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L'agaptualité n°20 - January 2018

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agaptualité IN THIS EDITION new transport PROJECT Ariane 6 to conquer space NEWS agap2 is continuing its European conquest page 03 CLIENT EXPERIENCE Serialisation: the big challenge page 07 n° 20 UARY 2018 page 04 INITIATIVES Working with Espérance Banlieues to open up a new class page 09 EDITORIAL SUMMARY 10 years of L’agaptualité ǧǦ NjĚîƑƙ îŕƑĚîēNjȣ ¹ĺĚ ǛƑƙƥ ĿƙƙƭĚ ūIJ ŕɄîijîƎƥƭîŕĿƥěȡ ƥĺĚŠ ŒŠūDžŠ îƙ ~ƑîŠijĚʁ ŕĚƭȡ îƎƎĚîƑĚē ĿŠ cƭŕNj ǨǦǦǮȦ Tƥ ēĿēŠɄƥ ĺîDŽĚ îŠNj ƎîƑƥĿČƭŕîƑ ƥĺĚŞĚȡ ċƭƥ Ŀƥ ĺūƎĚē ƥū ċĚČūŞĚ î ƙūƭƑČĚ ūIJ ĿŠIJūƑŞîƥĿūŠ îŠē î ƙƎĚČĿîŕ ƑĚƙūƭƑČĚ ƥū ƎƑūŞūƥĚ ūƭƑ ƎƑūēƭČƥƙ îŠē ĚNJƎĚƑƥĿƙĚȦ ǧǦ NjĚîƑƙ ŕîƥĚƑȡ ŕɄîijîƎƥƭîŕĿƥě ĺîƙ î IJƑĚƙĺ ŠĚDž ŕūūŒȣ ŠĚDž ŕūūŒ IJūƑ î ŠĚDž IJūƑŞîƥȦ ¹ĺĚ ŠĚDžƙƎîƎĚƑ Ŀƙ îēūƎƥĿŠij ƥĺĚ ƙƥNjŕĚ ūIJ î ŞîijîǕĿŠĚ îŠē Ŀƙ ĿŠČƑĚîƙĿŠij IJƑūŞ Ǫ ƥū ǧǨ ƎîijĚƙ ƥū ČîƑƑNj ūƭƥ ŠĚDž îŞċĿƥĿūŠƙȠ ƥū ƎƑūŞūƥĚ ūƭƑ ČŕĿĚŠƥƙ ċNj ŕĚƥƥĿŠij ƥĺĚŞ ƙƎĚîŒ ċƭƥ îŕƙū ŞîŒĿŠij ŕɄîijîƎƥƭîŕĿƥě NjūƭƑ ŠĚDžƙƎîƎĚƑȦ ¬ūȡ îƙ ƑŠîƭē ƙîĿē ĿŠ ǨǦǦǮ ĿŠ ƥĺĚ ǛƑƙƥ ūIJ î ŕūŠij ƙĚƑĿĚƙ ūIJ ĚēĿƥūƑĿîŕƙȡ gūŠij gĿDŽĚ gɄîijîƎƥƭîŕĿƥěȦȦȦ îŠē gūŠij gĿDŽĚagap2! Fanny G.



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Published 21 December 2017
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IN THIS EDITION new transport
PROJECT Ariane 6 to conquer space
NEWS agap2 is continuing its European conquest
page 03
CLIENT EXPERIENCE Serialisation: the big challenge
page 07
20 UARY 2018
page 04
INITIATIVES Working with Espérance Banlieues to open up a new class
page 09
10 years of L’agaptualité
10 years already! The îrst issue of l’agaptualité, then known as Orange&Bleu, appeared in July 2008. It didn’t have any particular theme, but it hoped to become a source of information and a special resource to promote our products and expertise.
10 years later, l’agaptualité has a fresh new look! A new look for a new format. The newspaper is adopting the style of a magazine and is increasing from 4 to 12 pages to carry out new ambitions:
to promote our clients by letting them speak but also making l’agaptualité your newspaper. So, as Arnaud said in 2008 in the îrst of a long series of editorials, Long Live L’agaptualité... and Long Liveagap2!
