Funérailles de Margaret Thatcher : le programme du 17 avril 2013

Funérailles de Margaret Thatcher : le programme du 17 avril 2013

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Programme des obsèques de La "dame de fer", Margaret Thatcher, qui se déroulent aujourd'hui à Londres. La cérémonie débutera à 10 h (heure française). Suite aux attentats de Boston, un imposant dispositif de sécurité a été mis en place afin de parer toute attaque terroriste ou toute contestation.



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Published 17 April 2013
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Overview of Lady Thatcher’s funeral
The coffin will leave the Chael of St MarUndercroft in the Palace of Westminster at 10am. It will be dressed with the Union Fla. It will travel bhearse from the Palace of Westminster to the Church of St Clement Danes, the RAF Chapel, on the Strand.
At the Church the Coffin will be transferred to a Gun Carriae drawn bthe Kin’s Troo Ro alHorse Artiller. The coffin will then be borne in Procession from St Clement Danes to St Paul’s Cathedral. The route will be lined by triservice military personnel.
The Coffin will arrive at St Paul’s Cathedral at 11am when the Funeral Service will bein, it will lastust under an hour. Followinthe service the coffin will travel bhearse to the Roal Hospital Chelsea.
Thethe Baroness Thatcher’s funeral service. The Foreitions followinre will be two recen Secretar willhost a recetion at the Mansion House for reresentatives from forein states and other distinuished forein VIPs. At Guildhall there will be a recetion for friends and famil ofLad Thatcherand representatives of UK institutions. The Thatcher famil, the Prime Minister and other senior Ministers will attend both receptions.
Later the same da, followinthe recetion there will be arivate cremation at Mortlake Crematorium.
Flags will be flown at halfmast from 8am8pm, including over Downing Street.
Detailed timeline
From 7.30am road closures are im Cathedral.
lemented alon
the route from Whitehall to St Paul’s
9amdoors open at St Paul’s Cathedral 9.30amCeremonial Route is closed to all vehicles 9.35amGun Carriage leaves Wellington Barracks 9.45amStreet Liners will line the route, made up of personnel from the Royal Navy and Royal Marines, the Army (taken from Household Division) and the Royal Air Force. They are in position by 10.05am By 10amguests will be seated at St Paul’s Cathedral10amCoffin leaves, by hearse, the Chapel of St Mary Undercroft. The coffin is dressed with a Union Flag. Three Metropolitan Police Service motorcycles will travel in front of the hearse. An (unmarked) police car will travel behind the hearse By 10.15amthe Coffin will have been placed in St Clement Danes Church by civilian pall bearers 10.15amLord Speaker, Mr Speaker and the Prime Minister are shown to their seats
10.15amGuard of Honour deploys to St Paul’s Church Yard10.20amGun Carriage will take up position at St Clement Danes 10.20amProcession Band and Escort Party will take up position at St Clement Danes 10.25amtriService Bearer Partthe Coffin from St Clement Danes Church andwill carrlace it upon a Gun Carriage of The King’s TroopRoyal Horse Artillery 10.25amStep Lining Party takes up position on the West Steps 10.33amGun Carriage and Bearer Party and Escort Party, led by a Band of the Royal Marines, step off The Gun Carriage is drawn by six horses (three of which are mounted), with a Sergeant ridin alonside, an Officer ridinin front and three dismounted troops on foot. It travels at 70 paces a minute.
Processional Minute Guns are fired from Her Ma est’s Tower of London bthe HonourableArtiller Compan forthe duration of the procession. The first round will be fired when the wheels of the gun carriage start turning.
A Roal Marines Band willrocess. Thewill la BeethovenFuneral Marches No 1, No 2 and No 3, Mendelssohn Funeral March, Chopin Funeral March and Flowers of the Forest (arr Fisher).
The Metroolitan Police Service willrovide a mounted escort of nine black horses. Five horses will ride in front of the gun carriage, four in a line and one out in front. Four horses will ride behind the gun carriage.
Procession route
The route of the Procession is:
1.St Clement Danes Church 2.the Strand 3.Temple Bar 4.Fleet Street 5.Ludgate Circus 6.Ludgate Hill 7.St Paul’s Cathedral.Street Liners will line the route made uof ersonnelfrom the Roal Navand Roal Marines, the Army (taken from Household Division) and the Royal Air Force. They will be supported by three respective Service Bands.
St Paul’s Cathedral
The rocessionwill arrive at St Paul’s Cathedral and will be met ba Guard of Honour from the 1st Battalion Welsh Guards. The Bearer Partwill carrthe Coffin into the cathedral, and out again after the service. A Step Lining Party, comprising 18 Service personnel (six Royal Nav /Ro alMarines, six members of the Blues and Roals, Household CavalrMounted Re iment,and six Roal Air Forcelus a continent from the Roal Hosital Chelsea, will line the West Steps of St Paul’s Cathedral for the arrivalof the Coffin.
10.35amthe Lord Mayor of the City of London arrives at St Paul’s Cathedral10.40ammembers of Lady Thatcher’s family arrive at St Paul’s Cathedral10.45amChoir procession within St Paul’s Cathedral10.45amhours The Queen and TheDuke of Edinburgh arrive at St Paul’s Cathedral10.55amthe Gun Carriage arrives at St Paul’s Cathedral11.00amthe coffin enters St Paul’s Cathedral and the Funeral Service begins11.55amthe Funeral Service ends and the guests depart. At the end of the Funeral Service:
the Coffin to a hearsewill carrs to Stositioned at the foot of the West Stethe Bearer Part Paul’s Cathedral.Thereafter, the Bearer Party and Step Lining Party disperse the Cathedral bells ring halfmuffled as the hearse leaves from the bottom of the West Steps of the Cathedral for The Royal Hospital Chelsea. The Chaplain of the Royal Hospital (the Reverend Dick Whittington) will accompany the Coffin or bidsThe Lord Maart St Paul’sh, who defarewell to The Queen and The Duke of Edinbur Cathedral. After the Funeral Service
There will be two receptions following the Baroness Thatcher’s funeral service.
The Foreign Secretary will host a reception at the Mansion House for representatives from foreign states and other distinguished foreign VIPs At Guildhall there will be a recetion for friends and familof LadThatcher and reresentatives of UK institutions The Thatcher famil, the Prime Minister and other senior Ministers will attend both receptions.
After 12.10pm guests begin to arrive at Guildhall under the direction of Military Marshals m the Prime Minister, senior Ministers, The Lord Maor, members of LadB 1.15Thatcher’s immediate family arrive at Guildhall from the reception at Mansion House At 2.30pm The National Anthem is played in each room by military musicians and the reception at Guildhall ends From 2.30pm the events are private and the Government’s involvement ends.