Debates and polemics

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The best resources to follow current debates and controversies:

To analyze information and grasp controversial social events, consulting survey subjects is an advantage. In free consultation or paid download, the many documents available on Youscribe allow you to deepen the political debates of the moment.

The subjects of investigations and political debates:

Following political debates allows to awaken a critical look on society and to deepen its general culture. By consulting the subjects of investigations and the files of topicality, you will manage to grasp the stakes of the current controversies.

Learn more through the media and press releases for free or paid consultation. Ideal for cross-checking information, the Youscribe catalog offers you a wide choice of survey reports and studies by political experts.

Understand what creates controversy:

To trace information back to its source and grasp the meaning of a controversy, educational resources and theses provide useful areas for reflection.

Many thematic documents make it possible to place the debate in its initial context and thus to better understand it.

Social facts, speeches by politicians or new law, each subject is documented in a precise and very complete way in order to understand the debate in question. You can now inform yourself at the source of the news.

Consult the current affairs debates with ease:

To stay up to date on important events that make the news, start by researching the topics that really interest you and those that are the most consulted.

You can download these resources and view them later, or read them instantly on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Easy to use, your Youscribe personal library will be available at any time by logging into your account.