BioKnee Bounces Athletes Back to Sports
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BioKnee Bounces Athletes Back to Sports

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BioKnee Bounces Athletes Back to Sports PR Newswire SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 16, 2012 SAN FRANCISCO, Oct.



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BioKnee Bounces Athletes Back to Sports
PR Newswire SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 16, 2012
SAN FRANCISCO,Oct. 16, 2012/PRNewswire/ -- This week, the Stone Clinic introducedBioKnee: A natural knee cartilage reconstruction solution clinically-proven to delay the effects of arthritis for up to 12 years.BioKneehas been shown to return patients with moderate and som etimes severe bone-on-bone arthritis to sports and an active lifestyle.
BioKnee Professional skierMatt Reardonwas told he could not ski professionally again after being told by his doctors that he was "bone-on-bone" following numerous failed surgical procedures, including microfracture and OATs. After his BioKneein 2007, Matt said "...I had the best three years of my professional skiing career."
BioKneeClinic inSan Francisco andKevin R. Stone, MD at The Stone has been in development since 1991, by uses a patients own stem cells and donor cartilage to rebuild the natural shock absorbers in the knee. Over 300 patients have been treated with this procedure, establishingBioKneeas a feasible solution to delay or avoid total knee replacement and relieving pain and returning m obility to nearly 80% of patients in a 2-12 year peer reviewed published outcome study after undergoing the procedure.
50-year-old four-time Ironman triathlete,Emily Salmons, describes the results of herBioKneeprocedure on her latest Ironman finish. "I did the whole race only 8 minutes slower than my previous pre-surgery time...I was so thrilled to be back, I think I smiled the entire 26.2 miles."Emilysays, "Dr. Stone's surgery has been a revelation to me."
Non-athletes or ex-athletes who want to stay active also benefit fromBioKnee. 57-year old ex-sailor and skier,Betty Rodall, had "...lost the ability to enjoy life" and now is hiking ice fields and walking wine tours.Bettysays: "I'm doing things I never thought I'd do again, ever."
BioKneetreatment recovery takes between 3-6 months of physical therapy and rehabilitation on average. Candidacy for theBioKneeprocedure is determined by an evaluation at The Stone Clinic or preliminarily by a phone consultation with MRI and X-ray review. Patients with cartilage loss too severe for BioKnee may be candidates for a robotic MAKO partial knee replacement.
The Stone Clinic in San Francisco specializes in advanced orthopedic techniques includingBioKneeand Makoplasty.
More information on The Stone Clinic can be found