communion. Six Crows is home to Manifesting Prosperity, Key 23/64, clairaudient medium since early an eclectic offering of ceremonies, Konton, The Pop Culture Grimore. childhood, she was instructed on including Sweat Lodge, Full Moon, Andrieh is a member in good standing reading with stones by a spirit guide and Medicine Wheel, during the past of the Illuminates of Thanateros, during meditation, and has read for five years. Red Spider is a keen America Section, and is a member the public since 1993. Bona Dea is student of, as well as instructor in the of the Roots Without End Society. He a certified hypnotherapist with the esoteric arts. Her diverse background can be reached via his website, at International Medical and Dental in communications, helping fields, http://www.andriehvitimus.com. Hypnotherapy Association, and is and alchemy set the stage for Red working on her doctorate in clinical Spider to fall in love with the Medicine hypnotherapy. She authored several Wheel, which is the heart of gathering Please see insert for complete schedule of events. different guided meditation CDs, activity. She is married to her beloved, available nationwide. She lives in Dave, and has two daughters. She is southeast Michigan with her husband, Nana to six precious grandchildren, Jim, and is the mother of three and and Auntie Nana to two more. grandmother of six. Lionel Valrey Llewlaka Adam El David and Karen Val is a seer, seeker, caregiver, healer, Teasdale-David herbalist, and craftswoman. She has Master Healers and teachers with a worked in the medical field for 19 combined 35-year experience in many years. As an EMT-P-IC (Emergency multi-dimensional modalities given to Medical Technician Paramedic Instructor them by the Ascended Masters and Coordinator), she serves as a paramedic Archangels. These beloved beings with Pro-Med Services, and a nurse are Initiators of the I AM Mahatma with Westshore Medical Personnel. She Spiritual Ascension experience and lives an Earth-centered philosophy, also Triple Flame Therapy, Emotional including Native American tradition and and Mental Healing, Polarity and ceremony, and is a keen student of Reflexology Therapy, and Arcturian myriad esoteric subjects, including Tarot Etheric Surgery. Adam and Karen and Reiki, and particularly Numerology. have dedicated their lives to teaching Val’s purpose is to serve humanity in and healing for the upliftment and a humble way amid her process of enlightenment of all sentient beings, continual self-improvement and self- and restoration of true freedom and realization. Her greatest joy is in the sovereignty through the embodiment three “amazing adult human beings” of love. Learn more about them at she mothered, and her role as granny. www.thevisionandthevoice.com. Nancy Watters Margret Bazany Wonderful late breaking news! Margret is a Shamanic Practitioner International Chant master Nancy Watters and instructor, Jungian Archetype will join us to lead Dawn Prayers and instructor, and Reiki Master. She Chants during GoS Friday morning. The conjoins her work of many Canadian songstress and devout student years in communications of sacred song will offer us the sweet with her healing work at Dancing nectar of morning devotions. She will Dolphins, in the Center of Unlimited facilitate a group experience of improvised Possibilities. She earned her MA in chant and sacred toning, using mystical interpersonal communications at passages about love and unity from the WMU, and completed a Shamanic Baha’i Writings. Nancy has had new music apprenticeship with Donna Callaghan of coming through this summer, which we Peaceful Place in Chicago. will be one of the first groups to hear live! Page 6 Our Medicine Wheel is Expanding This year our Medicine Wheel becomes the hub of Six Crows activity. Instead of holding classes in the back area, they’ll be done in the wheel. We’re also adding eight benches around the wheel so it will seat 40+, with still plenty of space to set up chairs behind the benches as preferred. THE Six Crows Medicine Wheel is adapted to the power of the wheel is our intention. from Sun Bear teachings. It was THERE is a time to be still, and a time lovingly assembled over several to move, and a time to move on. years through the stone people The wheel can help us to discover contributions of kindred spirits where we are, and where we are far and wide. It is a community headed. It is our responsibility wheel, and is available to all to experience all the positions at all times. Its energy is very on the metaphorical wheel, powerful, and Red Spider is come full circle, and then begin honored to be its tender. again from an ever-expanding perspective and consciousness. THE wonderful thing about the It is thus that the wheel spirals Medicine Wheel is that it never continually upward and outward. gets mundane, and it never gets repetitious, because we are never WE always schedule a Medicine Wheel the same. Life is a circle, and the wheel teaching early during The Gathering, contains all the possibilities within you and so participants understand how to use and me in endless spiraling levels of consciousness. treat the wheel. Printed materials are on hand Each one of us is unique, and travels the wheel at a detailing the significance of each stone, each unique pace and in a unique order and way. The key position, and each segment of the wheel. Shamanic Journey: explore the spiritual universe As they are some of the oldest tribal healing traditions, it’s no surprise that variations of Shamanic Journeying are found in many cultures around the world. The purpose is communication and interaction with the spirit world to facilitate interconnectedness and unlimited personal and cosmic potential through transformation or transmutation. That’s a mouthful, and really just means getting to know yourself and the universe better, and releasing those parts that don’t serve you any longer, and inviting those that you are ready for. Many of us have some or considerable experience with Shamanic Journeying, or its esoteric equivalent. It’s a treat to have a guide this year in Margret so we can journey together. She will explain the process, provide instructions for what we might intend or purpose during our journey, and, with the help of drumming in the background to induce trance state, guide the group in our journey through the Otherworlds, and back to ordinary reality. Being afforded opportunity afterward to relate our experiences, and receive objective feedback from other like-minded travelers in our group, is a nice bonus.