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Free download - Speculate to accumulate: mass lawsuits and P2P



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the  REPORT Issue 254 | 14 October 2010
Speculate to accumulate: mass lawsuits and P2P
In 2007, shortly beore the RIAA revealed that it was to cease pursuing individual filesharers, noted law firm Davenport Lyons began serving orders to broadband ISPs in the UK demanding details o thousands o customers alleged to have shared a pinball videogame. Once the names and addresses o each customer were secured – usually in exchange or a hety payment to the ISP the alleged filesharers were threatened with court unless they coughed up a payment usually totalling hundreds o pounds. Even back then the process was raught with controversy. Logistep, one o the companies used to pick up this kind o data, was warned that its activities violated Swiss telecoms law. One o Logistep’s lawyers, caught cashing payments into a private account, was suspended rom practising. Consumer group Which? and the BBC’s Watchdog programme piled in, accusing Davenport Lyons o bullying Two years aſter US major labels gave up on suing iancncoucsienngt  mOAePms boer sd oow tnhleo apduibnlgic  hbayr daclosreel y individual file-sharers, a variety of smaller movie, music sptoerpnpoegdr abpahcyk.  Irno Mma syp 2e0cu0l9a,t iDvae viennvpoiocritn Lgy, ons and games companies are sending out “speculative ahnadn dtienmg pitlas tcel ileenttt ebrsa steo,  AsoCSm Le astwa. A nmderemwb ers invoices” to members of the public threatening court if Crossley, the onemanband behind ACS, they fail to pay up. We discover how the numbers stack hRaedg uplraetivoion uAsluyt hboereitny  fionre da ibliyn tgh teo  Sporliocviitdoer s up and investigate whether the money is worth the thhise  aaccccoouunnttss.  oN oBwr ithise hw caitnitzeedn st oa lcocouks einds iod e inevitable PR backlash. uploading copyrighted files.
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