Fanny G. Communication Ofîcer
The transport of the future, a strong challenge for agap2
We live in an environment where technology is changing fast, and different means of transport are becoming more efîcient, safe and accessible to all. A technical revolution is under way andagap2at its is forefront to help manufacturers in this sector carry out their projects. There are over 250agap2consultants involved in the automotive, railway, naval, aviation and space sectors.
The car passenger compartment of the future with Faurecia, or functional modelling of propulsion systems for Ariane 6 with the CNES are a couple of the fascinating subjects that we are working on.
The partnerships established today with some of the largest transport companies on the market will allow us to take up a role as a major player tomorrow in technological innovations. We are ready to take on these challenges, together with our clients, by continuing to train our teams and creating a strong and solid link with our employees.
As one year is drawing to a close, another one beckons: so it’s the perfect opportunity for me to wish you all the best for a successful 2018.
Aurélie L. Agency Manager agap2Strasbourg
agap2 2018. All rights reserved. Director of publication: Patrice Giudicelli. Editing: Fanny GIRERD. Graphic design: Assema Moussa. Photo credits © agap2 - Tel: +33 1 41 31 20 20 - Email: agaptualite@agap2.fr - www.agap2.fr
agaptualité| n°20 | janvier 2018
Ariane 6 to conquer space
The passenger compartment of the future
the BRTS, the Irst hydrogen bus line in France
Serialisation: the big challenge
Become a Business Manager
Our initiatives
In short...
agap moments
agap2 is continuing its European conquest
After Amsterdam and Stockholm, it’s the turn of our agencies in Sophia Antipolis, Munich and Zurich to open their doors! These three new agencies will reinforce our presence throughout Europe, enabling us to be as close as possible to our clients.
The Munich agency will allow us to cover more of southern Germany, while Zurich will allow us to cover the eastern region of German-speaking Switzerland and to reinforce our links with our local clients in the Life Sciences sector. Located at the heart of Europe’s largest technology hub, the Sophia Antipolis agency beneîts from an ideal location to develop our business, not only in the construction sector, but also in cosmetics and aromatics.
We are very proud of these three new teams and we wish them the best success!
agap2 BTP in the starting blocks
« In light of the uptake in this sector, we have structured ourselves to meet current and future challenges, especially with Greater Paris and the Olympic Games. This specialisation allows us to meet the requests of the various actors involved in a construction project: Works Ownership, Project Management/Technical Studies and Contracting Companies. Our ambition is to makeagap2 BTPa renowned leader in the sector thanks to our expertise and our energy. Another challenge is to offer our teams career development and specialist career opportunities withinagap2 BTP. We aim to double our workforce within the next 2 years! »
agaptualité| n°20 | january 2018
Laurent T. Departement Manager
agap2IT Portugal is reinventing football
Congratulations to the teams at agap2ITPortugal who have developed the îrst digital solution for football management: Football ISM (Integrated Software Management ). This software, specially designed for training centres, is the only technological platform on the market that is capable of managing the sporting, educational, social and personal progress of young players.
For more information: http://www.footballism.pt or on LinkedIn @ FootballISM.
Meeting students
Lesjeudis.com, EPFL, ESTACA, etc. Back to back trade shows to meet students and young graduates! Whether they take place in schools or are targeted at employment opportunities, trade shows are special moments that allow us to talk to students and share our ambitions foragap2with them.
Ariane 6 to conquer space
Start date:February 2017 Localisation :Grenoble Consultant :Jesse B.
At Air Liquide, the world leader in space cryogenics, Jesse is taking part in the development of the future European Ariane 6 rocket launcher. This is a colossal project that is aiming at replacing the Ariane 5 rocket and to provide Europe with a new, more competitive launcher by 2020. « I’ve been working on the project since manufacturing the lines is the insulation.to demonstrate that this new launcher February as a Methods Engineer for To achieve that, I have written supply will be able to ensure a rate of 12 ights the manufacture of liquid oxygen and speciîcations for an injection machine per year. hydrogen reserves for Ariane 6’s new based on the necessary ow rate to îll satellite launcher. the moulds in under 22 seconds, after Welding is the îrst step in manufacturing which time the insulation material will cryogenic lines. Once I have received I implement manufacturing processes solidify. the welding machine, I will set up the for the cryogenic lines of the reservoirs: welding parameters and validate the welding, stamping, sealing and injected I am working with a dynamic team on a machine. The second step consists insulation of the lines. Cryogenic difîcult subject. Respecting deadlines of testing the lines using stamping.propulsion has many advantages to ensure the project’s success is a real For this step, I will formalise our in terms of reliability, safety and challenge that keeps me motivated!» requirements in our speciîcations and I technological maturity and ensures will monitor the project and the setting greater accuracy in putting satellites up of a test bunker. I will then follow into orbit. At the same time, I am on with the airtightness test, during working on the placement of all theseJesse B. which I will validate the helium leak Methods Engineer processes in the new building that will detector according to the acceptable house the new launcher in order to size of leaks. The penultimate step for ensure their smooth operation. Our aim:
agaptualité| n°20 | january 2018
The passenger compartment of the future: what if the self-driving car was a reality tomorrow?
