Benefits of compression socks for running
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Benefits of compression socks for running


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The use of compression socks was earlier limited to use by diabetic patients and pilots. Thanks to the amazing benefits they provide, compression socks are now being used by marathon and long-distance runners. Let us in this article learn about the benefits compression socks provide and why they are a must-have if you are an athlete.



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Published 11 January 2020
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The use of compression socks was earlier limited to use by diabetic patients and
pilots. Thanks to the amazing benefits they provide, compression socks are now being used by marathon and long-distance runners. Let us in this article learn about the benefits compression socks provide and why they are a must-have if you
are an athlete.
Compression socks are high heel socks, and these look like potential date spoilers. Athletes widely use the socks as they are comfortable and help with the
performance and recovery post an injury.
Though there are no 100% proven studies that show the positive impact of compression socks on the performance of the runner, there are numerous benefits
these socks offer. Before we delve into the benefits of compression socks for running these socks provide, let us understand what compression socks are, and
who they are for!
What are Compression Socks?
Compression socks are a kind of hosiery that was specially designed to prevent any
occurrence or the progress of venous disorders like thrombosis. A few studies also indicate that these kinds of socks were also used in the middle ages. During those days, the physicians used bandages that were wrapped tightly around the legs of
the patients to cure various conditions.
The compression socks which are now available are made using comfortable and flexible fabric (mix of rubber and elastic fibers), which makes them firmer when compared to regular socks. The compression socks provide a snug fit by squeezing
the legs very gently.
You are worried about how uncomfortable this might feel? Well, it does not!
Various studies have shown that compression socks not only stimulate the blood flow in the legs but can also help runners recover from a long run or injury. The socks increase the blood circulation and help to reduce the buildup of lactic acid in
the system.
Compression socks that were initially designed were used only for medical reasons and also looked a little dorky. Thanks to innovations, runners can now find these in various colors, styles and patterns, most of which can be purchased online with ease.
Who are they for?
Compression socks are often used by people who suffer from varicose veins and diabetes and are also used by airplane pilots. These are also used by runners
during the race, and during training. Most athletes also use these socks after a run to help with feet recovering.
Compression socks are ideal if,
You have or are suffering from blood circulation problems You have undergone a surgery You have returned to running after a short break or a gap of a few days
Compression socks can also be used by pregnant women and by those who normally stand for longer durations during the day. These can also be used by older people or patients who are bedridden.
Compression socks offer various benefits, and let us now have a look at a few of them.
Help with recovery
Run socks are used by athletes to recover after a long run. Using compression socks helps relieve muscle soreness and pain in the legs. A study conducted in the year 2015 suggested that runners who use compression socks had better recovery when compared to those who wore a placebo. The runners who participated in the
study were assessed after two weeks of a marathon.
Enhances the performance
Many runners prefer compression socks as they that these improve their performance. A study that was conducted way back in 2011 showed that the use of
compression socks increased the leg power of the user after the endurance exercise. But, there was no change in the user’s performance time.
Compression socks are also used during training or workouts as it provides the individual with renewed power, which is a must if you want to go ahead with
intense training or workout. This is also one of the reasons why runners use these socks.
The socks provide graduated compression, which supports the circulation of blood. Studies have shown that this also helps with the removal of lactate when
working out or running. This, in, turn, will help with the overall performance of an
Reduces soreness
If you are into sports or into running, you might experience soreness in your legs and feet more often. Like mentioned earlier, compression socks improve the blood circulation, thus increasing the blood flow and dispersing lactic acid. Due to this, runners who wear compression socks after their marathon or exercise experience less soreness in their muscles.
Pieces of evidence also show that compression socks can help manage muscle soreness, and are hence worn by runners during intense athletic activities.
Recovery from injuries
People who are suffering from lower leg injuries can use thigh-high compression
socks to help with their recovery. Though these prove to be beneficial, one should not depend on these socks during their recovery stage. Compression socks to improve the blood flow, but those suffering from lower leg injuries should also get ample rest, use ice packs, and follow the fitness routine as suggested by their physician.
Provide protection
Compression socksprotect your feet from abrasions and scratches and even from those nasty poison ivies located on the trail. Wearing socks with shoes while
running can also protect your feet from dirt, especially when you are running on a
dirty or muddy ground.
Keep your feet warm
Compression socks can be worn along with shorts as they add up a little fabric on the skin. Due to the tightness of the socks, these help with the warming of the muscles and help to keep your feet warm. This is also one of the reasons why compression socks reduce the risk of injuries during training or workout.
Now that you are aware of what compression socks are and the benefits they provide, it is time you get online and get yourself a pair! Compression socks are now available in various styles and colors, and hence you can easily pick one based
on your personality and use.
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