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Can (and Should) Retail/Wi-Fi Analytics Help Retailers Survive in the Age of Amazon?


Can (and Should) Retail/Wi-Fi AnalyticsCan (and Should) Retail/Wi-Fi Analytics Help Retailers Survive in the Age of Amazon? PR Newswire MOUNTAIN VIEW, California, Nov. 26, 2013 -- Stratecast | Frost & Sullivan hosts complimentary Analyst Briefing evaluating the human bounce rate (and much more) for retailers WHEN: 11:00 a.m. EST on Wed., Dec. 4, 2013 LOCATION:Complimentary online registration Stratecast | Frost & Sullivan Big Data and Analytics Global Program SPEAKER: Director Jeff Cotrupe The retail industry is enormous. Yet this massive industry is facing sizable challenges. For starters, the global economy continues to struggle because consumers, generally, have less discretionary income and are saving more. The "Age of E-tailing," or to express the concept in its leading brand-specific form, "The Age of Amazon," is placing a vast multitude of items that at one time were available only in retail stores at the fingertips of consumers, on any Web-enabled device, at lower prices and with minimal wait times to receive the merchandise. If retailers are to survive, they must find ways to engage with shoppers, or, at minimum, to better understand what shoppers want. This Stratecast | Frost & Sullivan Analyst Briefing introduces an approach that is helping retailers better understand both their customers and their own operations by harvesting analytics from the Wi-Fi that many of them are already providing to shoppers.



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Published 26 November 2013
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