This is the îrst project for Pierre, a young ENSAM graduate, who joined the French automotive equipment manufacturer Faurecia in 2017 in order to develop the «passenger compartment of the future». A next-generation passenger compartment that will be installed in all self-driving cars by 2022.
«The car seat has had to change considerably with the arrival of self-driving cars. This has led to the development of new comfort features for well-being on board. Although its current design is mainly focussed on safety, new technology and previously unused materials will have to be added to it.
The project that I worked on focusses on the seat’s headrest. Nowadays, the headrest is purely a security feature which is not really ergonomic. In the self-driving car of tomorrow, the passenger should be able to relax in his or her chair, even being able to sleep while the car is being driven. Therefore, this part of the seat has to be completely reinvented to make signiîcant improvements in comfort by înding the correct balance
Démarrage :February 2017 Location :Magny-Vernois (Haute-Saône) Consultant :Pierre B.
agaptualité| n°20 | janvier 2018
between technical solutions, comfort, design and regulations. It is difîcult to anticipate how regulations will change regarding self-driving cars. The transition will be gradual, the main manufacturers are making progress in this area but the technologies still have to be perfected, and it will take time for the legislation to be changed.
I took my îrst steps into the working world as a Design Engineer. Working with a project manager, I took part in technical meetings with seat experts to design the solutions selected, using the CAO software Catia. The mechanisms are designed based on volumes, whereas the style or comfort aspects require work to be based on surfaces. Finally, I also managed the digital model and I supervised the production
of several physical prototypes related to the project.
It was not easy to start off with as the project took time to get going. But starting from scratch to create a new product, designing it, making models, all while dealing with the various constraints, and înally being able to touch it... that was really great! Even if the project was perplexing to start with: «You’re going to design a headrest», the work turned out to be really fascinating, and that’s the reason why I became an Engineer.»
Pierre B. Design Engineer
All new from Pau: the BRTS, the Irst hydrogen bus line in France
A huge challenge for Julie, a consultant in Benoit’s team, who has been working for a year on the BRTS project (Bus Rapid Transport Service) that will be implemented in the city of Pau by 2019. This was a îrst for Julie, who had the opportunity to switch from the construction world to transport by taking part in this project that involves a major reorganisation of the city and its public spaces.
«But what is a BRTS? Like a tram, the Bus Rapid Transport Service is a public transport system that has exclusive right of way, in other words, it’s a transport system that will run on lanes reserved exclusively for the BRTS. It will run on dedicated lanes. Pau chose to run hydrogen buses on its future BRTS line. This is a îrst in France, but also a world îrst as this brand new type of bus will be guaranteed to be «emissions-free».
Pau’s BRTS project is an urban transport project that will structure Pau’s urban community and the city. In addition to offering a new means of transport, this project will lead to the considerable reorganisation of the town, which is investing nearly 50 million euros to renovate its public spaces. In fact, the creation of the BRTS requires work to be carried out on the frontages of buildings
agaptualité| n°20 | january 2018
(work at the bottom of a building then on the building opposite) in order to create the route for this new means of transport, which will run in a îgure of eight from the north to the south of the city.
