April 21, 2005
Donna Schafer, Dean Research and Graduate Studies Siemens Hall Humboldt State University 1 Harpst Street Arcata, CA 95521 Dear Dr. Schafer, I am writing to you today to submit a research prospectus to be considered by the HSU Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects in Research. I have conducted extensive background research on a topic that has influenced my life throughout my childhood, and now into my young adult years. The topic I am referring to is video games. With increased popularity, video games are becoming increasingly violent, and beginning to serve as more of an impact on the lives of participants. As they continue to develop they are in need of further research. Currently, there is virtually no research being conducted on how video games influence human relationships. I am interested in discovering how video games influence heterosexual relationships. More specifically, I want to research how video games influence the communication between the participant, and the participant’s significant other. I find this an extremely relevant topic of research in our current world; considering the rapid development and influence of technology today. I would greatly appreciate your consideration when reviewing my prospectus. Thank you.
Janelle Blakely
HUMBOLDT STATE UNIVERSITY COMMITTEE FOR THE PROTECTION OF HUMAN SUBJECTS IN RESEARCH PROPOSAL SUBMISSION CHECK LIST Name of Principal Investigator (P.I.)Janelle Blakely P.I.’s phone number: (707) 496-4448P.I.’s e-mailjjb42@humboldt.edu If P.I.is a student, Name of Faculty AdvisorJay VerLinden Title of Project: Communicative Competition with the Controller: Effects of Video Games on Heterosexual Relationships
______Original plus one copy of all materials(keep a copy of all paperwork submitted) ______All pages are numbered ______Cover letter (circle either Form 1 or Form 2): Form 1 if P.I. isfaculty or staff or Form 2, including signature of sponsoring faculty, if P.I. is astudent  (students should include phone # and e-mail address) Request form (circle either Form 3 or Form 4): ______ Form 3: Request for Exemption for Survey     or Form 4: Application for Expedited and Full IRB Review ______Explanation of logistics of recruiting subjects, distributing and collecting questionnaires, or obtaining data _____ Explanation of how anonymity or confidentiality will be maintained _ _What will happen with raw data after project is completed (will it be destroyed?) _____ ______Copy of research instrument, interview questions, questionnaire, or tool, as well as instructions that will be given. P.I. should be identified on questionnaire ______Copy of informed consent, if applicable Submit to: Research & Graduate Studies Questions?: Contact Donna Schafer, Dean Siemens Hall 212 Research & Graduate Studies Siemens Hall (707) 826-3949 schafer@humboldt.edu
HUMBOLDT STATE UNIVERSITY COMMITTEE FOR THE PROTECTION OF HUMAN SUBJECTS FORM 2: STUDENT COVER LETTER TO: Chair, Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects c/o Dean, Research and Graduate Studies
FROM: Student: Janelle Blakely Faculty Sponsor: Jay VerLinden Department:Communication
SUBJECT: Review of enclosed research proposal by the Institutional Review Board
DATE:April 21, 2005
PROJECT TITLE:Communicative Competition with the Controller: Effects of Video Games on Heterosexual Relationships
The faculty committee listed below has reviewed the attached proposal: Name:HomerSignature Name:BartSignature Name:MargeSignature Date:April 21, 2005
On behalf of the student, we request: * Expedited review (no more than minimal risk) Full review process (More than minimal risk) Exempt Status and expedited approval*