How to market yourself professionnaly
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How to market yourself professionnaly



this is a guide for those who always failed their job interview



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Published 23 February 2012
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How to Market Yourself ProfessionallyEdited byDee B. and2 others
ArticleEditDiscussHistoryAre you job hunting with no success? Getting a job in this market is difficult. It is important that you marketyourself effectively in order to compete. You have to sell your talents, skills, and experiences similar to theapproach taken by those marketing products. Here are a few easy steps to help get you on the right track:EditSteps1.1
Update yourresume/cover letter. Make sure your resume and cover letter include the most up-to-dateinformation regarding your skills, education, and experiences. It may be helpful to get a professional assessmentif you are not confident that your resume is up to par. Remember, resumes and cover letters are invaluable andwill dramatically increase your likelihood of getting the job you desire.
Network with other professionals. There are many professional organizations and networking events toparticipate in, many at no cost. Involvement in these activities will enable you to get out there and meet like-minded professionals. It will also increase your opportunities to interact with potential employers. Remember thecliché: sometimes it is not what you know, but who you know.
Clean up your digital footprint. While popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter can beutilized as excellent tools in your job search, they can also hurt you. Make sure you do not post anything youwouldn't want a potential employer to see. Performing a simple Google search on your name could turn upinformation that may surprise you. Google yourself and find out what’s out there. There are several resourcesavailable online to assist you in protecting your online reputation.
Do your research. Do not even think of applying to an organization without conducting extensive research. Thisincludes examining its mission, vision, and core values. Make sure that your personal objectives and values andin line those of your potential employer. This will also help you avoid organizations that may be scams (i.e., manywork from home ventures).
Be consistent. Looking for a new job is very time consuming. Set aside time to do your research and send outyour resume. There is power in numbers. This is especially important when you are unemployed. Creating aschedule will help you remain disciplined.