Our consultant, Julie, is working as a Works Engineer on the fulîlment phase of the project. She controls a third of the project and is accompanying Artelia in its prime contracting role. Her job is to manage the interfaces between the prime contractor, the city of Pau, and the companies responsible for carrying out the work. She is responsible for ensuring the quality and costs of the project, and that deadlines are met. Day to day, she monitors the project and is responsible for all the technical decisions that are taken.
challenge. Coming from a construction background, she had the opportunity to change her job and the activity sector. This transport project is a technical îrst for Julie, who had never worked in Contracting Management before. She has therefore been able to gain new skills and experience on an ambitious and complex project. Julie, who is from Bordeaux, didn’t want to move too far away from her home town, but chose to be a part of my team for this project as, in her own words: «agap2 offered me a challenge that will give my future career a boost ».»
Benoit P. Business Manager
Démarrage :February 2017 Localisation :Pau Consultante :Julie V.
Serialisation: the big challenge
From 2019 onwards, every box of medicine prescribed in Europe will have to carry a unique identiîcation number. Called serialisation, this plan was presented on the 19th of October during agap2 Life Science’s breakfast, which brought together several professionals from the pharmaceutical industry. Nicolas P., Project Manager - Industrial Development Service at Antares, a company specialising in serialisation and data processing, and Amélie B., Serialisation Manager at Aguettant Laboratories, shed light on the impact and the challenges of this transformation.
What is the principle of serialisation? N.P.: Serialisation is a legal requirement for all pharmaceutical laboratories to ensure each pack of medicine has a unique identiîcation and to record this information in databases that will ensure their traceability. In concrete terms, this means a unique serial number that will be added to the Data Matrix (bar code or QR code on the medicines), in addition to other elements that are already mandatory.
Who is concerned by this? N.P.: All laboratories, such as Aguettant, that produce medicines covered by the national social security are concerned and they will have until January 2019 to implement this European directive.
What challenges does the serialisation of medicines present for you, as a pharmaceutical laboratory? A.B.The challenges are mainly : industrial in nature. We must integrate the necessary equipment to implement serialisation and to guarantee the inviolability of all our sales units. The main challenge is to maintain our operating costs and the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) of our production lines.
agaptualité| n°20 | january 2018
The second challenge is related to data management. We must be able to store all of the serial numbers and to send them to the relevant authorities in order to guarantee the traceability of the batches.
What changes will this involve? A.B. : This will require considerable changes in terms of our processes, as we will have to have the necessary equipment to print the serial numbers on the boxes, in addition to the veriîcation, storage and sending of these numbers. This will also require considerable training and support for the production staff in the processing of these serialised packages.
What challenge does the patient face regarding this serialisation system? A.B.Around 10% of medicines are : thought to be counterfeit throughout the world. This serialisation system is designed to limit the black market. When dispensing a box of medicine, the pharmacist will have to check that its serial number was correctly registered by the pharmaceutical laboratory beforehand. As such, each box of medicine that will be dispensed
to patients in hospitals or pharmacies, will beneît from this extra traceability. Today, such systems are already in use in Turkey. Medicines are scanned at each stage of distribution to check that they have not been manipulated or sold on to the black market.
agap2’s expertise
Aymeric M., an agap2 consultant with Aguettant, is supporting the laboratory with their implementation of serialisation.
« I am an Automation and Industrial IT Engineer. In order to support Aguettant in implementing serialisation, I am working both on training the production staff on the new centralisation software, and on the maintenance of the new equipment in case of a breakdown or other problem. My job is to have a good command of the whole system, which is both automated and computerised in order to ensure it is optimised. »
Aymeric M. Automation and Industrial IT Engineer
Dare to take on a new challenge, become a Business Manager
Are you an entrepreneur at heart ? Do you have a taste for challenge ? Are you an attentive listener and keen on helping ? These are the qualities you’ll need to become a Business Manager at agap2. Spotlight on this fascinating job that offers real career opportunities.
More than just a job, it’s a real opportunity for ongoing training in the business world. Being a Business Manager means being responsible for your business activities from A to Z: ensuring the development of your client portfolio, recruiting and managing your team (Engineers, Technical Experts, Consultants) who will support clients in carrying out their projects.
Being a Business Manager at agap2performing in a fun means environment and quickly gaining responsibility to develop new career opportunities. Challenges, meeting people, negotiations, steering projects, interviews... not your routine job! The schedule is constantly changing and developing.
To enable students and young graduates to discover the Business Manager role, from January onwards we will be rolling out an innovative campaign: a dedicated website, entreprendre.fun, and a light-hearted three episode web-series.
agaptualité| n°20 | january 2018
We want to show what makes us different: closeness, teamwork and the agap2 spirit. These are the values that we want to share with this campaign that will be posted on our different social media pages: Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram. Finally, to support the campaign, various materials (brochures, posters, etc.) have been created to give more information about this entrepreneurial job.
