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Question 3 d d in your prior response you state that as a routine


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QUESTION 3-d d. In your prior response you state that "...as a routine matter, the full [Central Reserves] Committee meets only when there is a need for everyone's input and participation." Please describe the process by which funds are approved for disbursement (including any transfer of funds to other organisations) when no meeting is held. In your response, please indicate on whose authority a disbursement may be made and provide actual representative examples of any such authorisation after December 31, 1989. * * * *     The statement "as a routine matter, the full [Central Reserves] Committee meets only vhen there is a need for everyone's input and participation" has been misconstrued to imply that there are times vhen no meeting is held. There is a full Reserves Committee meeting at least once a week, sometimes more often. Each week the Committee considers the CSI financial planning for the coming week and also considers any new major proposals for such things as dissemination campaigns, renovations projects, financing for new technical films, property acquisitions, and the like. At times it is necessary to have less formal meetings to implement something that has been previously approved by the full Reserves Committee. This might be authorizing a purchase order against a previously approved funding for a film or renovations project. It might involve the transfer of funds between reserves accounts (i.e. from a CSI Luxembourg account to Los Angeles) so that the funds are in place to disburse to a vendor when needed. In these instances, when they are acting on previously authorized matters, only a skeleton Reserves Committee meets -which consists of the WDC Member for Reserves, the International Finance Director, the Sea Org Reserves Chief and the International Management FBO.