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southern california division
July 2003
Commerce Diesel Shop boasts success Congratulations to Commerce Diesel Shop employees. They reached one year without a reportable injury on July 13. In four of the first six months of this year, Commerce has compiled enough scorecard points to rank first on BNSF. Ron Stivers, general foreman loco-Commerce Diesel Shop and Diesel Service Facility reached one year injury free on July 13. System scorecard rankings motives, said employees deserve rec-placed Commerce on top in four of the first six months of the year. ognition for their dedication to work-ing safely and efficiently. ÒThey have 2001 without recording an injury, locomotives serviced at Commerce a high enthusiasm for work and doing Stivers said. stood at 102 days for June. Some their job safely,Ó he said. Included with the shop employees months this year, the MTBF has been The goal for Commerce Diesel are those assigned to Commerce DSF. at 105, Stivers said. employees is to work calendar year A total of 92 workers on three shifts Locomotive availability stands at 2003 without a reportable injury. Shop contribute to shop safety records. 95 percent. A total of 150 GE locomo-employees worked through 2000 and Mean time between failures on GE tives are assigned to Commerce.
Teams break down barriers between departments High Performance Teams, a leader- Representatives from transportation, operating, mechani-ship program initiated from Fort Worth, cal, MOW, system shops and signal must work to form a begin formation and operation in South- single, high-performing team. Managers need to determine ern California Division. Michael what we expect from the division and communicate that to Shircliff, general manager, facilitated a employees, he said. leadership class on July 8. To that end, a vision statement was hammered out to the ÒPurpose of the teams is to try to satisfaction of those in attendance. The statement reads: ÒWe break down some of the barriers that we are an interdependent, high-performing leadership team of have between departments,Ó Shircliff empowered employees who create the BNSF bridge to the Michael Shircliff said. ÒWe want to develop a team con- global gateway. Through recognition, leadership develop-cept that will exceed past attempts and lead us together to ment, safety and productivity, we create the environment that new goals.ÓContinued on Page 10