Would you like to know more about the Business Manager role?
Visit the website starting January !
Assema M. Digital Communication Ofîcer
The start of an adventure!
Guillaume C. started in April 2016 as a Business Manager at agap2:
« agap2opened the door for me to gain valuable business experience both on a personal and human level. Gaining such a large amount of responsibility so quickly is a real asset for my career; this is by far the most exciting challenge in my life! »
Guillaume C. Business Manager
évolution développement
compétences challenge
motivée rigeur WWW.AGAP2.FR
entrepreneur dynamique
déterminé indépendant partenaire
La Salle à Manger : how to combine conviviality and solidarity
Last solidarity event for the agap2 teams who met on the 26th of October at the restaurant La Salle à Manger to ©CLP ©FAURECIA support the charity La Fondation Les Apprentis d’Auteuil. «La Salle à Manger» Working with Espérance Banlieues (Hope restaurants are establishments that provide training for young people aged in the Suburbs) to open up a new class from 16 to 25 who are struggling at school or at home, so that they can work As Espérance Banlieues’ îrst partner in 2016, agap2 has helped to support in the restaurant industry. the opening of the Le Cours La Passerelle school located in Pierre-Bénite, lasalleamanger.apprentis-auteuil.org in the suburbs of Lyon. The school has thus been able to welcome primary school pupils from all year levels living in disadvantaged schooling zones.
For the second year running, agap2 has renewed its support for this association that now welcomes over forty pupils to Le Cours La Passerelle, thanks to the opening of 2 extra classes, bringing the total now to 6. Teams from agap2 were present alongside the association, on the 6th of November, for the ofîcial opening of the school and the issuing of uniforms to the pupils.
agap2, pioneer of the New Era
A brand-new event took place on the 16th of November: The Nouvelle Ere Conference. Under the initiative of Réseau Humain and J.B. Hibon (PhD and lecturer), this day brought together several hundreds of business leaders and numerous charities. Our teams were willing to take part in this day îlled with encounters and debates, which culminated in the co-production of a human relations charter for public establishments, administrations and companies focussed on disability.
agaptualité| n°20 | january 2018
News from the Kokoon project
The Kokoon project which was accepted at the end of 2017 into the Festival des Solidarités in Paris was a huge success! Kokoon is an international solidarity project led by four young French people, including Nicolas, who works as a Business Manager at agap2.
The association was able to raise 9500€ from companies and individual contributors to reach its goal: înancing and supervising the construction of a local solar power plant that is already powering the Peduli Anak orphanage in Indonesia.
Did you know?
Do you need help? agap2 is launching Dogeekyourself for its employees!©FotoliDao you have a network problem? Do you need to archive your emails? Do you need to modify your Outlook password? Dogeekyourself is now here to help you solve your IT problems. Only available internally, this new information tool allows you to quickly înd a solution for your problem thanks to its integrated search engine.
A valuable address to be included in your favourites!
Hello from...
Tanzanie byAngélique
agaptualité| n°20 | january 2018
The number 4 000 this is agap2 group’s number of employees in 2017
Time to talk about ERP
At the end of 2018, a new ERP will be rolled out across the group to support and accelerate our growth. It’s the most innovative cloud-based solution on the market, «Welcome to Workday» that has been chosen to accompany us in our development. It’s a solution that shares the same DNA and the same success as we do, as it has already convinced several major company groups.
Workday provides complete solutions for business applications (from înancial management to human resources), all available on the Cloud, and designed to help us on a daily basis. A îrst Kick-off meeting was held in October to launch the project.
You are looking for the three quickest greyhounds among a pack of 25 dogs. You have a racecourse that can only hold 5 greyhounds at a time. You don’t have a stopwatch, so you cannot îgure out their exact times or speeds after each race. The greyhounds may run several races. How many races do you need to run to be able to identify the three quickest greyhounds, in the correct order?
Send your answer to communication@agap2.com A surprise is waiting for the îrst person to get the correct answer!
A surprise is waiting for the îrst person to get the correct answer!
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agaptualité| n°20 | january 2018
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